A TRUE and HONEST achievement for a truly 
beautiful dog...

with a rock hard, solid topline, 
   on  the stack AND on the move

with a strong front and rear, 
   correct on the coming and going

with a rock hard, muscled and 
   square body from a daily freerun
   and weekly racing training

with a beautiful round ribcage 
    and a strong forechest

with a long, strong and 
    arched neck.

Colin is the ONLY ALL-BREED-BIS winner in 2010 in afghans in
Germany and has the most wins under different judges !

Specialed in 2010 in Germany, he won 10 BOBs , 4 BIS and 3 BIS-2.

Shown less in 2010 internationally, he had to share the spotlight with his best
buddy “Reeva” , but won another National BOS to Reeva at the famous Falapa
show/France (plus Winners Dog) , plus BOBs in Belgium and Luxembourg,
finished his German, VDH . Lux. And Danish Championship.
Colin won in 3 countries National BOS , (2 times to Reeva) , 1 time BOS at
worldfamous Skokloster show (to BIS Ch.Agha Djari’s Primary Colors)
beating 26 champion males, 13 months old !!


So far, Colin sired one litter at Tells in Sweden, that includes the Winners
Dog at the American National and the brother is Junior WorldWinner and
All Breed BIS winner Stockholm 2010 (6000 dogs)  !

We are so proud of this beautiful stallion, truly a king of dogs, with
achievements under mostly international breed-experts in lots
of European countries...

Colin on the course, with litter sister
SBIS Groupe-winning Ch.Agha Djari's U Got The Love, "Sadie"

We congratulate Colin’s brother
BIS SBIS Ch.Agha Djari’s Urban Cowboy,“Moritz” being again
No.1 afghan and sighthound Finland 2010 and
BIS SBIS Ch.Agha Djari’s Question Of Honour, “Quadey” being
No.1 afghan (5th yr in a row), No.1 sighthound and No.2 All Breeds South Africa !


Owners Rosemarie & Hermann Bauss, rosemarie.bauss@aol.com
Owners Tells Knl. , Sweden, tell.afghans@telia.com
Breeder/Handler Stefan Boieck, stefan.boieck@domgen.com
Handler Andreas Franz, franz@digarda.de

*http://www.afghanen.de –top 20