Cameron began his 
show career with
a 5-point Specialty 
Major and a 
Specialty Reserve. 

circumstances later
conspired to prevent 
his return to the ring. 
Instead he sired a 
beautiful litter of 
13 puppies with
CH Criston Xiriux 
Guardian Angel 
and came to live 
with us. 

Cameron brought us comfort when it was sorely needed, and in turn
experienced the rewards and responsibilities of being a house dog.  He
learned to take a bow, back up, spin, sit up and beg, heel on a leash,
retrieve a dumbbell and come when he was called.

He discovered the exhilarating winds and waves of the Atlantic Ocean,


and plowed his way through one of the snowiest New England winters on record.


Cameron was endlessly 
patient with his new little
buddy when he arrived, 
and taught him the rules 
of Afghan Hound society.

Perhaps most important of
all, he put to rest the fears 
that had once troubled him. 

We will always remember what
a good hearted boy he was, and
how big his heart became.



Owned, Loved and Missed by:
Debbie & Chuck Anthonijsz
        Co-Owned and Loved by:
      Christine Pinkston