Ch Summerwinds' It's All About Me x Ch Ukulele In Concert
Owned by Gail Wright & Holly Jorgenson, Bred by Holly Jorgenson & Rosemary Sutton

NtA is currently ranked #25 in AKC Lure Coursing!

Her first AKC event, she got 3 points for a second
with a score of  150 to 151 to the winners dog. 
 She is some Lady!

NtA wins as follows:

AKC  B-match :  BIS Puppy in 5/05 in Tucson 
Sierra Vista, her first AKC show 5/8/05, under 
Judge Nina Van Camp - RWB 
10/05, WB at Katchina KC in Goodyear under
Judge: Mrs. J. Frailey 1pt

 BIS at Sweeps at the Tuscon Speciality  11/05 


Judy Webb 6/11/05 WB & BOW & BOS for 2pts

NtA continues her winning ways at Flagstaff KC 
under Dr. James D Siller 6/11/06 going
over 3 specials for a broken major.

NtA house mate SKY  " Shante Qazara Sea-Cret Love JC "
 also has been doing his share of winning :

Sierra Vista 05/8/05, under Judge Nina Van Camp - WD & BOW for 2pts
WD & BOW under J P Wade Sierra Vista, 5/7/06 for 1pt
Flagstaff KC under Dr. James D Siller 6/11/06 going RWD

Both are owned and loved by

Gail Wright
Tucson, AZ