Aust. Grand., Am.,Can., MBIS, MSBIS


Kiwi is shown winning his 50th Best In Show under breeder judge,
Norman Huidobro-Corbett ( Huilaco Knl- Esp ) on November 25, 2007. 

We take this golden opportunity to thank all the judges, the USA 
handlers and above all, our dear friend, Ros Bacich, for sharing
ownership in this once-in-a-lifetime show dog. Congratulations to Ros 
and to the great Kiwi on winning Best in Show # 50.  The show record 
is impeccable, the friendship means more than everything. 

Bred by Aviva Kennel Australia
Ros & Peter Bacich
PO Box 3172, Dural NSW 2158
Ph 02-9652 0400, Fax 02-9652 0411 
Owned by:
Ros Bacich
Lynn Faro
Marilyn Thompson