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A Coming Soon!12-28-13
Shylo - Abaca3-14-17
Ch. Abaca Shacone Free Spirit10-10-08
Mult. Grp winning CH Abaca ShaCone Free Spirit11-18-08
SBIS Ch Abaca Sha-Cone Painted Desert5-31-11
Ch. Abaca Sha-Cone Shylo Patron6-13-08
Ch. Abaca Shacone Shylo Sunrise7-16-10
BIS/SBIS, Int. Nordic Ch. Abica's Marquis De Sade6-9-08
BIS/SBIS INT.NORD. CH. Abica's Marquis De Sade12-10-09
Absolut Ciera Mount’n Sienna2-7-06
Absolut Ciera Mount’n Sienna, RN4-3-07
Ch Absolut Ciera Mount’n Sienna, RN, CGC6-6-07
Absolut Flirtini3-29-06
From:The Hounds at Adagio, and Pico too!12-22-08
Adorah Afghan Hounds2-22-09
Adorah Afghan Hounds 10-11-06
Adorah Afghan Hounds
Adorah's Texas Trooper and Adorah's Texas Star3-1-07
Adorah Afghan Hounds
Tarina Regal Legacy X CH. Tarina Adorah Aryana3-1-07
Adorah Afghan Hounds11-10-08
Adorah Afghan Hounds11-10-08
Adorah Afghan Hounds4-26-10
Adorah Fultlt Tarina Swan River6-28-08
Adorah's Go Retro, JC1-15-06
Ch. Adorah's Knocking On Heavens Door7-13-12
Adorah's Night and Day10-5-11 
Group Winning Adorah's Retro Action9-11-07
Ch. Adorah's Retro Active6-12-08
Ch. Adorah's Retro Rocket, JC1-15-06
AKC, UKC CH. Adorah's Sea of Love8-23-10
Adorah's Tala Waban1-18-10
Adorah Tarina Full Speed8-9-07
Adorah Tarina Full Speed3-10-10
Adorah Tarina Full Speed6-15-10
Adorah Tarina fultilt SwanRiver8-15-07
Adorah Tarina Fultlt Swan River10-14-09
Adorah's Texas Marshal11-22-07
BIS AustralianCH Adorah's Texas Marshal (Imp USA)10-30-08
B.I.S. AUS. CH.Adorah's Texas Marshal10-15-10
BIS. Aus. Am.CH. Adorah's Texas Marshal2-13-11
BIS Aus. CH. and Am. CH. Adorah's Texas Marshal2-23-11
Adorah's Texas Ranger8-9-07
Adorah's Texas Ranger12-6-07
Adorah's Texas Star5-13-09
Adorah's Texas Star8-3-09
Happy First Birthday to SNUppy4-17-06
Am/Can CH Adorah's Wuthering Height3-6-12
Adshanta Escada Elite12-22-09
New CH Adshanta Escada Elite6-8-10
Adshanta Femme Fatale3-14-12
Adshanta Femme Fatale4-29-12
New CH Adshanta Femme Fatale10-30-13
Adshanta Fiona8-15-09
Adshanta Gang in Fance10-23-07
From: The Afghan Hound Club Of Omaha, Inc12-21-11
Affinti Afghan Hounds
Komar’s Leila Sa’eeda Amirah and High Kalibers Marked Chivalry 1-30-07
Kennel Affiniti-USA and Von Haussman Kennel-Chile9-11-10
Affiniti's Aaric Von Haussman3-31-11
Kennel AFFINITI9-22-11 
Kennel AFFINITI4-19-12
Afghans of York8-19-08
Afghans of York and Boanne8-31-13
Afghans in Iceland1-16-08
Afghan hounds of Norway12-1-06
Agha Djari's Afghans12-8-05
Agha Djari's Afghans 4-13-06
Agha Djari10-29-10
Agha Djari5-25-11
Agha Djari's11-13-14
Multi BIS,Multi CH Agha Djari’s Blue Blood5-6-13
Ch Agha Djari's Burlesque5-18-11
Am/Fr Ch. Agha Djari's Burlesque9-15-11 
Agha Djari's Closer To The Edge10-11-10
Agha Djari's Cross The Line1-4-11
Ch Agha Djari’s Crucify Me6-14-13
Agha Djari's Disturbia7-25-11
Multi BIS, SBIS Multi CH Agha Djari's Electric Colors1-25-11 
SBIS Ch. Agha Djari's Eye Candy of Sura5-28-13
BISS Ch Agha Djari's Eye Candy of Sura10-1-13
MBISS Ch Agha Djari's Eye Candy of Sura10-25-13
Multi BISS GCH Agha Djari's Eye Candy Of Sura4-1-14
GCh. Agha Djari Eye Candy of Sura4-14-15
Multi Group, Multi BISS GCH. Agha Djari's Eye Candy of Sura7-22-14
NBIS, BIS, MBISS,MRBIS, Multi Group Winning Gold Grand
CH Agha Djari's Eye Candy of Sura,CGC10-27-15 
Multi BIS, Multi BISS,AHCA National Specialty BIS
Gold GCh Agha Djari’s Eye Candy Of Sura 4-12-16
MSBIS Ch Agha Djari's Fifth Dimension of Sura5-28-13 
Multiple ChampionAgha Djari's Forever In My Heart5-9-11
SBIS Agha Djari's Per JJ6-24-06
Multi SBIS Ch. Agha Djari'e Per JJ1-6-07
Multi SBIS Ch Agha Djari's Per JJ2-17-08
It. Ch. Agha Djari's Pride Goes Before Fall1-6-07
Swed. Ch. Agha Djari's Primary Colors9-12-06
SBIS Swedish Finnish German CH FinWin-06
Agha Djari's Primary Colors7-11-07
SBIS Swedish Finnish German CH Agha Djari's Primary Colors8-29-07
BIS, SBIS, Group Winning Ch Agha Djari's Primary Colors2-17-08
BIS Ch Agha Djari's Question of Honour at Accodales1-6-07
Multi-BISS Ch Agha Djari's Question of Honour of Accolades2-17-08
Ch Agha Djari's Question of Honour At Accolades3-24-10
Kusa National Dog ’08
CH. Agha Djari’s Question Of Honour At Accolades 3-22-11
Jr.BIS Agha Djari's Rainbow Warrior1-6-07
Ntl.BIS Agha Djari's Reflection Of Xenos6-24-06
Ntl-BIS-SBIS-Groupwinning Intl., German, Swed, Est., Norw. Fin. Nordic
Ch. Agha Djari's Reflection Of Xenos7-3-08
Multi NtlWinner, SBIS,BIS,World CH, Intl, Ger, Swed, Norw, Fin, Nor, Est.
Ch. Agha Djari's Reflection Of Xenos10-21-08
Multi-Ntl-BIS-SBIS-Group winning 
Ch Agha Djari's Reflection Of Xenos10-5-09
Ntl.BIS, SBIS-Group winning
Ch.Agha Djari's Reflection Of Xenos6-26-10
Multi-Ntl-BIS Ch.Agha Djari's Reflection Of Xenos10-7-12
Ahga Djari's Revenge Of Xenos6-22-06
Agha Djari's Revenge Of Xenos7-26-07
Ntl. BIS Group winning
Ch-Agha Djari's Revenge Of Xenos11-02-07
BIS-Ntl BIS Ch Agha Djari's Revenge Of Xenos2-17-08
Agha Djari's Take My Breath Away Jahera (imp)11-06-07
Agha Djari's Take My Breath Away Jahera8-28-08
Agha Djari's True Lies12-2-07
Agha Djari's True Lies7-24-08
Agha Djari's True Lies2-1-09
Agha Djari's True Lies6-19-09
CH Agha Djari's True Lies2-2-10
Ch Agha Djari's True Lies4-1-10
Ch. Agha Djari's True Lies12-1-10
GCH. Agha Djari's True Lies9-4-11 
Multi-BOB, Multi-AOMwinning GCH. Agha Djari's True Lies12-9-11
UK Ch. Agha Djaris U Got The Look10-8-08
Intl.,Swed.,Norw.,Germ.,Dan.,VDH, Lux. Ch. BIS-SBIS
Agha Djari’s Unplugged Version1-24-11
Multi SBIS, BIS CH Agha Djari's Unplugged Version11-26-11
BIS Multi Ch Agha Djari's Urban Cowboy6-1-09
MBIS NSBISMulti CH Agha Djari's Urban Cowboy8-26-09
Ch. Agha Djari's Use Your Illusion9-29-11 
Agha Djari's Vertigo3-21-07
American, Canadian Ch. Agha Djari's Wilson Of Xenos10-21-08
Agha Djari's Zanzibar10-26-09
Multi Group PlacingAgha Djari's Zanzibar3-4-10
Can Ch Agha Djari's Zen At Winterbourne1-27-10
SBIS Can Ch Agha Djari's Zen At Winterbourne4-23-10 
Agha Djari's Zodiac10-2-09
Ahava Afghans12-15-14
Ahava Afghan Hounds4-1-11
Ahava Afghan Hounds6-6-11
Ahava Afghan Hounds5-22-12
Ahava Afghan Hounds6-4-12
Ahava's Jumpin' Jive6-23-12
Ahava Left My Heart in Saigon7-23-15 
Ahava's Miss Saigon and Ahava Jumpin Jive O'Rafa4-6-12
Ahava's Miss Saigon6-13-12
Ahava's Miss Saigon8-21-13
Ahava's Miss Saigon10-16-13
Aikhanoum Kennel3-29-07 
Alaqadar La Cenerentola of Shadowfax1-27-13
CH Alaqadar La Cenerentola of Shadowfax JW10-17-13
UK Champion Alaqadar La Cenerentola of Shadowfax JW10-14-14
AL-Basharebn Roula Von Haussman12-11-08
Ch. Al-Basharebn Roula Von Haussman2-28-10
Al Daoud Afghans2-4-06
Al Daoud Afghans  4-6-06
UKC Ch Al Daoud Copacabana6-10-07
Alemkah Anuttara Ancient Soul3-16-07
Alemkah Miss Congeniality5-25-07
Alemkah Miss Congeniality8-29-07
Alemkah Smoke and Laurel4-1-08
Al-Fayed puppies due in May4-24-17
Al Khabara Legend Of The Blue Lily11-18-15 
Al Khabara Legend Of The Blue Lily 6-1-16
Al Khabara Legend Of The Blue Lily10-17-16
CH Al Khabara Legend Of The Blue Lily4-25-17
Al Khabara Lezz Go Sensational10-8-15
Al Khabara Lezz Go Sensational11-24-15 
Al Khabara Lezz Go Sensational 6-16-16 
CH Al Khabara Lezz Go Sensational, JC 8-11-16
Allegre's To "Noah" Prince10-24-09
Allure A Pryori Wild Angel at Xuxa12-18-09
DC Allure's Double Exposure
MC LXC7 FCH LCM7-27-10
SBIS Dual Champion Allure's
Dble Red Hot Summer SC8-3-06
FC Allure's Just Give Me That Wink, SC1-3-11
Summer's Silver Stars are Shining3-23-06
MSBIS Dual Ch. Allure's Suddenly Last Summer SC7-24-07
Allure and Suraj  4-14-06
CH Allure's Summer Prelude12-22-09
Allure's Summer Promise JC4-26-06
Allure's Summer Promise, JC9-14-06
Near Ch. Allure's Summer Sunshine, JC9-14-06
Allure-Tzaneen Ever So Special SC5-22-14
Allure-Tzaneen Ever So Special SC10-8-14
FC Allure-Tzaneen Ever So Special SC FCh4-28-15 
FC Allure-Tzaneen Ever So Special SC FCh 7-6-16
DC Allure-Tzaneen Ever So Special MC FCh6-6-17
Allure-Tzaneen Ice Storm JC11-19-07
Al Manamah Kennel and Kho I noor Kennel7-11-10
Multi CH Al Nacira Bint Roula von Haussman4-1-10
Multi CH Al-Nacira Bint Roula von Haussman11-8-10
Multi BIS,Multi CH Al Nacira Bint Roula von Haussman9-2-11 
Multi CH. Multi BIS, Multi SBIS
Al Nacira Bint Roula von Haussman9-4-12
CH. Aloof Llacue's Hand Crafted1-4-08
CH. Aloof Llacue's Hand Crafted11-3-08
SBIS CH Aloof Llacue's Hand Crafted8-28-09
Alouann Glitz N’Glamour2-20-13
From: Alphavilles Afghanhounds12-22-06
Alphavilles Afghan Hounds7-14-06
Alphavilles Afghanhounds8-28-08
Alphaville Puppies expected early spring 2008!1-9-08
Alphaville Puppies expected spring 2008!1-9-08
Alphavilles Afghahounds1-23-09
Alphavilles Afghanhounds4-4-11
Alphavilles Afghanhounds12-11-11 
Alphavilles Afghanhounds5-16-12
Alphavilles Afghanhounds12-6-13
Alphaville's Champagne On Ice9-29-11 
AKC CH, UKC GrCH Alphaville's Champagne On Ice1-27-13
AM CH Alphaville’s Flash Forward2-7-15
Group Placing Can CH-Am GCH Alphaville’s Flash Forward 7-20-16
NEW CHAMPION Alphaville's Foreign Copy T'Wynsyr4-23-11
Alphaville's Magic Carpet Ride2-3-09
Alphavilles Milky White Way2-18-09
Alphaville's Milky White Way9-13-09
Breed winning Am Ch Alphaville’s Milky White Way11-17-09
Grand Am Ch Alphavilles Milky White Way11-11-10
Alphaville's Most Wanted2-13-09
Alphavilles Practice Makes Perfect8-19-08
Multi Ch Gengala Super Trooper X
Ch Alphaville’s Ps I Love You12-2-06
Alphaville's Setting T' Fashion11-6-10
Alphaville's Setting T' Fashion4-26-11
Alphavilles She's In Your Face3-18-09
Alphaville’s Shylo Here I Come2-23-10
Alphaville's Shylo Here I Come10-11-10
Alphaville's Shylo Here I Come11-4-10
Alphaville's Shylo Here I Come!4-25-11
CH Alphaville's Shylo Here I Come!5-8-11
GCH Alphaville's Shylo Here I Come4-15-12
SBIS GCH Alphaville's Shylo Here I Come9-19-12
Mult SBIS GCH. Alphaville’s Shylo Here I Come2-1-14
Mult SBIS, GCH Alphaville’s Shylo Here I Come10-19-14
GCh Alphaville's Shylo Here I Come and Shylo, Party of One3-12-12
Alphaville's Special Edition Wynsyr11-16-10
NEW CHAMPION Alphaville's Special Edition Wynsyr4-23-11
BIS/SBIS CIB,ISCH Alphaville's Stand By Me3-5-13
Alphaville's The Ultimate Creation4-15-08
Ch. Alphaville’s Twice A Man1-5-11
CH Alphaville's Walk The Line and
Ziv Hii's Mythological Element7-5-12
Amare' Afghans11-21-08
Ch Amares Rider in the Rain4-25-08
SBIS, Multi-Group Winning
Ch Amare’s Rider in the Rain6-23-09
A Tribute to Chance,Tanner, Michael, Ice and Brady6-14-11
Ch Ambelike Genesis Blue Ice5-31-11
