Photo by Wynne of Ethan moving at the 2008 National. 

(Ethan x SBIS Ch. Boanne’s Zarafina 10/30/06)

Winner of…A SBIS, Award of Merit at the National and 
GDAHC Specialties & many other Breed wins.

Owned by Wendy Fedrizzi "Cabreri Afghans" & Anne Evans

(Ethan x SBIS Ch. Boanne’s Zarafina 10/30/06)

Owned by Anne & George Evans, Gill Ullom & Bobbi Kinley-Blewett

(Ethan x SBIS Ch. Boanne’s Zarafina 10/30/06)

A BOB, Multi Specialty WD, Multi Specialty Best BBE Winner 
& within a few pts to finish!

Owned by Anne Evans, Bobbi Kinley-Blewett & Karen Carter-Zacek

 (Ethan x SBIS Ch. Zarafina 10/30/06)

Winner of three majors under Breeder Judges and within a point to finish.

Eragon is owned by Anne & George Evans & Bobbi Kinley-Blewett

(Ethan x BIS Ch. Boanne’s Zarafina 10/30/06)

WINS a 4 point major at the Land O’Lakes K.C. bringing her to 9 pts.

Owned by Jane Burgoyne & Anne Evans

(Ethan x Ch. Boanne’s Heart Song - 3/31/08)

Wins a 3 pt. major at the CKOC Calgary under John Rowton at just 8 mos.

Pictured at 4 mos. Owned by Elaine Smith "Crysalis Afghans"& Anne Evans

(Ethan x Ch. Boanne’s Heart Song 3/31/08)

Wins her first point at just 6 months old.  Has 2 pts in very limited showing.

Owned by Shirley Hagerty & Anne Evans

Watch for these young & exciting dogs.  They all have something in
common; they have great movement and beautiful type plus outstanding
temperaments. Also check the Ads onValentino & Kat who are 
littermates to Halle & Jezebel.


Congratulations to Janice McClain, Rita Hendricks, Charlette Bender & 
Bob Hassen on their litter out of Ethan x Ch.Sanre’ Midnight Mystique. 
Visit my web site for more information.

Ethan (3x’s Izzy)is OFA’d & CERF’d
Frozen semen on 
SBIS Ch. Boanne’s Heart N’ Soul (Izzy’s sire) * SBIS Ch. Boanne’s Dragon Heart (Izzy son)
 Ch. Boanne’s Rosenthorn (Izzy son)


George & Anne Evans
Westerville, OH 43081
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