Elmo Update.......

The Elmo Banner has been flying very high and one recent weekend was
particularly special. It was similar to many “Tut-a-rama” weekends that took
place in the 80’s where many of the Tutankhamun get were awarded
remarkable wins all over the USA on the same weekends.  In March,
SEVEN (and possibly more that have not been brought to my attention)
Elmo-bred Afghans did similarly and after many dangerous but
beautiful winter blizzards on the Elmo property, early spring
brought “Wonderful Things”:

Elmo’s Thirty Seconds to Mars. RWD, RWD, BOW. (Trinque/Lewis)
Elmo’s Caught Red Handed WB. (Dillard)
Elmo’s Silver Blue Bahia WD. (Wood)
Elmo Richland’s Silver Slash. WD (Meyer/Newkirk
Elmo’s Bahia Beach Boy. WD. (Dillard)
Richlyn’s Mean Joe Green. Best of Breed, Select & Group ONE. (Lutrick)
Elmo’s Rococo.  WD, BOW (Mathenia/Seiber)

Congratulations to the owners & handlers!

Not that that is not enough, the big excitement at Elmo is sending best
wishes and good luck to CATHERINE HARKER of Countrywind Afghans on
the acquisition of  ELMO’S MARTIAN CHRONICALS!  Catherine is bringing
forward the amazing lifelong work accomplished by Georgiana Guthrie with
her Charikar Afghans.  For Catherine, “Seeing is believing” and anyone who
knows Catherine, would expect nothing less from her than to see Martin in
person.  She put the keys in the ignition and drove clear across the USA to
see and perhaps acquire this engaging  bundle of promise for herself!  I wish
all involved much success and enjoyment showing a pup I so believe in.
The plans and gifted life Martin will be given by Countrywind sound exciting,
but then, what young and handsome boy would not be happy being
surrounded by beautiful girls like the GCH. Countrywind’s Calico Queen,
Ch. Courtisan and Ch.  Countrywind’s Champagne Barbie as well as being
courted by the near Ch. Kilani!



For more briefs on Martin, view his history in Archives in the Elmo/Suncrest section. Consistent with my philosophy of sharing, many of the Elmo greats as well as upstarts can be seen on Youtube.  Here you will find dogs that may be behind your own pedigrees, ones you may have heard about but have never had the pleasure of seeing. For those interested, see them with your own eyes,
Tutankhumun,  Hawkeye, Picasso and the Westminster, Eukanuba National &
World Hound Group winner, Am. Can. Mex. & World BIS Ch. Elmo’s Men Are From Mars in the Hound Group at Westminster. Also, enjoy seeing Martinon Ice and his first play/show training session with me.

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Click on: Videos
Type in my personal account code: kansascks

A number of Elmo breedings are planned for 2011. Inquire NOW.

Those interested in business, education or observing the breed running
on the totally fenced Elmo acreage or even for an enjoyable cocktail
party are always welcome.


Yesterday, Today and Forever.
Peter Belmont, Jr.
Sole Owner