Ch Ambelike Genesis Holiday on Ice
and Ch Ambelike Genesis Ice Maiden5-31-11
From: A-Mer, Michelle Friesen12-21-12 
Amina Coldxotica4-4-06
New Ch. Amina Coldxotica6-23-06
SBIS CH Amina Coldxotica10-11-07
SBIS CH Amina Coldxotica12-22-09
Amina Fashionista2-5-08
Amina Fashionista4-15-08
Amina Fashionista12-3-08
Anam Cara Cu12-4-07
Anam Cara Cu4-5-10
Anam Cara King's Row Treasured Angel9-15-08
Anam Cara King's Row Treasured Angel9-12-09
Anam Cara King's Row Treasured Angel9-21-11
Anazil Billie Jean4-15-14
Multi CH Anazil Mamma Mia1-28-10
Andros Afghans1-7-06
Andros Afghans6-7-06
Andros Afghans9-22-06
Andros Afghans1-23-09
Andros Afghans  10-12-06
Andros Afghans 12-7-06
Andros Afghans5-23-07
Andros Afghans6-27-07
Andros Afghans7-28-07
Andros Afghans8-31-09
Andros Afghans3-30-10
Andros Afghans5-6-11
Andros Adonis Amon Rih11-9-15 
From: Angelsun Afghans12-14-13
From: Angelsun Afghan Hounds12-18-14
Angelsun Afghans1-5-16
Angelsun Afghans and Glitnir Austri5-26-15
Angelsun Welcomes Glitnir Austri5-17-13
Angelsun Announces Declan's Debut7-16-13
Angelsun Presents..Celestian Fly Me To The Moon At Angelsun9-27-16
Angelsun Welcomes Stassi11-25-15 
Angelsun's Glitnir Austri8-29-13
Glitnir Austri at Angelsun4-29-14
Angelsun's Glitnir Austri6-21-14
Angelsun's Glitnir Austri8-19-14
Ch Anrobs Killer Krush6-21-06
Multiple Group Winning Ch. Anrobs Killing Time12-26-06
Ch. Anrob's Time After Time6-10-08
Ch Anrobs Time To Rock7-10-07
Multiple Group Winning 
Ch. Anrob's Time To Rock12-9-08
From all of us at Antheartica Afghans12-22-06
Antheartica Afghans3-13-08
Antheartica Afghans8-29-08
Antheartica's Fast 'N Furious7-9-09
Anuschka's Dark Man4-29-13
Anuschka Shadow Dancer2-5-09
Ch. Anuttara-Summerwind Talk Of The Town6-14-06
Am/It Ch Anyway Anywhere Anyhow5-27-06
AKC, INTL, UKC CH AoxomoxoA Of Calais, SC, RN, CGC12-19-11
Can Ch Aphra Easy Rider5-31-11
A Pryori Seven Come Eleven and
A Pryori Hearts n' Diamonds Lil8-19-08
Ch. A Pryori Stella Caelestus8-19-08
Ch. A Pryori Tempus Fugit8-19-08
From: Aqua Afghans and Ch Jingles Ready Steady Go12-23-12 
Aqua Afghans Introduce to the World...6-1-17
CH Arcana Rihanna A 'Mirla8-31-09
Arabica Brilliant Disquise5-10-11
Ch. Arabica Brilliant Disguise2-3-12
Arcana and Wicked6-19-09
CH. Arcana Act of Valor SC5-5-09
Arcana's Fire Opal4-17-09
Ch. Arcana Fire Opal11-30-09
Arcana Wicked Game SC10-19-07
DC Arcana Wicked Game SC11-8-08
Multi Group Winning CH Arcana Wicked Act RN4-15-09
Arcana Yankee Doodle Sweetheart5-31-11
Aries - Exlysta8-29-08
Aries Afghan Hounds12-31-06
from Aries Afghan Hounds12-18-07
From:Aries Hounds12-21-09
Aries Afghan Hounds,Memorial Day5-25-07
Aries Hounds2-21-06
Aries Hounds7-7-06
Aries Hounds9-11-06
Aries Afghan Hounds5-29-10
Aries Hounds11-11-10
Aries Afghan Hounds5-26-11
Aries Afghan Hounds5-26-12
Aries Corroboree3-2-06
Ch. Aries Corroboree4-19-07
m. Ch.  Aries Corroboree X
Multi Ch. SBIS Boxadan Mind Your Own Business10-4-07
Champion Aries Lady Marmalade3-27-11
New American Champion Aries Mocha Chocolata11-22-11
CH. Aries Northstar JC9-26-06
Multi Group winningBPIS Can Ch Aries One Day I'll Fly Away8-18-10
Aries Star Ce Soir1-26-10
Ch Aries Wisteria Carousel6-17-07
Aristocracy and Chichic Afghans7-11-11
Ascoli Primavera Bohemia2-3-09
Ashante' Presents:Elmo's Thirty Seconds To Mars1-13-11
Ashante Elmo's Supernatural7-20-12
CH Ashante Elmo's Supernatural11-22-12
Asia Afghans7-21-09
FCh. Asia Ascencia SC11-30-09
Asia Midnight L’Rhel CGC, TDI12-26-06
Astarti introduces.... Xandali Sacre Bleu6-1-12
Astarti presents...Ch. Xandali Sacre Bleu11-5-12
ATC Dandy Druzhey9-3-08
A Touch of Freedom2-6-09
Dream Litter- A Touch of Freedom kennel 6-17-11
Dream Litter- A Touch of Freedom kennel7-9-11
Dream Litter- A Touch of Freedom kennel8-1-11
A Touch of Freedom3-30-14
SBIS,BIS,MCh.Charming Boy A Touch of Freedom
and  SBIS,BIS,MCh.Be a Dream A Touch of Freedom11-25-11
Entertain Me A Touch Of Freedom6-16-12
From:Avalon Afghans12-21-09
Avalon I am The Wind6-10-08
Avalon Afghans10-7-10
Avatar New Day Rising3-13-06
BISS Aust Ch Aviva Akira9-24-12
Aust Ch Aviva Akira X EuJw-II Celestian Amazing 2-22-16
New CH Multi Group Winning Aust Ch Aviva Can't Fight Fate9-24-12
Swed, Fin, Nor, Int MBIS, SBIS Ch Finnish W-06,
Swedish W-08 Aviva Coeur A Coeur and Aust Ch Aviva Chemical Heart9-25-12
Multi Champion Aviva Coeur A Coeur10-3-06
New CH Runner Up BISS Austr Ch Aviva of Course9-24-12
Aust Ch Aviva Heart T Heart9-25-12
Aviva Phantasma12-2-07
Aust Grand, Am,Can Multi BIS, Multi SBIS Champion Aviva T All Black, JC2-6-07
Aust Grand, Am,Can MBIS, MSBIS Champion Aviva T All Black JC4-30-07
Aust. Grand., Am.,Can., MBIS,MSBIS Ch Aviva T'All Black JC12-23-07
Am Can Aust Grand Ch Aviva T All Black JC11-3-09
Multi BIS Ch. Aviva T Scaramouche (Imp Aust)2-11-12 
Multi BIS Ch Aviva T’Scaramouche11-6-12
Multi BIS SBIS Australian Ch Aviva Venezia9-3-06
Australian Ch. Aviva Via Venezia (AI)9-12-06
Aviva Zidane1-13-11
Multi CH. Awbari Between T' Sheets1-4-07
Multi Am Ch Pointed Specialty Major Reserve Winning, Multi
Can Ch Pointed Awbari Candy Rain, JC11-1-13
Junior World Champion Awbari Confetti Rain11-20-06
Awbari Winner Regardless10-30-08
Azari X Raffica3-22-07
Azari Afghans6-15-07
Azari Afghans3-18-10
Azari Afghans5-5-10
Azari Afghans and Chinese Cresteds12-30-11
Azari Afghans, New Champions!3-7-12
Azari Kids....4-27-12
Azari and Ruzka6-4-12
Azari-Arabica Fool's Gold2-9-11
Azari-Arabica Fool's Gold6-27-11
Ch. Azari-Arabica Fool's Gold2-3-12
Ch. Azari-Arabica Fool's Gold, CA4-4-13
CH Azari-Arabica Fool's Gold
and Arabica Brilliant Disguise11-14-11
Azari's Kill'N'Em N' Thrill'N'Em8-25-08
Azari's Kill'N'Em 'N' Thrill'N'Em3-31-09
Azari's Kill'N'Em 'N' Thrill'N'Em5-7-09
Azari's Kill'N'Em 'N' Thrill'N'Em7-24-09
Azari's Kill'N'Em Softly8-31-09
Azari's Kill'N'Em Softly7-29-10
Int'l Ch Azari's Kill'N'Em Softly11-6-10
Int'l Ch Azari's Kill'N'Em Softly1-12-11
Can/Int'l Near AKC CH Azari's Kill"N'Em Softly6-8-11
Azari's Kill'N'Em Softly and Azari's I'm Not Foolin'2-24-11
Azari's Lucky Fool3-29-11
Azari's No Foolin'12-2-10
Azari-Ruzka's A Fool For Ur Love11-18-10
Multi Int'l Puppy BIS Ch near Am
Ch Azari-Ruzka A Fool For UR Love11-8-11
Int'l, Can/Am Ch Azari-Ruzka A Fool For UR Love5-29-12
From:AZILAH Hounds12-19-06
From: Azilah Hounds12-23-07
From: Azilah12-17-09
From:Azilah Afghans12-18-10
From: Azilah12-22-11
From: Azilah12-21-12 
From: Azilah Afghans12-21-13
From: Azilah Hounds12-21-14
From: Azilah Hounds12-20-15 
Azilah-Cairo The Secret's Up7-18-08
UKC Ch Azilah-Cairo The Secret's Up6-2-09
UKC GCH Azilah-Cairo The Secret's Up10-4-12
AKC, UKC GCH Azilah-Cairo The Secret's Up8-5-13
Azilah Saffron Shaqqara6-19-13
Swedish Ch Azmindah's Boogie By Awbari12-18-07
Swedish, Finnish, Latvian Ch Azmindah's Swing By Awbari6-27-07
B B'Enchantress From Fart Stable12-3-08
Ch B'Enchantress From Fart Stable7-28-09
Baakara - Cairo8-27-06
Baakara - Cairo Afghans10-10-06
BaaKara Afghans10-26-06
Baakara Afghans12-19-07
Baakara Afghans7-10-08
From: Baakara Afghans12-23-15
Baakara and Mountain View Present...6-25-13
AKC Ch. Intn'l Ch. Baakara's Always in My Heart10-12-10
Baakara's American Girl6-19-15
CH Baakara's American Girl1-14-16
Baakara’s American Honey10-15-13
New Ch. Baakara's Close to My Heart1-6-06
Baakara's Eat Your Heart Out7-29-06
BaaKara's Eat Your Heart Out11-9-06
Baakara's Eat Your Heart Out8-27-07
Baakara's Heart of Gold and Baakara's The Way of The Heart1-6-06
AKC Ch., UKC Ch,. IABCA Intn'l Ch. Baakara's Eat Your Heart Out10-12-10
New CH Baakara's Heart of Gold8-25-08
Baakara's Heavenly of Witchwood5-30-07
Baakara's Irresistible Bliss of Cairo8-27-07
Baakara's Irresistible Bliss of Cairo6-1-08
Baakara's Irresistible Bliss of Cairo10-12-10
Baakara's Pure of Heart5-23-06
Ch. Baakara's Pure of Heart5-16-07
Baakara's Silk Paisley' Mtn View4-18-07
Baakara's Silk Paisley' Mtn View1-29-08
Baakara's Silk Paisley' Mtn View12-8-09
Baakara's The Way of The Heart3-13-06
Baakara's The Way of The Heart8-27-07
Baakara's The Way of The Heart9-13-07
Baakara's The Way of The Heart10-15-07
Ch. Baakara's The Way of the Heart, CGC11-17-08
SBIS AKC Ch. UKC Ch.Intn'l Ch. Baakara's The Way of the Heart GCG10-12-10
Baja Afghans5-26-06
Bakura Afghans12-17-09
Bakura and Suni Afghans5-10-12
Bakura and Suni1-21-14
Bakura, Polo, Suni...5-23-17
Bakura and Suni Present...10-14-14
INT'L CH Bakura Suni Formula One, SC6-10-14
DC., GCH Bakura Suni Formula One SC, LCX2-17-15
GCH DC Bakura Suni Formula One MC LCX CGC1-19-16
AKC Bronze GCH, Dual CH(Multi OHBIS, Multi Group Placements)
Beachbrook Afghans8-20-06
Beachbrook's Cartier Diamond1-15-08
Beachbrooks Cartier Diamond3-19-08
Beachbrook's Cartier Diamond5-8-08
Beachbrook's Cartier Diamond7-25-08
Ch. Beachbrook's Cartier Diamond2-28-09
MSBIS Ch Beachbrooks Cartier Diamond7-23-10
Ch Beachbrook's Dance N' With Diamonds3-7-06
BIS/Multi Group Winning 
Ch Beachbrook's Diamond Jubilee3-19-08
Beachbrook's Diamonds N Ash9-2-09
CH Beackbrook's Diamonds N Ash3-23-10
Ch Beachbrook's Diamonds N Ash10-6-10
SBIS Ch Beachbrook's Diamonds N Ash10-29-10
Group winning SBIS Ch Beachbrook's Diamonds N Ash, JC12-1-10
Beachbrook's DiamondsN Pearls Shawnlu12-23-08
Beachbrook Diamonds N Pearls Shawnlu2-9-09
CH. Beachbrook's Diamonds N Pearls Shawnlu12-29-09
Beachbrook Diamonds N Pearls Shawnlu10-14-10
MSBIS CH Beachbrook’s Diamonds R Forever3-13-07
MSBIS Ch Beachbrooks Diamonds R Forever4-2-09
Beachbrook's Drama Rama6-27-09
MBIS/MSBIS Beachbrooks's Its Raining Men1-9-06
MBIS/MSBIS Ch Beachbrook's Its Raining Men3-7-06
MBIS/MSBIS Ch Beachbrook's Its Raining Men8-16-06
MSBIS/MBIS Ch Beachbrook's Its Raining Men6-11-08
MBIS/MSBIS Ch Beachbrooks Its Raining Men8-9-10
Beachbrook's Midnight Drama1-26-07
Ch Beachbrook's Midnight Drama1-15-08
SBIS Ch Beachbrook's Paint Your Wagon X Ch Windsong's Love of Allure4-26-06
SBIS Ch Beachbrook's Sparkling Diamond1-8-07
SBIS Ch. Beachbrook's Sparkling Diamond1-22-08
SBIS Ch Beachbrooks Sparkling Diamond6-6-08
Ch. Be A Dream A Touch Of Freedom8-11-08
Beaujon Kennels and Jorogz'3-29-08
Beaujon and Jorogz8-21-08
Beaujon Afghans6-12-08
Beaujon Afghans2-8-11
Ch Beaujon's Breaking News7-4-12
Ch. Beaujon Keltic Colors11-28-12
CH Beaujon Keltic Colors1-31-13
Grand CH Beaujon Keltic Colors6-11-13
Beaujon Trinity Domino Dream6-13-09
Beaujon Trinity Domino Dream6-25-10
New Champion Beaujon Trinity Domino Dream5-23-12
Beaujon Trinity Iris Effect8-26-08
Dream Afghans presents...
