(Ch. Buena Vista Justice For All Arioch JC X Suncrest Trewlarneys Vision)

Levi Marsman WB,BOS 1 pt Providence KC
Dr. Gareth Morgan Jones WB,BOW 2pts Farmington Valley KC
Carol Duffy WB,BOW,BOB 1 pt Pioneer Valley KC
Cathrine Bell WB,BOW 1 pt Barrington KC
Lee Canalizo RWB Suffolk KC
Honi Reisman major RWB Colonial Afghan Hound Club (Pictured)


Thank You David and Christine for all your support and expert handling skills !


Breeders: David Beauregaurd and Christine Dirienzo & Alice and Jerry Hastings

Owned and Loved By: Sharon Howe ssafghan@msn.com

Co-Owners: David Beauregaurd and Christine Dirienzo www.beaujonafghans.com