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9-22 SBIS MCh Xenos Torque Spotlight Ad
9-20 Mult. SBIS, GCH Shylo Sassoon of Enigma Dreams Full Page Ad
9-13 Exquisite Afghan Hounds Front Cover/Inside Ad
8-31 GCH. Bronze Kuhl Breeze & Designers White House Black Market Spotlight Ad
8-29 Ch. Kuhl Breeze Superior Land Freeze Full Page Ad
8-28 Multi SBIS, Multi Group Winning, Silver Grand
CH Kuhl Breeze Designer Sock Monkey
Full Page Ad
8-27 Jorogz' Diamonds And Rust Full Page Ad
8-22 Wynsyr Summerwind’s Vanity Fair Full Page Ad
8-22 Esbelto kennel Full Page Ad
8-20 Jorogz' Girl In The Black Dress Full Page Ad
8-20 New CH Jorogz' Ember 'N Ashes At Liebran Full Page Ad
8-15 MBPIS CAN GRCH Awbari Sugar Moonbeam CA Front Cover/Inside Ad
8-7 Le Troisième Jour Spotlight Ad
7-18 BIS Multi-CH Suni Asia Wish Upon A Star By Sumahari, JC, ShCM Front Cover/Inside Ad
7-13 CH.  Mountain View's American Outlaw Full Page Ad
7-4 CH Al Khabara Lezz Go Sensational, JC Full Page Ad
7-4 Le Troisième Jour Front Cover/Inside Ad
7-1 Elation and Exquisite "The Royal Litter" Spotlight Ad
6-20 SBIS Multi Ch L’Rhel Suni Asia’s Timestep Front Cover/Inside Ad
6-19 Summerwinds and Gandhara Full Page Ad
6-17 Elation and Exquisite introduce their Royal Family Full Page Ad
6-17 Ch. Elsto Crazy Something Normal Full Page Ad
6-15 BIS, RBIS, GCHB Shylo Black and Blue all Over Full Page Ad
6-6 Maya Deloubelle Born to be Unique of Regime Front Cover/Inside Ad
6-1 Aqua Afghans Introduce to the World... Full Page Ad
5-28 Summerwinds-Wynsyr It's All About Me Now! Full Page Ad
5-25 Prestigious kennel Full Page Ad
5-25 SBIS CH. Shylo Brykaar The Moon Spinner Spotlight Ad
5-23 DC Allure-Tzaneen Ever So Special MC FCh Front Cover/Inside Ad
5-19 Wynsyr Summerwind's Cubbie Blue Full Page Ad
5-17 CH Xzotika’s Queen of the Night Full Page Ad
5-16 Twilight Presents... 
Agha Djari's Nocturne
Full Page Ad
5-16 Twilight Presents... 
SBIS GCh. Andros Adonis Amon Rih
Full Page Ad
5-15 CH Countrywind's A Cut Above JC CGC Spotlight Ad
4-25 Bakura, Polo, Suni... Front Cover/Inside Ad
4-24 Al-Fayed puppies due in May Full Page Ad
4-11 CH Al Khabara Legend Of The Blue Lily Front Cover/Inside Ad
3-28 GCH Jorogz' Galaxy Defender Front Cover/Inside Ad
3-20 Shylo Full Page Ad
3-18 Twilight Presents... Agha Djari's Nocturne Full Page Ad
3-18 Twilight Presents... Shylo Abaca Storm In A Teacup Full Page Ad
3-14 Shylo - Abaca Full Page Ad
3-14 Group winning Gold Grand CH Shylo Uptown Strutter Full Page Ad
3-14 Ch. Belle Ami's Chance of My Lifetime Front Cover/Inside Ad
2-28 Am Ch Gaston LaGaffe del Gran Pamir Front Cover/Inside Ad
2-25 CH Lafara's Rocking on the River Full Page Ad
2-23 Scarlett O’Hara Del Gran Pamir Spotlight Ad
2-21 CH Willowmoor Play With Silver Lining of Kaihorn Full Page Ad
2-14 GCH Exquisite Beaujon’s Star Of The Sea Full Page Ad
