Full page ads run for 30 days.  All new ads are added to the top of the ad index.
If you renew an ad for an additional 30 days, your ad will be moved to the top of the
index after 30 days. All "Kwik Updates" are free.  If your dog wins a competition,
completes a title, has puppies, etc. during the 30 day ad period the Kwik Update will
be added to your full page ad.


Front Cover - $100 (includes additional inside full page ad and top billing in ad index)
(front cover in place for 2 weeks, inside cover ad ad will then remain in ads index for 30 additional days)

Please contact us for timing and availability of "Front Cover / On Center Stage" page.

In The Spotlight - $65 Due to the overwhelming amount of requests for the front cover
availablity, AfghansOnline is excited to announce our new page called "In the Spotlight" this
will have a link to it from the front cover page and then again on the ads index that will be directly
underneath cover dog at the top of the page so it will get great exposure!
Contact AfghansOnline to make your reservation.
(Just like the cover page "In The Spotlight" is in place for 2 weeks, ad will then remain in ads index for 30 additional days)

Please contact us for timing and availability of  our "In The Spotlight" page.

All Ads will remain in the Ad Archives for forever!

Full page ad - $40
Three ad pack - $100
(Three ad pack may be used on the same dog or on 3 different dogs, the three ads
must be used within 6 months of purchase)

Features - Ask about the rates for your unique feature

Stud Dog and Brood Bitch "mini-ads" - $30 for 3 month listing.  Includes 3
generation pedigree, links to advertised progeny, one small photo
and a short description.

 Art and Product Listings - $50 for 3 month listing.  Includes a simple ad with
one photo, contact info and a link to your website.

Memorial Ads- $30


More ad info

Ads announcing a litter or breeding may include separate pictures of the sire, dam and
puppies at no additional charge. The photos will be smaller than a one photo ad.
Littermates may be advertised together at no additional charge, until they start
showing and advertising wins, At that time, we require each dog to have its own ad.
3 generation pedigree - one free per ad
 4 or more generation pedigree - $5

If you are linking to the Afghan Hound Pedigree Database for
your dogs pedigree in your advert could you please make
a small donation to help support their website, thank you.

Full Page ads include up to two photos any additional photos are
welcome at only $5 each additional photo. Slide shows are $10-15 extra
depending on how many photos are used. All Full Page Ads and
Cover Ads will have their own unique design with no extra
fee for set up or layout of said ad.

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