"Babbie Tongren was smart, opinionated, sarcastic, opinionated, funny, opinionated, glamorous,
opinionated, revered, opinionated. Babbie had a point of view and, guess what, it turned out she
was right all the time. Oh, did I say she was opinionated?
Get The Best of Babbie, and meet Babbie Tongren yourself."

- Dr. Jerry Klein, breeder, judge and the American Kennel Club's chief veterinary officer

Do you miss

Or did you
miss knowing

Now her famously witty
essays on the Afghan Hound
are back, in a new collection
you won't want to miss


   Breeder, judge, exhibitor and perennial gadfly, Babbie Tongren was the grande
   dame of Afghan Hounds, writing incisively and unflinchingly about the breed
   she loved. Here, for the first time, is a collection of her famous essays from 
   Afghan Hound Review magazine. As educational as they are acerbic, these 
   musings on the King of Hounds are required reading for anyone who appreciates 
   Afghan Hounds - and the impassioned preservation of purebred dogs.

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   A must-read for anyone who has even the slightest interest in our wonderful 
   Afghan Hounds and  their history!
   - Lee Canalizo, Kandahara Afghan Hounds and AKC judge


   Babbie Tongren was truly one of a kind - a great dogwoman, a brilliant human being
   and an entertaining character who was always her own person. Her intuitive 
   understanding of breed type was remarkable, and she left her mark as a breeder, 
   exhibitor and judge. I still miss her wit and her wisdom, and am delighted to find it 
   again in these pages. 
   - Patricia Trotter, internationally respected author, breeder and judge