Chantel finished her championship in just three weekends, winning
three majors in one weekend! She was my first pick out of a litter of
ten puppies. She has a super front, level topline, excellent tail set,
Chance's superb movement with her incredible open side gait and
elasticity and suspension that is not often seen in the breed.  Her
croup is perfect as is her reach and drive with an open effortlessly
side gait.  Chance throws his ringed tail to  his get as you can see.
She has  a sweet personality and show presence, beautiful head, dark
almond eyes, and loves attention.

I do not breed often, but this bitch was absolutely too nice not to be
bred. I decided on CH.  Mahali Kendall Jackson.  I drove to meet
Lynn Schanzle whom would be caring for Chantel and whelping the
puppies.  Of course, I was counting on a domino bitch puppy out of this
breeding.  Needless to say, Chantel did have a domino bitch puppy, but
they were born when the entire city was without electricity, therefore,
Lynn did not have any heat in early March.  My puppy died.  Lynn had
grown attached to Chantel, so I decided to let her stay with Lynn.
From this breeding, resulting in five living puppies, three have
finished to date.  They are:
CH. Mahali Rustic Ringmaster
CH. Mahali Trapeze
CH. Belle Ami's Cirque de Soleil at Maja
and near CH Criston On A High Wire

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Chantel was recently bred to a Chance grandson
MBIS/MSBIS GCH. Genesis Silverado resulting in ten puppies.
Chantel has proven to be an excellent producer.

Thank you, Chance.  Your legacy is continuing.  You have most
definitely marked breeder's programs, pedigrees, and puppies.

Amy Roush
Belleami Afghans since 1977