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Getting started……


 “LEO”     On   the   mooooove…….


From launch to finish,  LEO’s show career has been up..up…and away!!
Recognized for his beautiful head piece, proper size, outstanding attitude,
carriage and conformation…it’s been a heavenly flight.  Our thanks to
the following judges for making it such an exciting trip!!!

07/05 Hank Nave Pittsburgh Specialty Best Puppy
10/05 Mike Canalizo National Specialty 05 RWD
04/06 Donnelle Richards Central Ohio KC 3 Pt. Major
07/06 Sandra   Frei Pittsburgh Specialty 4 Pt. Major
09/06 Steve Kelly Potomac Specialty 5 Pt. Major
09/06 Roberto Velez-Pico Lehigh Valley Specialty 5 Pt. Major
07/05   Hank Nave     Pittsburgh Specialty     Best Puppy
10/05   Mike Canalizo     National Specialty 05     RWD
04/06    Donnelle Richards     Central Ohio KC    3 Pt. Major
07/06     Sandra   Frei   Pittsburgh Specialty   4 Pt. Major
09/06   Steve Kelly   Potomac Specialty   5 Pt. Major
09/06   Roberto Velez-Pico   Lehigh Valley Specialty   5 Pt. Major
Jan & Chris Buttler
Pickerington, Ohio  (614) 837-0962
Pat Sheets
Cols., Ohio  (614) 864-2952



Ch. Verpatsha-Boanne Sir Emanual

  (Ch. Verpatsha's Soul Sounds O'Boanne x Ch. Boanne A Rose Isarose OVerpatsha)

Success starts with a great foundation.........Manni exemplifies the
qualities we wish to perpetuate in the breed - sound balanced
movement----level topline----correct size-----full dentition----OFA
Excellent and glorious type.

His first litter has lived up to expectations, producing champion
and mutiple specialty winners.

(Manni is at Stud to approved bitches)

Jan & Chris Buttler
Pickerington, Ohio  (614) 837-0962