They tell you to be careful how you name them…
Queenie has lived up to her name in every respect, much
to our JOY and dismay! 

She started at 9 months with a major then went Best In Specialty
Sweepstakes the day after the Breeders Cup.  She finished at 13
months with 5 majors at the prestigious Santa Barbara weekend.
On December 12th at 17 months of age Queenie attained her 
Grand Ch. title after having won BOB and Select Bitch the two
days she was entered on the HUGE Eukanuba weekend! She
even made the cut in the BOB class at the AHCA National in 
October! She is our Pride and Joy and we are having great fun 
showing our very PATTERNED BITCH as a SPECIAL. Queenie 
has been appreciated and positively commented upon by many
breeders and all arounders alike! To those that have checked 
HER for testicles....shame on you!  It is possible and totally 
correct  to have substance and bone on a bitch along with 
beautifully balanced structure and movement. 
She is a character, not a characture!

We want to express our deep appreciation to those that have
awarded our girl along the way and hope to see you again in 
the future as Queenie finishes maturing into the glamorous 
Lady we know she will become. Most of all, we would like to 
thank Queenie’s Golden hand-maiden Sara Lopez for her eternal
devotion and care of Queenie in the past and in the future! 
Look for them, they are the best of friends!