BIS Ch. Boanne’s Heart N’Soul x BIS Ch. Boanne’s Listen To Your Heart
Pictured at just over a year old.
We would like to thank the following 
Judges for awarding Liz’s points.
8/13/11Bobbi Keller – RWB/BBE

6/26/11Mr. Edd E. Bivin WB/BOS 1 pt.

6/25/11 Mrs. Murrel Purkhiser
 WB/BOS – 1 pt.

6/34/11Mrs. Francine W. Schwart WB/BOS 1 pt.
Mrs. Francine W. Schwart
8/10 Beth Berman – Best In Sweeps

5/10 Mrs. Betsy Yates – WB/BOS 1 pt

5/10 Mr. William Cunningham
– WB/BOS 1 pt.

5/9/10 Crawford County K.C.
Mr. Howard Atlee – WB/BOS 2 pts.

5/8/10  Crawford County K.C.
Mrs. Arlene – WB/BOS 2 pts.


Liz is now just needing her majors!


Congratulations to her Brothers & their owners
On finishing their Championships

Ch. Boanne’s Captive Soul & Can. Ch. Boanne’s King of Soul


George & Anne Evans
New Albany, OH
Visit us at

Bobbi Kinley-Blewett
Gill Ullom
Cardington, Ohio