“Sam” displays many of the valuable characteristic found in a carefully
planned pedigree but those that dominate are PICASSO! We especially
value his very long, lean headpiece with the difficult to achieve but seldom 
seen slight prominence of the nasal bone structure causing a slight Roman 
appearance.  I am fortunate to have such a striking silver-white brindle male
beginning to fulfill the promise we were patient enough to see in him as a 
pup and young adult.  We look forward to his assets making an exciting
impact in the ring as well as on our planned  breedings.  And congratulations
Peter, for being invited into the exclusive *Breeder of Merit status classification 
by The American Kennel Club as well as being named a **Master Breeder by
the ultimate dog person/author/breeder/judge  Pat Trotter.  Your earned and
well-deserved feature in her new book is just incredible!  With Peter handling
my boy, I expect nothing less than more  ***“wonderful things”.

BIS Ch. Elmo’s Tutankhamun
Ch. Sabre Stripe Up The Band
SBIS Ch. Sandina Silver Fox
Ch. Elmo’s Men Are From Mars
Ch. Elmo’s Fellini of Cheri-A
Ch. Elmo’s Ethiopia
Ch. Elmo’s Dar Es Salaam
Ch. Elmo’s Hawkeye
Ch. Regime’s Picasso of Keystone
Ch. Shenandoah Regime Chloe’s Charm
Ch. Elmo’s Paloma Picasso
Ch. Elmo’s Fellini of Cheri-A
Ch. Elmo’s Ethiopia
 Ch. Elmo’s Dar Es Salaam


Ms. Debbie Mathenia and Mike Seiber, Owners

Peter Belmont, Jr. Co-owner
Elmo, Reg. Sole Owner

*American Kennel Club BREEDER of MERIT group.
**Master Breeder. Pat Trotter, author, breeder/judge. 
***Carter when he opened the Tomb of TUTANKHAMUN in Egypt.