Regimes Starlight Dream and Beaujon Trinity Killer Dream7-11-12
Beaujon Trinity The Dream Begins8-18-08
Belle Ami's Athaliah RE JC NAP NJP5-31-11
Belle Ami's Blessings Of Grace5-31-11
Ch. Belle Ami's Chance of a Lifetime1-25-06
CH. Belle Ami's Chance of a Lifetime5-31-11
Ch. Belle Ami's Chance of My Lifetime3-28-17
CH. Belle Ami's Chances R Good5-31-11
Belle Ami's Enchanted Knight5-31-11
Belle Ami's Enchantress5-31-11
CH. Belle Ami's Enchantress of Mine5-31-11
Beshka Afghans 12-8-05
Beshka Afghans2-19-09
Beshka Afghans2-23-11
Beshka Afghans4-10-11
Beshka's Aladamir8-25-11
Blazn Sky Afghans11-09-07
Blazn Sky Afghan Hounds-Shante Qazara Sea-Cret Love JC9-11-06
Blazn Sky Afghan Hounds-Summrwinds NtAngle In Concert JC9-11-06
BOANNE afghans
Boanne's Legend Of The Dragon, Boanne’s Night Of The Dragon ? Boanne's Dark Crystal3-4-07
Boanne Afghans7-14-08
Boanne Afghans9-20-08
Boanne Afghans11-7-09
Boanne Afghans5-2-12
Boanne Afghans8-23-12
From: Boanne Afghans12-13-11
From: The Hounds of Boanne12-11-13
Boanne Introduces Thor X Zurina Puppies3-10-14 
CH Boanne-Burrllom's Athena1-31-14
Boanne-Burrllom's Blackthorn9-12-12
Boanne-Burrllom’s Blackthorn12-10-13
Boanne-Burrllom’s Blackthorn2-19-14
Boanne-Burrllom's Peter T' Great8-29-08
Boanne-Burrllom's Queen Of Hearts9-22-11 
Boanne's Captive Soul of Ahava2-2-11
New Ch Boanne's Captive Soul of Ahava6-15-11
Boanne’s Dragon Rider11-21-07
Boanne's Dragon Rider7-22-08
Boanne’s Gazziella Of Prestige11-21-07
SBIS CH. Boanne's Heart N' Soul7-22-08
Boanne's Hearts Are Wild Of York3-4-07
Ch. Boanne’s Hearts Are Wild Of York11-21-07
Boanne’s Legend Of The Dragon11-21-07
SBIS Ch Boanne's Legend Of The Dragon9-19-08
SBIS CH Boanne's Legend Of The Dragon1-30-09
Boanne's Listen To Your Heart4-21-06
Boanne's Listen To Your Heart6-24-06
Boanne's Listen To Your Heart9-8-06
SBIS Ch Boanne's Listen To Your Heart3-4-07
SBIS Ch. Boanne’s Listen to Your Heart11-21-07
Ch. Boanne's Michelangelo4-21-06
Boanne's Mystery Man4-21-06
Boanne's Mystery Man6-24-06
Boanne-Scarabet Dragon's Defeat7-14-08
To a Loving Pet Home Boanne's Soul Man10-11-09
CH Boanne's Tale Of the Dragon11-21-07
SBIS CH Boanne's Tale Of The Dragon7-22-08
Boanne Congratulates The Offspring of
SBIS CH. Boanne's Tale Of A Dragon1-28-09
Multi SBIS CH Boanne's Tale Of A Dragon12-12-11
Boanne's The Cat's Meow1-28-09
CH. Boanne's Thunderation9-14-11 
SBIS and Group Winning GCH Boanne’s Thunderation12-7-13
SBIS, Multi Group Winning GCH Boanne’s Thunderation2-19-14
SBIS, Multi Group Winning GCH Boanne's Thunderation7-5-14
Boanne's Valentino1-28-09
Boanne’s Zaphira11-21-07
Boanne's Zaphira7-16-08
Boanne's Zenyatta9-20-11 
Boanne’s Zinovia11-21-07
Boanne's Zinovia7-16-08
Ch. Fabelhaft Heavenly Body
Ch. Bokhara's Dorian Grey4-24-10 
Boxadan Master Millenium6-12-06
Boxadan Master Millenium8-1-06
AM CH DK Ch. Boxadan Mind Your Own Business3-14-07
SBIS Danish/American Ch Boxadan Mind your Own Business6-1-07
New Swedish Champion, SBIS American Ch ? SBIS ? Danish Ch
Boxadan Mind Your Own Business8-14-07
Specialty Best In Show Winning SWE, DK, AM CH
Boxadan Mind Your Own Business6-4-08
SBIS MultiCH Boxadan Mind Your Own Business? Jingles Runaround Sue2-27-08
Multi CH Yesterday Today and Tomorrow X Multi CH Boxadan Never Come Between Us3-29-10
Multi CH Yesterday Today and TomorrowX Multi CH Boxadan Never Come Between Us4-9-10
Boxadan Never Look Back10-2-06
Am Ch. Boxadan Never Look Back1-17-07
Am. Ch. Boxadan Never Look Back6-3-09
Brykaar and Shylo7-21-15 
Ch. Buena Vista Constant Craving4-27-06
Afghans of Bybur  5-3-06
From: Afghans of Bybur12-6-12 
Afghans of BYBUR3-28-16
C From:Cairo Afghans12-20-06
From: Cairo Afghans12-23-07
From: Cairo Afghans12-22-08
From:Cairo Afghans12-20-09
From:Cairo Afghans12-18-10
From: Cairo Afghans12-17-11
From: Cairo12-20-12 
From: Cairo Afghans12-21-13
From: Cairo Afghans12-17-14
From: Cairo Afghans12-20-15 
Cairo - Azilah3-3-08
Cairo - Azilah3-23-08
Cairo - Azilah12-12-07
Cairo's All Dolled Up10-14-10
CH Cairo's All Dolled Up11-4-11
Cairo Avalon You Raise Me Up11-15-08
Cairo Avalon You Raise Me Up6-2-09
Cairo's Bottoms Up!5-25-06
Cairo's Bottom's Up!10-19-06
CH. Cairo's Bottom's UP!11-6-06
Ch Cairo's Bottom's Up!6-16-09
Cairo's Designated Driver10-28-06
Cairo's Designated Driver5-21-07
Cairo's Designated Driver6-10-07
Ch Cairo's Designated Driver5-26-08
Cairo's Kick N' It Up12-3-08
Cairo's Kick N' It Up6-2-09
CH Cairo's Kick N' It Up10-4-12
Cairo's Rev It Up12-2-10
CH Cairo's Rev It Up7-16-11
Cairo's Serve It Up7-15-08
Cairo's Serve It Up12-9-08
Cairo's Serve It Up10-30-10
Cairo's Shake It Up5-26-08
Cairo's Shake It Up6-2-09
Cairo's Shake It Up3-31-10
 Introducing Cairo's Stir It Up4-30-08
Cairo's Stir It Up10-3-08
Cairo's Stir It Up, SC10-8-10
Dual CH Cairo's Stir It Up, SC11-16-11
Cairo-Tzaneen Spice It Up JC2-19-09
Cairo Under Influence Baakara12-8-09
Ch. Calahorra Priority Club JC1-6-11
Ch Calais My Fair Lady4-18-06
Calais Spike The Punch 5-9-06
Calais Spike The Punch7-27-06
New Champion Calais Spike The Punch9-7-06
Ch Calais Spike The Punch9-16-06
Ch Calais Spike The Punch4-8-07
Ch Calais Spike The Punch5-29-07
Ch Calais Spike The Punch7-24-07
CH Calais Spike the Punch8-22-08
CH Calais Spike The Punch4-7-09
Am/Can Ch Calais Sunrise at Stormhill9-11-08
Calamus Afghans1-8-10
Calamus Afghan Hounds3-30-10
Calamus Afghans7-3-10
Calamus Puppies News10-31-11 
Calamus Puppies3-17-12
Multi Ch. Calamus TRUE FIGHTER4-11-12
Calista and Afghans Of Sirae'1-10-11
Calista and Sirae present.....9-17-13
Calling Polo's A Touch Of Freedom8-11-08
Can Ch, Near Am Ch
Calling Polo's A Touch of Freedom9-5-09
Camarillo-Presenting Georgies Litter8-17-10
Camarillo Congratulates...1-23-12
Cameo's Make Some Noise
and Cameo's Causing A Riot5-29-07
Candyland Afghans12-11-09
Candyland Afghans1-12-10
CH Candyland Tiramisu9-7-12
From: The Capozzi Family12-21-12 
Caravan Afghans9-4-08
Caravan Afghans9-21-08
Caravan Cool Color Puppies!11-10-08
Caravan Afghans3-14-14 
Caravan Domina At Baakara9-26-14
Caravan Domina At Baakara11-14-14
Caravan Domina At Baakara5-24-15
Caravan Domina At Baakara, JC10-11-15 
Cartier Afghans and Beachbrook Afghans1-8-07 
Cavu Tribute5-31-11
Bridget Hightower and Cavu Mtn Views Opera Nite1-29-08
Cavu Mtn Views Opera Nite7-28-07
Cavu Mtn Views Opera Nite12-8-09
Cayblu Sport Hounds 8-5-16
Ch. Cedilha Cosmopolitan12-13-09
Cedilha Present Ch Stormhill's Dream Catcher'striumph in Europe9-8-09
Cedilha puppies8-5-10
Celestian Afghan Hounds12-22-07
Celestian Afghans2-28-08
Celestian Afghans6-3-09
Celestian Afghans1-11-10
Celestian Afghans10-5-10
Celestian Afghans9-27-11
Celestian Afghans5-1-12
Celestian Afghans9-26-12
Aust Ch Aviva Akira X EuJw-II Celestian Amazing 2-22-16
Celestian Amigo3-17-11
Celestian Amigo5-24-11
Celestian Amigo6-20-11
Celestian Amigo8-5-11
Celestian Amigo12-14-11
CH Celestian Amigo12-17-11
CH. Celestian Amigo4-7-13
CH. Celestian Amigo4-28-13
CH. Celestian Amigo3-27-14
CH. Celestian Amigo6-16-14
Ch. Celestian Amigo10-9-14
Celestian Cha Cha Cha8-24-09
New Hungarian Grand CH and Serbian CH Celestian Love Is In The Air12-12-07
HGCH, SRBCH, ICH Celestian Love Is In The Air2-21-08
Celestian Stuck In A Moment4-10-14
Celestian Stuck In A Moment6-6-14
Celestian Stuck In A Moment10-24-14
New Champion Celestian Stuck In A Moment12-24-14
Ch. Celestian Stuck in a Moment3-3-15
Ch. Celestian Stuck In A Moment6-10-15
Ch. Celestian Stuck in a Moment10-13-15 
Ch Celestian Stuck in a Moment12-3-15 
Ch. Celestian Stuck in a Moment3-10-16
Ch. Celestian Stuck in a Moment4-26-16
Ch. Celestian Stuck in a Moment 8-2-16
Ch. Cevan Carousel Lemongrass7-21-06
Artistic Creations by Terry d. Chacon12-19-07
Terry d. Chacon12-10-08
From:Terry d Chacon12-18-10
From: Terry d. Chacon12-21-12 
In Appreciation...Terry d. Chacon12-28-13
Chakdarra Dresden Moonlight3-12-10
Champagne Afghan Hounds4-26-09
From:Charisma Afghan Hounds12-29-08
Charisma Afghans3-4-09
Charsada Reg'd Afghan Hounds10-24-08
Afghans of Charsada1-11-07
Charsada Afghans1-11-08
Charsada Reg'd2-23-09
Charsada Reg'd6-16-15
Can/UKC Ch. Charsada Dreams
Can Come True Am JC, AFSA FCh10-30-07
Charsada Fulfills A Dreams9-3-06
UKC Ch. AKC Ch Charsada FulFills A Dreams JC5-6-07
UKC Ch/Am Ch.
