New Champion:

CH Shante Qazara Sea-Cret Love SC

(Shante Sea-Cret Imagination x Ch Shante Kajora Forbidden Love)
Owned by Gail Wright, Bred by Marilyn Domhoff & Diane Burvee

Thanks to Judges:
BOS: 10/21/07 Judge Mrs. M Canestrini, First day in specials!
BOW Major: 10/20/07 Judge Mr. W E Usherwood, Sky completed his CH
BOW Major: 11/20/06 Judge T Fortner-Jackson
BOWs: 3/17/07 Judge E. Sangkunakup, 3/18/07 Judge Mrs. A D Bolus
3/4/07 Judge Mrs. C L O'Bryan, 9/16/07 Judge Mrs. J McGinnis
5/7/06 Judge J P Wade, 05/8/05 Judge Nina Van Camp
WD: 9/15/07 Judge Ms. P W Laurans, 5/6/07 Judge Mrs Judy Webb
RWs: 1/13/07 Judge Mrs. P Nykiel, 1/14/07 Judge Mrs. B Stites,
1/7/07 Judge Mrs. FW Schwartz, 10/22/07 Judge Mrs. J R Crandall,
6/11/06 Judge Dr. James D Siller

Thanks to Debra Coubriet for connecting me with Marilyn Domhoff and SKY.
AND handlers for Sky's Majors and other wins: Ryan Buzard & Ginny Maese,
also Heather Alderson and Melanie Uva.

Look for Sky at the Tucson show in Best of Breed Competition November ‘07



Summerwinds NtAngle In Concert SC

(Ch Summerwinds' It's All About Me x Ch Ukulele In Concert)
Owned by Gail Wright & Holly Jorgenson, Bred by Holly Jorgenson & Rosemary Sutton

NtA has as had 3 RW at Major Bitch wins since her BOB 6/06.
She’s waiting for her Majors, Thanks to Judges:
BOB: 6/06 Judge Dr. James D Siller, Flagstaff KC
BOS: 6/11/05 Judge Judy Webb
WB: 10/05 Judge Mrs. J. Frailey
Major RWs: 10/20/07 Judge Mr. W E Usherwood,
3/25/07 Judge Mrs P R Levander, 3/3/07 Ms. S S Hennessy
RWs: 1/14/07 Mrs. B Stites, 5/8/05 Judge Nina Van Camp,
BIS Puppy: 5/05 AKC B-match Tucson BIS Sweeps:
11/05 Tucson Specilaity Sweepstakes

Lure Coursing: 13 pts, one Major, NtA needs one Major for her FC.



Watch for new puppy:


Tarina Adorah Bazn Ice Crystal

(Tarina Regal Legacy x CH Tarina Adorah Aryana)

Crystal's first RWB: 9/16/07 Judge Mrs. J McGinnis

Blazn Sky Afghans - Gail Wright