Now it's .....

(Ch Elmo's Fellini of Cheri-A x Ch. Elmo's DeHaviland Dove)

Phaedra is pictured with her ring partner, Amanda Blackaby,
they make quite a team!!

Phaedra finished in limited showing and would like to thank the 
many judges who recognized her fine qualities: Dr. Anthony DiNardo,
 Mr. Michael Canalizo, Mrs. Robert Forsyth, Mr. Eugene Blake (MJR),
Ms. Shelley Hennessy (BOB), Mrs. Sandra Bridges, Ms. Karen Rockwell,
Mr. William Usherwood and Dr. Dale D Simmons (MJR). 
Phaedra will be selectively bred this spring.

K'Afghan Hounds
Paul & Kim Smith 
Valparaiso, IN