You could not have been more loved.

Arson was truly a special dog, sold to Alice as a pet puppy she took
this dog to a multi group wins.  He could not have had a better home.
Arson and Alice had a true bond.  Our heart goes out to her.

Your first dog show, what a great way to start!

First place in the classes and sweeps at your first specialty. 
What a wonderful accomplishment!


  And the winning kept coming.


One of your Best of Breeds


One of your group placements

Alice and Arson were always such a wonderful team.  They worked
together real well.  She contacted Chuck Milne for just a pet puppy 
to use for advertisement for her grooming shop.  She wanted one that
would not show the dirt, and be the color of clay. (She was such a 
novice at the time) Those were her only stipulations.  2 group wins 
and 4 group placements later a dream come true for a
lady who was never going to show.

Alice, I am so thankful you were in his life. You are a dream 
home. I could have never asked for a better home for one of my
dogs. Thanks for all the opportunities you gave Arson, all he 
achieved was due to you. You believed in him when so many 
didn't. You saw something in him many of us missed. 
For that I will be forever grateful.


You are in our thoughts

Chuck Milne      Arcana 

Kristi Jones        Kryslaur
Chuck Jones 
Krystyn Jones 
Lauryn Jones 

Barb Fogl          Alharin
Marci Snead

And so many others!


Loved and owned by Alice Donohue    www.wickedafghans.com
Co-Owned by Chuck Milne
Bred and loved by Kristi Jones    www.kryslaurafghans.com