Thank you  to all the judges in the Unites States and in Europe who liked Dita

Thank you  to Teri Tevlin for your kindness and for your excellent work



Fantastic temperament and movement


First weekend out as a special in Long Island with the following results:

May 20
BOB & Group 2 Lawrence Terricone, Ladies KC

May 21
BOB (supported entry) & Group 2 Dr. John Reeve Newson, Ladies KC

May 22
BOB (supported entry) Mark Cocozza & Group 2 Gayle Bontecue, Long Island KC

In Europe Dita is also a

Switzerland Junior Champion

1st at Afghan Junior Top Hound in Switzerland

Junior Winner and BIS Junior in Courtrai Sighthound specialty  CRBL 2010

Multi BOB Junior - BOB - Multi BIS Junior


Breeder: Stefan Boieck
Owners:  R Gilles  - J Tortolani - S Boieck
Handler: Teri Tevlin