Ch. Oakhill Wish Upon A Star

Beautiful, elegantly headed black 
SBIS champ bringing in generation 
refreshment to the Elmo line.


Ch. Elmo’s Endless Love 
Full sister of Ch. Elmo’s Everybody Says I Love You
AOM at Nationals under Mr. Afghan, AKC Rep., 
Mr. Michael Canalizo and half sister of Picasso
and daughter of Elmo Legend, Ethiopia.

Refer to previous ad for details and pedigree by Clicking HERE!

   Now that I can see the necessary age-appropriate developments we are
   all so impatient to see.  I am ready to state that the entire litter is emblematic
   of the Elmo signature look.  They exhibit the promise I look for in young pups.

   Color is the least important subject to consider when selecting a quality
   Afghan, but many have asked about two colors, the blacks and a color that
   is popular in my line, the frosted blue.  That exotic color is born black and it
   is nearly impossible to predict as most do not begin to turn blue until adulthood.
   I would prefer buyers base selection on more critical and desperately
   needed criteria like TYPE.

  to see some Elmo top winners and 
producers of the past to give you an idea of my blacks and the frosted blues.
Don’t Shake Pyramids, Fantasia, Graffalkon, Graffika, Graffiti, Tyrone and
the current Men Are From Mars.

   Basing decisions on photos is very unreliable. 
   Depend on the parents, their littermates and the pedigree work behind a 
   puppy (and I do not mean a puppy that has every top champion packed 
   into one confusing pedigree) not a good photo. Never depend on what 
   you see in front of you at a certain age in an excellent photo.  Afghan 
   puppies are NOT miniature adults and are not meant to set up like adults.
   You might be seeing an excellent, man made photo of a bad puppy or a
   bad photo of a fantastic puppy that bulked, moved, stretches, yawned,
   looked the other way, wagged it’s tail or displays a croup that has not 
   dropped until adulthood and naturally, you will be certain to make a
   most inaccurate judgment.

I have a few very excellent males and females available.  They are unbelievably
faultless at this age and have exquisite refined heads, very small, dark triangular
eyes and are well balanced. Natural ring and curved tails are already become
apparent. Because of proper brain imprinting,  their dispositions
are confident and happy.

Top quality, proven Hawkeye, Champion bitch, OFA Ex and
Top winning pointed Picasso, Junior bitch.
For permanent, final and serious
breeder/exhibitors who seek building blocks.
Must have limited numbers, property and money.

Interested parties, contact:

Pete Belmont, Jr. & Heidi Cole

We can be reached in 
Kansas City & Palm Beach
Elmo, Reg.
912 721 3237