Charsada Fulfills A Dreams JC1-4-08
Charsada Topflite's Dreams, JC5-31-09
CharterOak Afghan Hounds10-10-08
CharterOak Afghans12-31-08
CharterOak Afghan Hounds3-8-10
Charteroak Afghan Hounds7-9-10
CharterOak Afghans 2-28-14
CharterOak Amber Moon1-15-11
CharterOak Amber Moon8-22-11
CharterOak Amber Moon2-17-12
Ch. CharterOak Amber Moon5-29-12
AKC GCh,UKC Ch CharterOak Amber Moon2-4-13
AKC Grand CH,RBIS UKC CH CharterOak Amber Moon4-24-13 
CharterOak Bella Luna7-16-08
CH CharterOak Bella Luna8-25-08
Ch CharterOak BluStar2-28-14
SBIS Ch CharterOak BluStar6-25-14
CharterOak Dark Moon7-23-07
CharterOak Dark Moon10-23-07
CharterOak Dark Moon12-20-07
CharterOak Dark Moon3-25-08
New Champion CharterOak Dark Moon5-21-08
CH CharterOak Dark Moon8-20-08
CH CharterOak Dark Moon10-14-08
CH CharterOak Domanimoon4-20-09
CharterOak Epsilon12-8-10
CharterOak Epsilon2-10-11
CH CharterOak Epsilon3-23-11
Grand CH CharterOak Epsilon11-4-11 
CH CharterOak Jaramilla9-12-09
SBIS CharterOak Luxanamoon2-27-07
SBIS CharterOak Luxanamoon6-22-07
SBIS CharterOak Luxanamoon2-19-08
CharterOak Midnight Moon1-15-09
CharterOak Midnight Moon4-27-09
CH CharterOak Midnight Moon8-19-09
Ch CharterOak Midnight Moon10-20-09
CharterOak Moon Ember3-8-10
New Champion CharterOak Moon Pi12-20-07
CharterOak StarFire and CharterOak Epsilon3-21-11
New Champion CharterOak Tipatula Moon12-20-07
CharterOak Tupelo1-7-11
CharterOak Tupelo4-11-11
CH CharterOak Tupelo9-20-11 
Ch CharterOak Tupelo7-6-12
Int Ch Chelsie Brum Abdalla2-8-11
Int'l CH Chelsie Brum Abdalla6-8-11
International Ch,near AKC Ch Chelsie Brum Abdalla10-19-11
Multi Champion Chev Chari's Sunshine Reggae6-1-10
Chichic Afghan Hounds8-10-10
Chichic Afghans4-18-11
Ciera Mount'n Fantasia In Concert6-24-08
New Champion Cindaw's Earth Angel of Elmo1-18-06
Coastwind Anuttara Archetype 7-14-16
SBIS Coastwind Anuttara Archetype9-2-16
SBIS Ch Coastwind Anuttara Archetype10-26-16
Coastwind Zabriz Roze4-26-09
Coastwind Zabriz Roze10-13-10
Coastwind Zabriz Roze and Raffica Simon Sz Follow Yr Dreamz11-2-10
Anything But Ordinary In Concert8-28-07
Heavy Metal In Concert8-28-07
Hounds In Concert and our Newest Litter1-3-07
Hounds In Concert congratulates
the new owners of Hula's 2nd litter!3-12-07
Hounds In Concert New Litter!3-17-07
Hounds In Concert5-14-09
Hounds In Concert Congratulates9-1-09
Hounds In Concert9-2-09
Silver Side Up In Concert8-31-09
Cosi  Fan Tutte12-8-08
From: Cosi  Fan Tutte12-16-12 
Countrywind Farms9-3-09
Countrywind Farms9-2-10
Countrywind Farms presents9-18-13
Countrywind Farms presents11-11-15 
Countrywind Farms presents
Elmo’s The Martian Chronicles3-16-11
Countrywind Brags...Elmo's Martin Chronicles8-18-11
Countrywinds...Ch Elmo's Martian Chronicles2-13-12
Countrywinds......GCH. Elmo's Martian Chronicles3-27-12
Countrywind Farms presents GCH. Elmo's Martian Chronicles4-4-12
BIS Am Can GCh (Gold) Elmo's Martian Chronicle9-18-13
Countrywind's A Cut Above3-9-16
CH Countrywind's A Cut Above JC CGC5-25-17
Gr Ch Countrywind's Calico Queen1-3-11
Grand CH Countrywind's Calico Queen8-18-11
Ch Countrywinds Champagne Barbie1-3-11
Ch Countrywinds Champagne Barbie6-10-11
NEW CH. Countrywind’s Comedian7-24-15 
Ch Countrywind's Courtesan, JC1-3-11
Countrywind’s it’s Reigning at Evensong9-4-15 
Ch. Countrywind's Silver Bullet, J.C.9-3-08
New Ch Countrywinds Soiled Dove8-18-11
From: Criston12-15-11
From: Criston12-15-12 
from the entire Criston Family1-7-14
Criston All The Hoopla At Maja1-26-09
SBIS GCH Criston Athena Richmond 5-26-16
Group Placing, SBIS GCH Criston Athena Richmond 6-30-16
SBIS GCH Criston Athena Richmond 7-19-16
Ch Criston Enchanted5-18-11
Ch Criston Enchanted10-14-11 
Ch Criston Enchanted1-11-12
GCh Criston Enchanted2-21-12
GCH. Criston Enchanted5-4-12
GCH. Criston Enchanted6-26-12
BIS Silver GCH Criston Enchanted10-6-12
MBIS, SBIS, Silver GCH Criston Enchanted2-19-13
MBIS MRBIS MSBIS GCH Criston Enchanted7-23-13
MBIS and MSBIS GCH Criston Enchanted2-28-14
MBIS and MSBIS GCH Criston Enchanted3-27-14
GCH. Criston Enchanted8-5-14
GCH Criston Enchanted10-28-14
Criston Foolish Pleasure2-12-09
Ch. Criston Foolish Pleasure6-4-10
Specialty Best in Show Grand Champion Criston Foolish Pleasure8-30-10
Hugo and Cammie6-19-14
Criston Hoorah At Nonsuch and Criston Nonsuch Ooh LaLa2-4-09
Criston InKhantation4-2-07
Ch. Criston InKHANtation7-19-07
Criston Inspiration3-31-07
Ch. Criston Inspiration7-19-07
SBIS Ch Criston Inspiration4-6-08
SBIS Ch Criston Inspiration8-3-10
Ch. Criston Moon Shadow CGC2-20-09
Criston Murana Don Giovanni The Wooer1-7-09
SBIS Ch. Criston Star Of Siam7-25-07
New Champion Criston Sundara Afternoon Delight9-11-12
Am Can Ch Criston Whistle In  The Dark5-31-11
Criston Wynsyr Crossfire9-20-12
Can Ch. Crysalis Ice Sensation3-15-07
Afghan Hounds of Cyan4-29-07
Afghan Hounds Of Cyan9-8-09
Cyan Afghans1-5-06
Cyan Afghan Hounds5-15-13
Ch. Cyan Artistic Craze presents...4-28-06
Cyan Zynsky8-27-08
CH. Cynergy's Aviator O'r Verpatsha10-31-06
SBIS CH Cynergy's Aviator O'r Verpatsha1-19-08
BIS SBISCH Cynergy's Aviator O'r Verpatsha9-14-08
BIS, SBIS Ch Cynergy's Aviator O'r Verpatsha7-7-09
BIS, MSBIS CH Cynergy's Aviator O'r Verpatsha4-21-10
Cynergy's Rocket To The Moon2-11-08
Cynergy's Rocket To The Moon9-17-08
New Champion Cynergy's Rocket To the Moon5-6-09
D DaGhan - Lyrix6-2-08
DaGhan's Presents10-11-08
DaGhan Afghan Hounds4-22-09
Daghans....Yukon Litter3-18-13
DaGhan Afghan Hounds8-20-14
DaGhans-Can Am Ch Scent-of-Fame A Magic Time JC2-3-10
Ch Damaranlor Saphire of Konpara1-16-09
Dandy Druzhey2-14-11
Darjeeling and Kalaztra Afghan Hounds8-13-15 
Dar's House of Hounds7-29-15 
Ch Raffica's Absolutely Samar x
RBIS Ch Daun's Vogue Eternal6-6-09
David Sings Hosanna4-30-07
From:Dega Afghans12-17-06
Dega Afghans4-8-11
BIS Ch. Pisco of Dega Afghans12-19-06
Multi BIS Multi Ch Pisco Of Dega Afghans2-10-11
MultiBIS/MultiCH. Uros of Dega Afghans7-10-11
Afghanen vom Deilbachtal10-10-06
from Deilbachtal Afghans6-26-09
Casanova vom Deilbachtal8-24-11
Deloubelle Kennel7-23-07
Deloubelle Kennel6-3-08
Deloubelle and Maya Afghans11-17-12
Deloubelle "Stars litter" !9-11-08
Am Can CH Deloubelle Beta Delphini9-26-11
NSBIS Ch Deloubelle Casbar Full Power
and Ch Marquis Mayana La Gracieuse10-10-07
Dhivia Jenfield's Spirit Guide7-2-08
From:Dio Reg'd  12-20-06
From: Dio Reg.12-23-08
Djarum's Danger Zone4-10-12
CH Djarum's Danger Zone12-29-12 
Djarum’s Spark of Messenger10-16-08
Near Ch. Djarum Spark of Messenger10-3-10
Ch. Djarum Spark of Messenger12-5-11
Near Ch Djarum Tifarah Trojan Desire JC6-21-07 
“Abaco” and  D’Lende Afghans12-31-14
Doyen Afghan Hounds5-12-08
Ch. DragonFire's Shining Star3-14-07
Dragonfly, Ecco and Aries7-15-15 
Dragonfly Ecco's Diamant Noir 10-14-15
Dragonfly Bravissimo JC2-25-08
CH. Dragonfly Bravissimo, JC6-19-08
Ch. Dragonfly Bravissimo JC7-30-13
From:Ch Dragonfly My Ty Baby and
Dragonfly California Dreamin12-23-08
Dragonfly California Dreaming8-6-13
Dragonfly My Ty Baby7-20-07
New Champion Dragonfly My Ty Baby9-12-07
CH Dragonfly My Ty Baby10-25-07
Ch Dragonfly My Ty Baby12-18-07
Ch. Dragonfly My Ty Baby9-16-10
GCH Dragonfly's My Ty Baby10-11-12
Dragonfly Neverwinter Nights3-23-06
Ch. Dragonfly Neverwinter Nights6-26-06
Ch. Dragonfly Whiter Shade of  Pale10-6-06
SBIS Ch. Dragonfly Whiter Shade of Pale9-19-07
Dragonfly Winddrift Evening Tide6-26-10
Dream Afghans presents...
