At only 13 months of Age, Cody is making the Afghan Hound fancy take
notice! Exhibited only at specialties, Cody is quickly nearing his championship.
To date he has the following wins to his credit:
Afghan Hound Club of St. Louis: Best Puppy under Chris Kaiser (Abiszet)
Afghan Hound Club of Memphis: Best in Sweepstakes under
Debbie Schellhorn and WD/ Best Puppy under Bonnie Visser (Abashagh)
Greater Detroit Afghan Hound Club: Best in Sweepstakes under
Anna Stromberg and BOW/Best Puppy under John Roger Morton (Jorogz)
Afghan Hound Club of America National Specialty: Reserve Winners Dog
under Reggie Nesbitt (Bombey)
Monterey Bay Afghan Hound Club: Best of Winners 
under Richard Souza (Coastwind)
Carolina Afghan Hound Club: Best in Sweepstakes under
Cynthia Byington (Sirae) and Reserve Winners Dog under
Sandy Frei (Stormhill). 
Watch for this Stallion of a dog at a specialty near you! We are thrilled
with the positive response Cody has received from our fellow
breeders and exhibitors.
We believe he holds great promise for the future!

                                                                                                             photo by Teddy Lei


Owned by
Wynsyr - Bill Pfeffer and D. Scott Pfeil
(847) 668-8743

Bred by Yvonne Ljungkvist and Tommy Karlsson
Alphavilles Afghan Hounds, Sweden

Handled by D. Scott Pfeil and James Donahue