(Ch. Boanne Dragonfly Lx Kameron  x  Ch. Dragonfly Portrait of a Lady)



Thank you judges so far in 2007

Westchester Kennel Club Dr. Barry Deitch Best of Breed
Ladies Kennel Assoc. Helen Stein  Best of Breed
Colonial Afghan Hound Club Lynn Mercer Best Opp. Sex
Afghan Hound Club of Northern New Jersey Roberta Hall  Best Opp. Sex
Tidewater Afghan Hound Club Roberto Posa Best Opp. Sex
Potomac Afghan Hound Club Ramon Podesta Best Opp. Sex
Nutmeg Afghan Hound Club Reginald Nesbitt Award of Merit
Alanna wins SBIS at the Tara Specialty under
breeder judge Terry Chacon on September 20th!





Aqua Afghans
Sharon Ferraro
Dragonfly Afghans
Lucia Brown

Art Truesdell & Lucia Brown

Alanna is beautifully presented by Philip Schafmayer