Regimes Starlight Dream and Beaujon Trinity Killer Dream7-11-12
Duet Afghan Hounds8-26-16
Du Mont Chacra-Raju Kennel2-19-10
Dzum Afghan Hounds  11-9-06
Dzum Kennels1-13-07
Dzum Afghan Hounds7-17-08
Aust. Ch. Dzum Butterball Brown3-7-11
Aust. Ch. Dzum Devil Wears Prada1-25-12
Dzum Donnie Darko2-23-10
Dzum Jimmy Possum10-24-07
Aust Ch Dzum Jimmy Possum5-6-09
BIS Aust. Ch. Dzum Jimmy Possum2-21-11
Aust. Grd. Ch. Dzum The Classic Red1-25-12
Am/Can CH Dzum the Divine Miss M9-16-08
SBIS Can Am Ch Dzum The Divine Miss M7-1-09
SBIS/Multi-GroupWinning Am/Can Ch Dzum The Divine Miss M11-19-09
E "Effie"11-5-15 
Happy Birthday Eadie!8-31-12
Elan Afghans12-8-14
Elan and Sebring1-20-10
Elan and Sebring Afghans5-27-10
Elan Sebring4-1-11
Elan Sebring4-27-11
Elan Sebring Alcide11-15-10
Elan Sebring Exodus12-31-11
Ch Elan Sebring Exodus5-20-13
New Champion Elan Sebring Fire Bomb2-26-15
Ch. Elan Sebring Flamenco9-26-09
Elan Sebring Flower Bomb5-15-13
Ch Elan Sebring Legally Blonde9-11-06
Ch. Elan Sebring Merengue1-21-09
BIS, SBIS Ch. Elan Sebring The Matrix1-10-07
BIS, SBIS Ch. Elan Sebring The Matrix3-20-07
MBIS, MSBIS,MNBIS Ch Elan Sebring The Matrix7-2-07
Ch. Elan Sebring the Matrix8-29-07
MBIS/MNSBIS/MSBIS Ch Elan Sebring the Matrix2-5-08
MBIS/MNBIS/MSBIS Ch Elan Sebring the Matrix2-15-08
Multi BIS/SBIS MultiNtl Specialty BIS Winner CH Elan Sebring The Matrix4-10-08
Multi BIS/SBISMulti Ntl Winner USA Finn Swe Norw
Champion Elan Sebring The Matrix9-9-08
Multi BIS/Natl BIS/SBIS 
Multi Ch. Elan Sebring The Matrix1-21-09
MBIS, MSBIS,MNSBIS Multi CH Elan Sebring The Matrix12-23-09
MBIS, MSBIS, MNSBIS CH Elan Sebring The Matrix
X CH Majic Suraj Hell On Heels5-11-07
Ch. Elan Sebring Siren X MBIS, MSBIS,
MNSBIS Ch. Elan Sebring The Matrix5-24-07
MBIS, MSBIS, MNSBIS CH Elan Sebring The Matrix
X  CH Majic Suraj Hell On Heels7-10-07
Mult NBISS,Mult BIS,Mult SBIS Intl,US, Swe,
Fin, Nor Ch. Elan Sebring The Matrix12-31-11
Ch. Elan Sebring True Blood12-31-11
Ch Elation's Encore in Concert6-3-11
Ch Elation's Encore in Concert6-3-11
Elation and Exquisite introduce their Royal Family6-17-17
Ch. El Chaman's Grace Under Fire5-21-09
Ch El Chaman's Pepper Corn 2-13-08
Ch. El Chamans Playin' With Fire2-5-09
Elf Afghan Hounds2-4-07
Elf and Amon Rih Afghan Hounds4-12-11 
Group Winning Elf's Midnight Masquerade4-18-06
Multiple Gr. Winning
CH. Elf's Midnight Masquerade11-13-07
Ch. Elf’s Midnight Masquerade10-28-08
Elg Chase Hounds6-28-14
Elg Chase Hounds
Player X Zephyr Puppies!7-22-14
Elg Chase offers “Fudgy"10-11-14
El Ghaza's Kennel 1-28-14
Elite Epic Litter 20146-26-14
Elite St. Croix5-4-10
New CH Elite St. Croix8-24-10
Am/Can Ch. El Malek Fekhir Al Daoud11-20-06
Tribute to Peter Belmont Jr. from Shylo
Peter Belmont Jr. Memorial
Peter Belmont Jr. Memorial
Peter Belmont Jr. Memorial
Peter Belmont Memorial
A Tribute To Peter Belmont
To Peter, from Macara
Le and Peter Memorial from PoloAfghans
Elmo Reg.12-10-06
Elmo Reg.2-4-06
Elmo, Reg.  10-21-06
Elmo, Reg.2-25-08
Elmo, Reg.5-12-10
Elmo, Reg.8-22-10
Elmo, Reg.11-3-10
Elmo, Reg.1-7-11
Elmo, Reg.5-19-11
Elmo Reg.9-18-12
Tribute to Peter Belmont, The # One
Afghan Hound Breeder in the USA 20116-1-12
Elmo, Reg.Yesterday, Today and Forever!1-15-11
Elmo Rock Stars6-21-12
Elmo International11-14-11
Elmo-Male Seeking....6-6-10
Elmo - Ingyzamo - Bybur1-21-08
Ch. Elmo's Bahia Beachboy6-17-11
Elmo's Bellini Of Bybur6-1-07
Elmo's Bellini Of Bybur6-22-07
Elmo's Bellini Of Bybur7-5-07
Elmo's Bellini of Bybur11-06-07
Ch. Elmo's Bellini of Bybur4-28-08
Ch. Elmo's Bellini of Bybur5-21-08
CH. Elmo's Bellini Of Bybur9-14-08
Elmo's Blue Champagne10-16-06
Elmo's Blue Champagne1-1-07
Ch Elmo's Caught Red Handed7-10-11
NEW CH. Elmo's Cyndi Lauper12-4-15 
Elmo’s Double Platinum5-7-08
Elmo's Double Platinum10-24-09
Elmo's Dream Boy11-28-12
MSBIS Ch. Elmo's Dreamboy9-3-13
CH Elmo's Dreamboy and Elmo's Madonna6-25-13
Ch. Elmo's Egyptian Star11-4-08
Ch. Elmo’s Endless Love3-9-07
Ch Elmo's Ethiopia 9-7-06
Ch. Elmo’s Everybody Says I Luv U3-21-06
Elmo's I'm A Star6-17-08
Elmo's Impressionistic2-28-12
Elmo's Ivana Picasso3-14-06
Elmo's Ivana Picasso8-17-06
New CHAMPION Elmo's Ivana Picasso7-9-08
Elmo's Madonna10-15-13
Champion Elmo's Madonna5-7-14
Ch. Elmo's Madonna3-4-15
GCh Elmo's Madonna10-8-15 
res. BIS, multi SBIS, multi group winning GCH  Elmo's Madonna2-18-16
Ch Elmo's Martian Chronicles2-13-12
GCH. Elmo's Martian Chronicles3-27-12
BIS Am Can GCh (Gold) Elmo's Martian Chronicle9-18-13
MBIS Am. Can. Mex Ch. Elmo's Men Are From Mars8-30-07
Am. Can. Mex.World Ch. Elmo's Men Are From Mars7-11-08 
Am Can Mex World Ch Elmo's Men Are From Mars7-1-09
Elmo's Movie Star10-18-07
Ch. Elmo's My Favorite Martian5-13-10
Elmo's OZ of Bybur7-31-06
Ch. Elmo's Oz of Bybur6-29-07
Elmo's Paloma Picasso6-28-06
Elmo's Paloma Picasso10-24-07
Ch. Elmo's Paloma Picasso1-8-09
Elmo's Park Avenue Playboy8-12-08
Elmo's Park Avenue Playboy10-16-08
CH Elmo's Park Avenue Playboy8-8-09
CH Elmo's Park Avenue Playboy2-2-10
Elmo's Picasso's Rage6-30-06
Ch. Elmo's Picasso's Rage1-15-08
Elmo's Pop Star3-18-08
Ch Elmo's Pop Star2-25-09
Elmo's Precious Picasso6-5-07
Elmo's Red Ferrari11-17-08
Am/Can Ch. Elmo's Red Ferrari8-27-11
Elmo Richlyn's Silver Slash7-16-10
Elmo Richlyn's Silver Slash1-15-11
Elmo Richlyn's Silver Slash2-5-12
CH. Elmo Richlyn's Silver Slash3-7-12
Elmo's Rocket Man6-17-08
Elmo's Rock Star Evanescence6-29-07
Elmo's Rock Star Evanescence8-28-07
Ch Elmo's Rock Star Evanescence12-19-07
Near Champion Elmo's Rococo11-24-10
Elmo's Rococo4-6-11
New AKC CH Elmo's Rococo12-13-11
Elmo's Silver Blue Bahia1-10-10
Elmo's Silver Blue Bahia7-30-10
Elmo's Silver Blue Bahia10-9-10
Elmo's Silver Blue Bahia11-10-10
Elmo's Silver Blue Bahia and
Azari-Ruzka A Fool For Ur Love2-15-11
Int Ch, Am Ch Elmo's Silver Blue Bahia
and Azari-Ruzka A Fool For Ur Love10-7-11
Elmo's Silver Blue Bahia3-22-11
Elmo's Silver Blue Bahia4-18-11
INT. AM CAN Ch Elmo's Silver Blue Bahia12-1-11
Int Am Can Ch Elmo's Silver Blue Bahia12-29-11
INT Ch, AM CH CA CH Elmo’s Silver Blue Bahia2-2-12
Ch. Elmo's Sweetheart On Parade4-2-10
Elmo's Suncrest Sweetheart Silver Blue 6-23-06
Ch Elmo's Suncrest Sweetheart Silverspark12-10-07
Elmo's Thirty Seconds To Mars11-17-10
Ashante' Presents:Elmo's Thirty Seconds To Mars1-13-11
Elmo's Thirty Seconds To Mars7-26-11
El Shazaam6-26-12
CH El Shazaam Jakar Oreo Blizzaard5-18-10
GCH El Shazaam Jakar Oreo Blizzard, JC10-18-11
Elsto- 3 time #1 Afghan
Hound Breeder in Norway3-13-14
Elsto is celebrating!!!5-24-12
Elsto Khariz Amazing Amanda3-3-09
Elsto Khariz Amazing Amanda3-17-09
Ch. Elsto Crazy Something Normal6-17-17
SBIS Norw,  SweCH Elsto Khariz Amazing Amanda9-9-09
SBIS, Norw, SweCh Elsto Khariz Amazing Amanda11-16-09
Multi SBIS, MultiCH Elsto Khariz Amazing Amanda2-14-14
New American Champion.....
Norwegian Ch. Elsto Jambalaya Khariz Repriz, JC6-16-06
Norwegian Champion Elsto Khariz The Magic Alladin8-16-11
SBIS, Multi CH Elsto Khariz The Magic Alladin1-14-14
Norwegian Ch. ElstoThe Winner Takes It All6-16-06
SBIS Norwegian Ch. Elsto The Winner Takes It All11-28-06
Specialty Sighthound BIS Norwegian Ch.
