Run Free Frida 
3/1/03 ~ 11/30/09

Frida, our beloved courser, FCh. Asia Ascencia SC, has died this AM of
Lymphoma. She was not quite 7 and I had thought to see her running 'til she
was 12. She won many coursing BOB and several BIF doing her favorite thing--
running like hell.  No hound has ever run a more honest course, nor with more wild
enthusiasm.  She was a sweet couch potato, a lovely friend and a fine athlete--a very
special perpetual trophy will be designed for BIF at the Nat'l--It will be the "Frida".

Frida won the
1st Place 6-9 class in conformation under Eugene Blake at 2003 National
Winner of the 2006 BIF at the AHCA National 
and the Veteran's Class at the 2009 National

Owners - MJ Moss, Edna Kishbaugh and Donna Bates.  

Frida’s Field 

Screaming, bucking, wild to go,
Only my thumb ‘tween lure and dog.
Tallyho! And SSSSSSTT and gone
The golden goddess of the field
Let free to fly and spin and follow on.

Now her fields are always fair,
Her mates all swift and keen.
The wind will shudder, rend and tear,
Her like has not been seen.

Run well, my lady!

The Hounds of L'Rhel