New Champion at 13 months old... Ozzy, the black
dog that has won almost every time he was shown.


Suncrest Harley of Bybur X CH Elmo's Belcanto of Bybur

We would like to say Thank You to Joe C. Walton and Mr. Potter 
for Ozzy's back to back majors and Thank You to Luc Boileau, 
Bill Cunningham, Jerry Klein, Mr. R. Hartinger, Dr. Berndt,
Sharon Krogh, Ramon Valenzuela Podesta, Mrs. P Trotter 
and Gary Doerge for rewarding such a great dog.

Debbie Mathenia   mathenia4@aol.com

Patrick C. Byrne-Afghans of Bybur
Handled by 
Debbie Bach

Co-breeder-Peter Belmont- Elmo     Belmont2u@aol.com