American Ch. Elsto The Winner Takes It All3-7-07
CH Emil Cherubim Hosanna12-22-14
Aust Ch Enarki Eenie Meenee Minee Moe3-16-16
Ch Endeavours Rustic Sweet Moves12-2-07
Enigma Dreams Afghans5-28-08
Enigma Dreams10-13-09
Enigma Dreams7-26-10
Enigma Dreams3-27-12
Enigma Dreams5-31-12
Enigma Dreams6-7-16
Enigma Dreams 8-9-16
Enigma Dreams Presents..Alphaville's Stand By Me7-6-08
Enigma Dreams Presents9-1-09
Envy Me Kennel10-14-07
Envy Me Kennel11-11-07 
Envy Me Kennel10-2-09
Envy Me Kennel11-10-09
Envy Me Kennel1-27-10
Multi CH, ICH Envy Me Jim Jam5-24-12
Envy Me TL Fancy1-10-08
Elation and Exquisite introduce their Royal Family6-17-17
Eris Afghans  7-20-06
Esbelto kennel10-10-11
Esbelto Kennel12-8-11
Esbelto Kennel9-30-12
Esbelto Kennel12-4-12
Kennel Esbelto8-14-14
Eskashem Kennel (Hungary)9-8-10
Ch. Etrigan’s The Pretender7-5-06
Ch. Eutopia’s Night Passion Jabir8-19-08
Evensong's Avenue Q1-2-12
CH. Evensong Bolero, JC10-4-05
SBIS and GroupWinning Ch. Evensong Bolero, JC1-25-07
Evensong’s I Can’t Wait to be King1-9-15
Ch Evensong's Master Of The House6-11-12
From: Exlysta Afghans12-21-10
From: Exlysta Afghans12-24-12 
From Exlysta Afghans1-1-14
Exlysta and Aries5-13-08
Exlysta Aries Ciel Noir10-17-12
SBIS CH Exlysta Aries Ciel Noir11-21-12
MSBIS Group Winning RBIS CH Exlysta Aries Ciel Noir12-5-12 
MRBIS MSBIS Multi. Group Winning
GCH. CH. Exlysta Aries Ciel Noir3-5-13
MBIS, MBISS GCH Exlysta Aries Ciel Noir6-13-13
MBIS, MBISS GCH Exlysta Aries Ciel Noir7-9-13
MBIS, MSBIS Silver GCH Exlysta Aries Ciel Noir9-10-13
Multi BIS, Multi BISS Gold GCH Exlysta Aries Ciel Noir2-18-14
Exlysta Reflects The Sky6-28-08
Exlysta Reflects The Sky10-9-08
Ch Exlysta Reflects The Sky2-3-09
Ch Exlysta Reflects The Sky9-11-09
Ch Exlysta Reflects The Sky3-5-10
Ch Exlysta Reflects The Sky8-26-10
Grand CH, GroupWinning CH Exlysta Reflects The Sky1-11-11
Group Winning SBIS GCH Exlysta Reflects The Sky2-8-12
SBIS, Group Winning GCH Exlysta Reflects The Sky3-26-12
MSBIS Group Winning GCH Exlysta Reflects The Sky5-25-12
MSBIS,Group Winning GCH Exlysta Reflects The Sky6-27-12
MSBIS,Group Winning GCH Exlysta Reflects The Sky7-6-12
RBIS MSBIS Multi Group Winning GCH Exlysta Reflects The Sky10-2-12
MBISS RBIS Multi Group Winning GCh Ch Exlysta Reflects The Sky
and MBISS MRBIS Multi Group Winning GCh Ch Exlysta Aries Ciel Noir2-10-13
Exquisite Afghan Hounds8-12-14
Exquisite Afghan Hounds11-11-14
GCH Exquisite Beaujon’s Star Of The Sea2-14-17
Eyes Gazing presents..BIS, SBIS Multi CH Golddragon Night on the Beach4-1-13
Ch. Fabelhaft Heavenly Body
Ch. Bokhara's Dorian Grey4-24-10 
Ch. Fabelhaft Holy Smoke and
Ch. Fabelhaft Paladin Babydoll6-21-08
Fancy Floral and Kamy Afghans8-7-15
Fan-Fell Afghans5-8-07
Faradella Kennel4-3-12
Fashionista of Damos Miranda9-9-09
Multi BIS Ch Fashionista of damos Miranda10-11-10
Multi BISCh. Fashionista of Damos Miranda2-7-11
Multi Champion, Multi BIS Ch Fashionista of damos Miranda9-26-12
Americas, Caribbean FCI Best in Show
Winner GCH. Fashionista of damos2-5-13
Fenirati Afghan Hounds3-2-09
Fenirati Afghan Hounds5-11-09
Fenirati Afghan Hounds6-1-09
Fenirati - Australia6-22-10
Fenirati – Leena’s 1st birthday!10-19-10
Fox Run and Wynsyr Reg.4-11-12
Foxrun - Wynsyr Reg - Boanne3-19-14
Foxrun - Wynsyr Reg - Boanne3-19-14
FoxRun - Wynsyr Reg - Boanne
Thor and Celine Puppies!7-3-14
Foxrun and Wynsyr
present the Fabulous Five12-17-15 
Ch Fox Run Chandar’s Mothr Suprior2-22-07
SBIS CH Foxrun Wynsyr Rumor Has It3-18-14
Freecloud Nafrini at Jahera5-30-09
Freecloud Nafrini at Jahera7-22-09
Freecloud Nafrini at Jahera JW2-16-10
CH Freya Of Blue Eyes Miwi JP9-20-12
From:Ben, Anna, Luca, Marcus, Sofia, Dusty,
Glory and Soren Franzoso12-14-06
IntroducingFrom Norway With Love5-19-08 
From Norway With Love8-19-08
Furbari Alegria3-25-07
BIS Grand CH Furbari Inka Legend6-5-10
Furbari Varekai3-25-07
Fyrverkeri Afghan Hounds3-22-10
G Gabriel Afghan Hounds11-17-09
Gabriel Afghan Hounds5-4-10
Gabriel Afghan Hounds8-24-10 
Gabriel Afghan Hounds Celebrate...5-23-11
Gabriel Afghans10-30-12
Gabriel Afghan Hounds5-13-14
New Ch. Gabriel's Bit-O-Reckoning11-29-11
NEW Champion Gabriel's Dare To Dare12-13-11
The Afghans of High Kaliber Introduces
Gabriels Dare To Dream, J.C.2-9-12
Am GCH Gabriel's Dare To Dream9-20-13
Gabriel's Flame-N-Bits5-4-10
New Grand Ch Gabriel's Flame-N-Bits11-29-11
CH Gabriel's Glitz-N-Glory8-20-13
CH Gabriel's Glory In The Night8-20-13
Ch. Gabriel's Honey Ambrosia7-27-07
New Ch. Gabriel's Honey Bun7-18-07
New Ch. Gabriel's My Fair Bear7-18-07
Multi BISpec Ch. Gabriel's Rare Bear, J.C.7-18-07
Multi Best In Specialty Winning
CH. Gabriels Rare Bear, J.C.11-25-08
Multiple Best In Specialty,Group Winning and Multiple Champion Producing
CH Gabriel's Rare Bear, J.C.3-22-11
Gabriel's Ritz Bits5-4-10
Gabriel's Thrilled-T-Bits5-4-10
Gabriel's Thrilled-T-Bits8-24-10
New Champion Gabriel's Thrilled-T-Bits10-5-10
CH Gabriel's Thrilled-T-Bits5-23-11
New Champion Gabriel's Truth Or Dare9-30-14
Gabriel's What-A-Honey7-18-07
AM CH Gabriel's What-A-Honey1-5-08
Gandamak kennel8-12-10
Multi CH Gold'N Copper Peace N
Harmony and Multi CH Oprah Gandamak7-31-13
Gazon Presents...12-22-10
Ch. Gazon Countrywinds Paper Dali10-20-06
Ch. Gazon Countrywinds Paper Dali4-24-09
Ch. Gazon Needless To Say11-30-10
Ch. Gazon's the Truth be Told X Ch. Stormhill's Energizer5-31-06
Gazon What You See Is What You Get5-27-09
Ch. Gazon What You See is What You Get8-25-09
Generation Afghans11-20-12
Group placing Can/UKC Ch Generations Leaps To The Stars9-13-11 
Genesis  7-18-06
A Tribute to Chance,Tanner, Michael, Ice and Brady6-14-11
Am-Can Ch Genesis Ambelike Black Ice10-17-08
Am-Can Ch Genesis Ambelike River Dance10-17-08
Genesis Giselle8-1-13
CH Genesis Its All About Me JC9-10-09
Ch. Genesis I Wanna Talk About Me3-18-08
Ch. Genesis I Wanna Talk About Me3-26-08
Ch. Genesis I Wanna Talk About Me5-31-11
Top Producing CH. Genesis Legacy of Ambelike
SBIS CH. Genesis Silverado7-11-08
Ch. Genesis Silverado1-1-09
BIS Ch Genesis Silverado2-17-09
SBIS, BIS Ch. Genesis Silverado5-25-09
SBIS, BIS Ch Genesis Silverado6-30-09
SBIS, BIS Ch Genesis Silverado8-1-09
MBIS,MBISS Ch Genesis Silverado10-29-09
MBIS, MBISS Ch Genesis Silverado12-15-09
Multiple BIS/BISSCh. Genesis Silverado2-9-10
MBIS MBISS CH Genesis Silverado9-1-10
G.CH Genesis Silverado1-15-15
Genesis Wicked2-13-13
Gengala Just Like That7-3-06
Int Nord, Dk Ch NW-01, KbhW-04 Gengala Just Like That4-13-07
Australian Grand CH Gengala Super Trooper (A.I.)12-1-09
Australian Champion Gengala Supervisor4-30-08
Kennel Gilthoniel9-4-13
Norw, Swed, Dan Ch Gilthoniel’s Pilgrim of Avalon2-11-16
Gipsy Reg'd1-29-10
Gipsy Reg'd4-18-10
*G I P S Y* Reg'd12-10-10
Gipsy Reg'd2-16-11
New CH Gipsy Black Frost4-9-07
Multi-Group Winning Ch. Gipsy Bolero1-20-09
Gipsy - Hindara Afghans5-24-06
Gipsy Ice Blue Jeans1-12-07
Ch Gipsy Ice Blue Jeans6-13-08
Multi Grp winning CH Gipsy Ice Blue Jeans7-6-10
Age Gjetnes,Afghans true to type since 19839-14-10
Multi BOB Winning Glacialus Montis of Rampura6-9-11
Glitnir’s Afghans8-14-12
Golddragon Kennel - Spain2-6-06
Golddragon Kennel1-26-07 
Golddragon Balelatina Hot Art4-25-11
Golddragon Balelatina Hot Art5-8-11
Am GCh Golddragon Balelatina Hot Art3-12-12
CH. Golddragon Bloody Mary12-1-15 
Golddragon Shylo Resurrection3-12-12
Ch. Golddragon Resurrection9-19-12
New Champion Golddragon Shylo Spanish Lullaby3-11-16
Golddragon Striptease Go'Go4-7-09
Golddragon Striptease Go'Go6-25-09
Golddragon Striptease Go’Go8-18-09
American and GibraltarCH Golddragon Striptease Go‘Go9-9-09
Ch Golddragon Striptease Go'Go2-23-10
Golden Hill Afghans10-11-12
Golden Hill Afghans11-30-12
the Golden Hill's Girls!1-27-14
Golden Hill’s Yazhi3-27-13
Goldmine Kennels8-27-10
Goldmine's Queen Latifah and
Goldmine's Silver Mercades12-31-12 
Gold'N Copper Afghans2-14-13
Can Ch Gold'NCopper Hot Gwich'in Illusion7-8-08
Multi CH Gold'N Copper Peace N
Harmony and Multi CH Oprah Gandamak7-31-13
Multi CH, Multi BOB and BOG winner, BIS placements Gold’N Copper Stay’T Night8-27-12
SBIS Norw Swed CH Gold’N Copper Straight From MyHeart4-16-09
Gran Pamir6-8-08
Gaston Lagaffe Del Gran Pamir(Imp. Italy)10-1-14
Am Champion Gaston LaGaffe del Gran Pamir3-14-17
Scarlett O’Hara Del Gran Pamir3-14-17
Greenbriar's Painted Warrior12-2-07
Greenbriar's Painted Warrior12-2-09
From:Gwich'in Afghans12-17-06
Gwich'in Afghans8-7-07
Gwich'in Puppies!4-1-08
From: Gwich'in Afghan Hounds12-30-07
Gwich'in Afghans
Gwich'in Soaring Eagle, GoldNCopper Hot Gwich'in Illusion2-28-07
Gwich'in Afghan Hounds8-8-08
Gwich'in Afghan Hounds8-27-08
Gwich'in Afghans10-22-09
Gwich'in Afghans6-16-11
Gwich'in Afghans7-11-11
Gwich'in Afghans7-2-15 
Gwich'in and Citywind4-28-12
Can Ch. Gwich'in Candyland7-24-07
Gwich'in Charade10-12-05
CAN. CH. Gwich'In Charade5-29-08
AmCan. CH. Gwich'in Charade10-19-09
Am/CAN CH. Gwich’In Dodge City Kid6-15-12
Ch Gwich'in Marco Polo2-28-07
Am. Can. Ch. Gwich'in Marco Polo6-25-15 
Gwich'in One Roze Dokkum Prohphecy6-2-10
Am/Can Champion Gwich'in Peyton Touchdown1-23-07
Gwich'in Rockford Roze6-2-10
Am. Can. Ch. Gwich'in Soaring Eagle4-8-10
UKC Grand Ch., IABCA Intl. Ch. Gwich'in Suni Crimson Skies1-9-07
Ch. Gwich'in Suni Crimson Skies11-14-07
Multi Ch. Gwich'in Suni Crimson Skies2-10-09
GCH CH Gwich'inz Paparazzi Vizionz of Summerwindz1-22-14
RBIS Am GCh Can Gch Gwich'inz Paparazzi Vizionz of Summerwindz7-30-15


Haalim von der Chocly1-10-08
AM CH Hadara Kiss The Girls2-2-07
Happen'z Kennel6-25-09
Happen'z Kennel8-23-09
Happen'z Afghans5-9-12
From: Happen'z12-24-09
CH Har-lou's Gorgeous Jorge12-3-08
Ch. Har-lou's Gorgeous Jorge2-4-09
