Thanks Laura Mauldin and Linda Shipley and Ch. Kasban Seventh Heaven
for their efforts on behalf of 'Rascal's' first litter and recognize the following:

BISCH. Kasban Lotus Elise - 
back(R. Souza) to back(J. Hafford) to back(S. Pfeil) for 
THREE Specialty majors AND Specialty Best of Breed (Richard Souza). 
Rosemarie Sacramento and Cecelia Celebrado

Ch. Criston Moon Shadow CD RN-
finished with four majors.  Also:  #1 Afghan Hound Obedience 2009. 
Owners:  Jan and Rick Chryst and Christine Pinkston

Ch. Kasban Ariana Bugatti JC -
finished specialty weekend. 
Owners:  Gayle Shannon and Laura Mauldin

Ch. Kasban Ariana La Testarossa JC-
finished Specialty weekend. 
Owners: Gayle Shannon and Laura Mauldin

Ch. Sharja Saleen- Owner Linda Shipley

Ch. Sharja Shelby Mustang - 
Owners: Cheryl Thaxton and Linda Shipley

Ch. Kasban-Seafire Sultan of Swing CD JC- 
finished with three majors. 
Owners: Elizabeth Leng and Laura Mauldin

Best wishes and Go gettum' to: Kasban Velvet Goldmine JC- 
Owners: Caroline Yonker and Laura Mauldin

Ch. Mahali Without  A Doubt (an Ursula son)  x 
Ch. El Chaman Criston Hollyberry (a High Five daughter)

OFA Excellent- Thyroid normal- Cerf Normal- VWD-Normal


Karen Mundie
Christine Pinkston