2-14 Grand Champion Mahar’s Mahdia Front Cover/Inside Ad
2-9 Zavin Afghans Spotlight Ad
1-31 Komar Afghans Front Cover/Inside Ad
1-17 Am Gch Can Ch Kalani Kaikamahine Me Kaleo Front Cover/Inside Ad
1-13 Richmond Afghan Hound Specialties April 1 and 2 Spotlight Ad
1-3 Twilight presents... Front Cover/Inside Ad
12-20 Giordano Front Cover/Inside Ad
12-16 CH Jorogz' Tantharra Spotlight Ad
12-7 Zmaray Full Page Ad
12-6 GCH Shylo Moonraker Front Cover/Inside Ad
12-1 ch triomphe beyond ashadow of doubt Spotlight Ad
11-24 AKC Bronze GCH, Dual CH (Multi OHBIS, Multi Group Placements)
Front Cover/Inside Ad
11-10 AmGrCanGrChEx Polo's Air Force One Front Cover/Inside Ad
11-4 Ch. Shylo Brykaar Moon Shadow Full Page Ad
11-4 NEW AKC Grand Champion
Dual CH Komar's Fire'N Ice SC
Full Page Ad
11-3 Zen Can’t Catch Me! Spotlight Ad
11-1 Le Troisieme Jour Presents...
Ch UKC Lolita At Kattana du Troisieme Jour
Full Page Ad
10-31 Polo’s Chanson Noire a Bakura Full Page Ad
10-26 GCHS Pahlavi Itz Not My First Rodeo Front Cover/Inside Ad
10-21 Mahali Afghans Spotlight Ad
10-17 Al Khabara L egend Of The Blue Lily Full Page Ad
10-14 CH Lafara's Rocking on the River Full Page Ad
10-6 Ch. Mahali Windfall Rumour Has It At High Kaliber Spotlight Ad
9-27 SBIS Ch Coastwind Anuttara Archetype Front Cover/Inside Ad
9-26 Polo Afghans - Captain Puppies Available! Full Page Ad
9-22 GR.CH. Wynsyr Foxrun Femme’ Fatale Spotlight Ad
9-17 Ch. Serengeti Waiting to Exhale JC Memorial Ad
9-13 Angelsun Presents Celestian Fly Me To The Moon At Angelsun Front Cover/Inside Ad
9-8 Taitan presents...  new AKC CHAMPION Multi UKC BIS CH. Alphaville's Fits Ya Good Spotlight Ad
9-6 Lafara's Rocking on the River Full Page Ad
9-2 SURA and FABELHAFT Proudly present Front Cover/Inside Ad
8-27 Ch. Ziv Hii's Blue Flame Cruze Full Page Ad
8-26 triomphe beyond ashadow of doubt Spotlight Ad
8-22 Taitan presents...  Multi UKC BIS
CH. Alphaville's Fits Ya Good
Full Page Ad
8-16 SBIS Coastwind Anuttara Archetype Front Cover/Inside Ad
8-11 Duet Afghan Hounds Spotlight Ad
8-9 Enigma Dreams Full Page Ad
8-7 ZanZa and Sura present Full Page Ad
8-5 Cayblu Sport Hounds Full Page Ad
8-2 SBIS, Grand CH Silver, Group Winning, Multi Group Placing
Rustic Dark Mirage Spirit Ridge
Front Cover/Inside Ad
8-1 Near Silver-Level Grand 
Champion Raffica's Jail House Rock
Full Page Ad
7-28 CH Al Khabara Lezz Go Sensational, JC Spotlight Ad
7-20 Group Placing Can CH-Am GCH Alphaville’s Flash Forward Full Page Ad
7-19 Le Troisieme Jour Full Page Ad
7-19 Ch. Celestian Stuck in a Moment Front Cover/Inside Ad
7-14 Ch Sura Ricmar I Only Have Eyes For You Spotlight Ad
7-12 Best In Show, Mult. Grp winning
GCH Shylo Black and Blue All Over
Full Page Ad
7-10 Afghan Hounds of High Kaliber Full Page Ad
7-6 FC Allure-Tzaneen Ever So Special SC FCh Full Page Ad