BIS, SBIS, Grand Ch Har-Lou's Gorgeous Jorge, CGC11-17-10
Hashirin Afghans6-19-07 
Hashirin Afghans2-19-10
Hashirin Afghans6-16-10
Hashirin's Cuor'Leone1-19-06
Hassan Afghans4-17-12
Hassan’s Rock Steady4-13-11
UKC CH Hawklord's Inherit The Wind3-19-08
Helector's Afghan Hounds1-8-11
Kennel Helector's4-10-11
Herr Afghan Hounds5-5-09
CH Herr Emma5-6-10
Herr Pride And Prejudice A'Mirla7-12-11
Hienohelman Menuhin12-7-09
Hienohelman Zaromy12-7-09
Hienohelman Zenzero12-7-09
Afghans of High Kaliber10-6-06
Afghan Hounds of High Kaliber 7-10-16
The Afghans of High Kaliber Introduces
Gabriels Dare To Dream, J.C.2-9-12
High Kaliber Khyte Runner JC9-21-07
High Kalibers Marked Chivalry4-19-07
High Kaliber's Marked Chivalry6-4-07
Near American Champion High Kaliber's Marked Chivalry8-6-07
Multiple Best of Breed Winning, New American/New Canadian Champion
High Kaliber’s Marked Chivalry10-4-07
Multiple Best of Breed Winning,
Am Can Ch High Kaliber's Marked Chivalry11-28-07
Multi BOB Winning Am Can Ch High Kaliber's Marked Chivalry1-31-08
Multi BOB Winning Am  Can Ch High Kaliber's Marked Chivalry3-31-08
Am Can CH High Kaliber's Marked Chivalry, JC6-26-08
Group Placing,Multiple BOB Winning AM-CAN
CH High Kaliber's Marked Chivalry, JC9-20-08
Am/Can CH High Kaliber's Marked Chivalry, JC1-20-09
SBIS Am/Can CH High Kaliber’s Marked Chivalry,JC4-29-09
MSBIS/Multi Grp PlacingAm,Can Ch High Kaliber's Marked Chivalry, JC7-2-09
MSBIS/Grp Winning,Multi Grp Placing Am,Can Ch
High Kaliber's Marked Chivalry, JC9-11-09
MBISS,Multi Specialty AOM, Can Nat’l Specialty AOM,
Group Winning American Canadian Ch
High Kaliber’s Marked Chivalry, JC6-17-10
MBISS,MSAOM,Group Winning Am GCh, Can
Ch High Kaliber's Marked Chivalry, JC3-31-11
High Kaliber's Rudy V at Lyrix5-9-07
Multiple Breed  Group Placing
Ch. Hi Plains Cherokee J.C.11-24-07
Hillsbury Afghans9-21-08
From: Hillsbury and Sikandar Afghans12-31-06
From: Hillsbury/Sikandar12-24-11
Hillsbury - Sikandar11-27-07
Hillsbury and Sikandar12-27-12
Ch. Up To Date de Hillsbury2-13-06
Hillside Afghans2-27-08
Hillside Afghans7-9-09
Hillsbury Afghans9-7-10
Ch. Hillside Alize Liquid Groove9-27-06
CH Hillside Dubbonet2-16-07
Hillside Godfather of Soul11-25-08
Am Can. Ch. Hindara Oriental Poppy11-7-08
Hillside Get Up Offa That Thing8-5-08
Happy New Year from "Amirah", "Gavin", Nicole and  Shawn Hollinger1-3-07
Honeydark and Way Up Victory Litter3-5-13
Horizon Prime Time, JC, FCh6-11-06
from: Hot Beach12-23-13
CH. Hot Beach Hallelujah, F.CH.7-21-15 
Hot Beach Man In The Moon5-30-08
Ch Hot Beach Man In The Moon8-10-09
CH. Hot Beach Man In The Moon7-7-15
House of Dion  4-5-06
House of Taitan Presents...10-24-14
Howk Le Hardy Du Troisieme Jour4-30-13
Howk Le Hardy Du Troisieme Jour7-30-13
Howk Le Hardy Du Troisieme Jour12-2-13
Howk Le Hardy Du Troisieme Jour 3-4-14
Howk Le Hardy Du Troisieme Jour9-4-14
Howk Le Hardy Du Troisieme Jour plus Le Troisieme Jour7-6-15
Howk Le Hardy Du Troisieme Jour9-15-15
Hubblebub Hounds9-9-07
I Inditu Chahcheran4-1-07
Group Winning, SBOB,International, Finnish, Danish, Russian and
Estonian Ch, Nordic Junior Winner-05 Ingenue Inez De La F.5-28-09
Multi Group Winning,SBOB,International, Finnish, Danish, Russian
and Estonian Ch, Nordic Junior Winner-05Ingenue Inez De La F9-25-09
Mult.Group Winning, SBOB, Int and Mult.CH, Nord Jr Winner-05 and Nord Winner 2009
Ingenue Inez De La F.2-24-10
INT, FIN, DK, EST, BLR CH Ingenue Izabella S11-12-08
Ch Ingenue Kabul, JC5-23-06
Ingenue Sebaztian7-14-09
Fin Ch Xciting Sinner Or Saint
X Ingenue Kournikova1-12-09
Multi BIS, SBIS Multi Champion Ingenue Sebaztion7-16-07
Ingyzamo Afghans7-29-08
Ingyzamo Afghans9-9-08
CH Ingyzamo's Divine MsM of Bybur4-8-07
Ingyzamo's Im Going To Make You Love Me7-29-08
Ingyzamo's Love Iz In The Air6-20-09
Ingyzamo's Love Iz In The Air3-4-10
Ch Ingyzamo Spirit Of Lakewood6-20-09
Inisfree - Magic6-5-07
Inisfree and Sirae'6-19-12
Inisfree and Sirae'7-29-12
Inisfree and Sirae'8-20-12 
Inisfree and Sirae'9-28-12
Inisfree and Sirae'7-2-13
Inisfree and Sirae'8-2-13
Inisfree and Sirae'10-14-13
Ch Inisfree's Majic at the Copa1-4-10
Inisfree's Renaissance Majic7-16-09
Inisfree's Renaissance Majic8-6-10
CH Inisfree's Renaissance Majic JC3-1-12
Ch Inisfree's Spring Breeze5-31-11
Ch Inisfree's Superior Majic
and Ch Inisfree's Majic Dominator1-4-10
From: Ixion12-23-11
J Ch. Jabir's Havana Nights JC8-19-08
Ch. Jabir Midnight Satin8-19-08
Ch. Jabir Night Fever8-19-08
Ch. Jabir’s Southern Nights8-19-08
Multi Group PlacingCH Jabir Southern Night, SC12-11-09
Multi Group PlacingCH Jabir Southern Night, SC12-18-09
Multi Group PlacingCH. Jabir Southern Night, SC2-23-10
Multi Group PlacingCH. Jabir Southern Night, SC6-29-10
Multi BIS Can Ch Jagars's Lord Sinan Pasha3-13-12 
Jahadi Afghans2-27-09
Jahera Afghan Hounds3-10-09
Nightwind and Jahera Afghan Hounds7-22-09
Nightwind and Jahera10-9-09
SBIS,Such, Finuch,SLCch Jagannatha's Yggdrasil7-19-07
Jakar Afghan Hounds4-7-09
Jakar Afghan Hounds1-5-10
Jakar Afghans9-15-11 
Jakar Afghan Hounds10-18-11 
CH Jakar Advice for the Modern Girl2-7-12
Jakar An Affair Most Wicked3-19-12
Group Winning, Multi Group Placing Am,
Can CH Jakar An Affair Most Wicked7-7-12
SBIS GCH Jakar An Affair Most Wicked9-7-12
MSBIS Am/CanGCH Jakar An Affair Most Wicked11-4-12
AM/CAN GCH Jakar An Affair Most Wicked5-14-13
Jakar Shekinah Sage Advice1-8-09
Jakar, Shekinah and Windsong6-20-08
Jakar Vera Wang1-26-09
Jakar Vera Wang5-20-09
Jakar Vera Wang7-7-09
Jakar Winsong Nothin But Net3-28-08
Jakar Winsong Elevate Your Game3-28-08
CH Jakar Winsong Elevate Your Game10-27-08
Multiple BISCh Jakar Winsong Elevate Your Game6-2-09
Jakar, Winsong and Kjavu6-24-07
Jamocha Sanre' A Little Mystique11-2-09
Jamocha Sanre' A Little Mystique12-29-09
Jamocha Sanre A Little Mystique1-6-10
Ch Jamocha Sanre A Little Mystique2-27-12
Jangel's Art Attack6-10-08
Jangel's Just A Gigolo at Jahera8-20-08
Jangel's Just Got The Look7-23-08
Best In Show CH Jangel's Life 'N Style10-12-15
BIS CH Jangel’s Life ‘N Style 1-13-16
Group Winner, BIS placing, Int (FCI), Am, 
Can, Can GRAND,Swed, Dan, Finn, Nord Ch.Jangel's Sound Of A Drum11-11-15
Jatabe Iheskari11-08-07
Javidan Afghans8-25-08
Javelin- B'Enchantress From Fart Stable12-3-08
Javelin- Ch B'Enchantress From Fart Stable7-28-09
Javelin- LaFara's Hearts Afire of Javelin9-8-09
Javelin-La Fara's Hearts Afire Of Javelin11-24-09
Javelin Presents-Ch. LaFaras Hearts Afire Of Javelin5-20-10
Javelin- Am.Can SBIS Ch. LaFara's Hearts Afire Of Javelin10-4-10
Javelin...Can Ch. Karakush Dimestore Diamond1-13-11
Jesmoz Afghans Of Mexico6-20-11
Jesmoz ? Mu?oz Afghan Hounds of Mexico11-13-13
Jhanzi T’Silver Aquaen2-4-14
Jhanzi T’Silver Aquaen4-29-14
Jhanzi T’Silver Aquaen10-17-14
Jimellree Afghan Hounds10-30-06
Jingles Afghan Hounds1-20-07 
Jingles Afghan Hounds2-26-07
Jingles Mohair6-8-06
Jingles Mohair, Ch Ingenue Kabul, JC, CGC,
and Boxadan Never Look Back9-17-06
Jingles Ready Steady Go12-17-07
Jingles Ready Steady Go2-6-08
Jingles Ready Steady Go4-3-08
Jingles Ready Steady Go7-3-08
Ch Jingles Ready Steady Go10-21-08
CH Jingles Ready Steady Go9-3-10
Jolie Afghans4-6-10
Jolie Afghans4-18-12
Multi CH. Agha Djari’s Revenge of Xenos3-2-09
The Gentlemen At Jolie10-24-09
New Champion Jolie Foreshadow2-19-15
Ch Jolie Haute Couture8-6-10
Jolie Justified8-13-13
Ch. Jolie Justified8-5-14
Group winning GrCH Jolie Justified5-1-15
Jolie Orion10-23-12
SBIS Ch. Jolie Orion1-21-13
MBISS GCH Jolie Orion8-6-13
Jolie Pagliaccio6-24-11
New CH Jolie Pagliaccio1-11-12
SBIS GRCH Jolie Pagliaccio8-1-13
BISS GrCh Jolie Pagliaccio JC and Jolie Justified10-10-13
Ch Jolie Paparazzi11-1-11 
SBIS GCh. Jolie Paparazzi1-21-13
Ch. Jolie Pisolino1-21-13
Patricia Jones3-21-10
Jorogz' Reg.12-26-06
Jorogz' Reg.11-2-06
Jorogz' Reg.11-02-07
Jorogz' Reg.11-3-08
Jorogz' Reg11-1-10
Jorogz' Reg.11-2-11 
JOROGZ' REG.2-1-11 
Jorogz' Reg.3-9-11
From: Jorogz'12-20-08
CH Jorogz' Aurora10-31-15 
CH Jorogz' Baby Powder3-31-15
Jorogz' Cajun Moon10-28-13
CH Jorogz' Cajun Moon FCh5-7-15
Ch Jorogz' Cajun Moon, FCh3-1-16
Jorogz’ Champagne Party6-19-13
Jorogz' Champagne Party12-19-14
Jorogz' Champagne Party4-16-15
CH Jorogz' Champagne Party5-17-15
CH Jorogz' Code Red5-6-14
CH Jorogz' Dancing In The Moonlight7-29-12
CH Jorogz' December Moon7-20-12
CH. Jorogz' Dolce and Gabbana9-19-14
CH Jorogz' Party Crasher4-3-15
Jorogz' Domino Partygirl12-31-08
Jorogz' Domino Party Girl4-22-09
CH Jorogz' Domino Party Girl9-10-09
Jorogz' Domino Partyprincess and
Jorogz' Domino N'Disguise8-3-09
SBIS GCH Jorogz' Domino Xana5-6-14
CH Jorogz' Elsto Khariz-Za9-24-10
CH Jorogz' Ember Blue12-23-14
Ch. Jorogz' Expressway To Your Heart1-3-08
Jorogz' Galactica11-9-15 
CH Jorogz' Galaxy Defender7-20-15 
GCH Jorogz' Galaxy Defender4-11-17
CH Jorogz' Girl In The Red Dress5-6-14
Ch Jorogz' Havana6-3-10
Jorogz' Havana Dream9-30-13
Am Ch Jorogz' Havana Dream4-26-14
Ch. Jorogz' Heartbreaker
Ch Jorogz' Heartbreaker
Ch Jorogz' Here For The Party1-1-15
Champion Jorogz' Hold On To My Heart5-12-11
CH Jorogz'  Ivana10-28-13
CH Jorogz' Man In The Moon7-24-12
Ch Jorogz' Moonbeam JC2-21-13
CH Jorogz' Party Crasher12-19-14
CH Jorogz' Playing in the Moonlight6-29-09
CH Jorogz' Playing in the Moonlight9-10-09
CH. Jorogz' Savana10-28-13
CH Jorogz' Sweet Baby James1-5-10
BIS CH Jorogz' Sweet Baby James4-20-10
Champion Jorogz' Sweet Cheeks10-5-12
Ch. Jorogz' Sweet Cheeks
Int. Am. Ch. Jorogz' Tantharra
Champion Jorogz' Tantharra12-4-09
CH Jorogz' Tantharra1-13-17
Jorogz' The Dream Continues12-8-10
New Champion Jorogz' The Dream Continues, JC12-9-11
Happy Holidays from Journey Afghan Hounds12-21-15
Journey Apache Nation1-22-13
