BIS Ch. Elmo’s Tutankhamun
Ch. Sabre Stripe Up The Band
SBIS Ch. Sandina Silver Fox
Ch. Elmo’s Men Are From Mars
Ch. Elmo’s Fellini of Cheri-A
Ch. Elmo’s Ethiopia
Ch. Elmo’s Dar Es Salaam
Ch. Elmo’s Hawkeye
Ch. Regime’s Picasso of Keystone
Ch. Shenandoah Regime Chloe’s Charm
Ch. Elmo’s Paloma Picasso
Ch. Elmo’s Fellini of Cheri-A
Ch. Elmo’s Ethiopia
 Ch. Elmo’s Dar Es Salaam

Much the image of Picasso, his grandsire,  this dazzling silver-white
brindle also reflects the qualities so valued in both his sire and dam.
Obviously, we are incredibly honored to have him and have been very
patient waiting for this properly balanced dog to mature.

  Much appreciation to:

      Ms. Debbie Bach for working with him,
             Ms. Tara Richardson for continuing the successes,

Judges, Jon Cole, Pat Gellerman and Francine Schwartz for his 
recent wins and to Peter for creating the pedigree that produced him!

Debbie Mathenia &  Mike Seiber

 Co-owner, Peter Belmont, Jr.