Journey Apache Nation2-1-14
Ch. Journey Apache Nation2-13-15
From: Jovan Afghans12-23-11
SBIS GCH. Jovan Acceleration8-21-12
SBIS Ch Jovan's Cruise Control8-13-09
SBIS Champion JoVan's Cruise Control9-22-09
Ch Jovan Fast Forward8-26-09
Ch JoVan Stingray8-29-09
CH. Jovan Street Legal7-9-14
Jovan Ricmar Strut N’Sensation3-19-09
Jovan Timeless8-13-09
CH. Jovan Zinger7-18-12
Jsan Afghans12-23-07
Jubilans Cayetan SC11-26-07
Jubilan's Cayetan, SC1-3-08
Jubilan's Fairy Moss5-15-06
Ch Jubilan's Fairy Moss7-11-06
Am and Int Ch Jubilan's Raindance7-14-13
Ch Jubilan's Sea Salt5-1-07
FC Jubilan-Tzaneen Warlord SC12-17-08
FC Jubilan-Tzaneen Warlord MC4-23-09
FC Jubilans Tzaneen Warlord MC9-24-09
FC Jubilan-Tzaneen Warlord MC LCX5-7-12
FC Jubilan-Tzaneen Warlord MC, LXC4-4-14
K Am.Can Ch. Kabik`s The Mandate3-10-08
Kahara's Magic Moment Of Raffica7-15-07
Kaimar-Taza Hot Beach Echo Of Persia1-10-08
Champion Kaimar’s I Saw You First1-21-10
SBIS Ch. Kaimar’s Nothin But The Truth
and Kaimar-Taza Nothin But Rumor7-18-06
Have You Heard the Rumor?7-30-07
SBIS, Hound Group BIS winning
Ch. Kaimar’s Nothin But The Truth8-15-06
Multi SBIS, All Hound BIS, Am/Can
CH Kaimar's Nothin But The Truth6-26-08
Am/Can Champion
Kaimar's Nothin But The Truth8-19-08
Multi SBIS Am. Can. CH.Kaimar's Nothin But The Truth5-12-15
Kaimar Playin For Keeps9-28-07
Kaimar Playin For Keeps5-9-09
Kaimar Playin For Keeps3-1-10
Kaimar Playin' For Keeps3-10-10
Ch. Kaimar Playin For Keeps9-7-10
Grand Ch Kaimar Playin For Keeps12-19-10
New Ch Kaimar Taza Hot Beach Echo Of Persia8-10-09
CH Kaimar Taza Nothin But Rumor7-8-09
Kaimar Taza SandTastic Of Persia9-7-10
Kaimar Taza SandTastic of Persia11-4-10
Kalani, Lafara, and Summerwinds9-30-15 
Kamali'i O Kalani4-9-16
Kalani presents....Am Gr Ch Tahkira Salinger SC2-25-11
Kalani Eclipse of the Son1-12-15
Am Gch Can Ch Kalani Kaikamahine Me Kaleo1-31-17
Kalani Mollydooker7-7-10
Ch. Kalani Mollydooker1-6-11
Kalaztra UK2-24-14
Darjeeling and Kalaztra Afghan Hounds8-13-15 
Kalutara Afghans3-9-15
SBIS Ch Kalutara Cashmere Mafia11-25-09
Ch Kalutara Cashmere Mafia3-22-10
SBIS Ch Kalutara Cashmere Mafia10-27-11 
Ch Kalutara Cashmere Mafia and Kalutara Lock Stock n Barrel4-4-11
Kameron Dragonfly's Chain Reaction9-21-11 
GCH Kameron Dragonfly's Chain Reaction6-19-12
Dual Champion Kameron Renegade Navajo Son,SC, LCM2, CGC, TT2-13-06
DC Kameron Renegade Navajo Son,SC,LCM2,CGC,TT9-10-09
Kamy Afghan3-25-15
Kamy, O.Honesty and Fancy Floral Afghans5-4-15 
Fancy Floral and Kamy Afghans8-7-15
CH Kamy Heir to Poseidon of Spice Hill6-15-11
Ch. Kamy Heir to Poseidon of Spice Hill9-6-11 
GCh. Kamy Heir to Poseidon of Spice Hill5-2-12
Multiple Group Winning Am Grand Ch, SBIS Can Ch
Kamy Heir To Poseidon of Spice Hill11-12-13
Ch. Kamy Queen of Fancyfloral12-18-14
CH. Kamy Rhod of Mountain Top One6-21-11
Multi Group Winning Am GCH Kamy to Poseidon of Spice Hill11-13-12
Kanawha's Lady DeWinter of Bybur 5-5-16
Karakush Congratulates...3-16-10
Karakush Banjo Blues3-25-07
New Aust Ch Karakush Beleive It or Not6-25-08
Ch. Karakush Black Gold Texas Tea3-18-14
Ch. Karakush Black Gold Texas Tea2-5-15
Aust Ch Karakush Chantily Cream6-25-08
CH. Karakush Cruella Deville10-9-12
Ch Karakush Defying Gravity6-21-06
NSBIS/SBIS CH Karakush Defying Gravity3-25-07
Australian Supreme CH Karakush Elly May Clampett5-21-15
Introducing Karakush Eyegasmic7-15-05
Ch Karakush Gorgeous George5-3-11
Karakush Hot Tamale at Eyes Gazing1-17-07
Am, Can, Aust. Grand
CH BIS/SBIS Karakush In Champagne3-25-07
Am Can Aust Grand Ch Karakush In Champagne4-23-07
Am Can Aust Grand Ch Karakush In Champagne10-30-07
Karakush Inside And Out9-4-06
Karakush Kattitude2-15-10
Karakush Kattitude3-16-10
NSBIS Aust Ch Karakush Kattitude5-22-12
NSBIS Aust Ch Karakush Kattitude5-31-12
Karakush Katz Whiskers10-19-09
Ch Karakush Lyle Lovett2-24-11
Karakush Regardless3-25-07
Aust Ch. Karakush Storm in a D Cup3-12-12
Aust Am Ch. Karakush Storm in a D Cup9-19-12
Am GCH, Aust CH. Karakush Storm in a D-Cup4-17-13
Am GCH, Aust CH. Karakush Storm in a D-Cup1-28-14
Multiple Group Winning UKC Ch., IABCA Ja.a. Intl. Natl. Ch.
Karakush Suni Side Up5-30-06
Aust Ch Karakush Takin the High Road2-28-11
Karakush The Meow Factor5-3-11
BIS Ch Karakush The Meow Factor3-21-12
SBIS, BIS Aust Ch Karakush The Meow Factor5-22-12
Karakush Tonka Tough3-25-07
Aust Ch Karakush Tonka Tough11-30-07
Ch Karakush Tonka Tough6-30-09
Karakush U Turn2-15-10
Karakush U Turn3-16-10
Aust. Ch. Karakush Where It Counts3-7-06
CH Karakush Where It Counts3-25-07
Karakush Women R From Venus3-25-07
Australian Champion Karakush Women R From Venus9-17-07
Karnak Guthrie for Charikar CGN5-30-14
Kasban Afghans2-2-06
Kasban Afghans  4-24-06
Kasban Afghans12-28-06
Kasban Afghans8-18-07
Kasban Afghans12-8-11
Kasban and Riverview Afghans9-21-10
Kasban American Idol2-2-06
Ch. Kasban American Idol8-30-06
Ch Kasban American Idol8-3-10
Ch. Kasban Bewitching Breeze8-30-06
Kasban Cat Walk6-24-08
Kasban Cat Walk2-15-09
Kasban Champagne Dreams6-22-12
Kasban Copacabana6-24-08
Kasban Creme Brule’7-25-07
Kasban Creme Brule'10-30-07
Danielle and Brie!7-3-10
Kasban Elan The Fifth Element7-2-07
Kasban Envy Me12-22-12 
Kasban Lotus Elise6-13-09
Ch Kasban Lotus Elise8-3-10
Kasban Mc Dreamy Of Riverview8-5-10
CH Kasban Rave Review of Riverview7-24-13
Spirit Ridge Presents...CH Kasban Remember Me 6-27-16
Kasban Seventh Moon2-2-06
Ch. Kasban Seventh Moon8-30-06
Ch. Kasban Sura Bell Bottom Blues9-19-13
AKC/UKC Ch Kasban’s Sura Bell Bottom Blues7-2-14
Kasban Sura Spring Fling4-14-10
Ch Kasban Sura Spring Fling7-27-10
GRCH Kasban Sura Spring Fling8-9-11
Kasban Wildest Dreams12-22-12 
New CH Kasban Witches Britches5-13-10
Ch Kashara Jori-C-Shell9-15-08
Wind Against Uphill Runner Of Kashgar3-26-09
KaVrab Afghan Hounds2-16-06
KaVrab Afghans Presents6-5-11
KaVrab Rising Star Of Golden Hill, JC6-17-09
KaVrab Rising Star of Golden Hill, JC1-21-10
KaVrab Rising Star of Golden Hill10-1-10
KaVrab Rising Star Of Golden Hill, JC3-14-11
KaVrab Rising Star Of Golden Hill, JC7-21-11
Near Champion KaVrab Rising Star of Golden Hill, JC11-21-11
New Champion KaVrab Rising Star Of Golden Hill, JC4-4-12
New Champion! KaVrab Rising Star of Golden Hill, JC7-26-12
Ch KaVrab Rising Star of Golden Hill, JC3-2-15
KaVrabs Steel Dreams, JC10-3-12
Keymah Afghans-Nine Champions in One Litter!9-12-14
Keymah Black Fury Vib-Orado Vixen6-14-11
Keymah Dardevle Dazl Eyes11-23-10
New CH Keymah Dardevle Dazl Eyes6-14-12
CH Keymah Hot Lips Hot N' Tot3-10-11
New CH Keymah Madflash Gitzit Moon Talker6-14-12
Am/Can Ch. Keymah Shada-Licious Flash Queen8-22-13
New Junior Champion Keymah Silent Stalker Of Nightwind6-14-11
Keymah Spin Daddy Clackin' Rap3-10-11
Keymah Yum Money Pot' O Gold3-10-11
New Ch Keymah Yum Money Pot 'O Gold6-14-11
Keywest Afghans6-3-09
Keywest Afghans8-28-09
Keywest Smiling Assassin9-21-10
SBIS CH Keywest Smiling Assassin4-24-14
Multi group and BIS winner Aust CH Keywest Smiling Assassin4-11-15
Khafka Afghans12-20-06
Khafka's Afghan Hounds 11-16-06
Khafka Afghan Hounds7-3-08
Khafka's I Believe In You5-8-09
Kennel Khailas10-11-14
Kennel Khailas10-11-14
Khamsin Afghans4-24-08
Khamsin Afghans5-29-08
Khandhu Afghans7-22-08
Aust Grand Ch Am Ch Khandhu Amore Amalfi4-25-06
Australian Grand Ch. American Ch. Khandhu Amore Amalfi11-10-06
Aust. Grand Ch.Am Ch. Khandhu Amore Amalfi12-1-08
Aust GR AM CH Khandhu Amore Amalfi 
and Khandhu Ratta Tat Tat5-25-10
Multi BISS Ch. Khandhu Chiama Naomi
and Multi RUBISS Ch. Khandhu Va Bene12-1-08
Aust. Ch Khandhu Chiama Naomi5-25-10
Aust Ch Khandhu Got The Look7-8-08
Aust. Ch. Khandhu Got The Look12-1-08
Aust CH Khandhu Got The Look4-27-09
Aust Ch Khandhu Got The Look6-26-09
Aust. Grand Ch. Khandhu Got The Look1-19-10
Aust Grand CH Khandhu Got The Look6-27-10
Aust Grand Ch Khandhu Got The Look5-17-11
Aust. Grand Ch. Khandhu Got The Look11-18-11
Aust Grand Ch Khandhu Got The Look3-16-12
Aust Grand CH. Khandhu Got The Look5-19-12
Supreme Grand CH Khandhu Got The Look8-9-12
Khandhu Hoi Polloi6-14-06
Am Ch. Khandhu Hoi Polloi9-13-06
Khandhu O So Dapper5-22-12
Khandhu O So Dapper10-18-12
From: Khandhu O So Dapper12-8-12 
American and Canadian CH Khandhu O So Dapper11-20-13
Am Cdn CH Khandhu O So Dapper12-24-13
CND/AM GrCH Khandhu O So Dapper CGN12-23-14
Ch Khandhu OH So Posh3-20-08
Aust Grand Ch Khandhu Oh So Posh5-17-11
Aust Grand Ch Khandhu Oh So Posh3-16-12
Aust Grand CH. Khandhu Oh So Posh5-19-12
Khandhu Olympia9-6-06
American,Canadian, Mexican, Panam, FCI
CH Khandhu Olympia12-6-08
Multi CH Khandhu Olympia4-5-09
Am, Can, Mex,Pan Am, FCI Ch Khandhu Olympia, JC8-17-09
Multiple Ch Khandhu Olympia10-21-09
Australian Sp BIS American Ch Khandhu Pagliache5-2-06
Khandhu Quidditch Of Xenos10-1-07
Khandhu Ratta Tat Tat6-27-10
Khandhu Ratta Tat Tat5-17-11
Aust. Ch. Khandhu Ratta Tat Tat11-18-11
Aust Ch Khandhu Ratta Tat Tat3-16-12
Aust CH. Khandhu Ratta Tat Tat5-19-12
Australian CH. Khandhu Ratta Tat Tat7-16-12
Ch Khandhu Sandman of Sanallahs9-11-09
BIS CH. Khandhu Skeeta Rita5-16-07
BIS Ch. Khandhu Skeeta Rita12-21-07
Khandhu Vicelli's Only Private Eye5-14-12
From:Khariz Hounds12-20-06
Khariz and Elsto6-28-08
Khasbek Kennel1-7-11
Khasbek presents
MCH Polo's Black Cinder At Andros9-2-09
Ch. Khasbek Fantasize On Me10-8-12
Khasbek First Snow5-23-11
Kho I Noor Kennel8-12-08
Kho I Noor Kennel9-12-08
Kho I Noor Kennel12-11-08
Kho I Noor Kennel12-12-08
Kho I Noor Kennel12-31-08
Kho I Noor Kennel8-30-10
From: Kho I Noor Kennel12-24-11
Kho I Noor Kennel -Litter H8-19-11
Al Manamah Kennel - Kho I noor Kennel7-11-10
Kho I Noor,Special Thanks to Kingsleah!12-20-08
Kho I Noor Kennel Presents..Kingsleah Elle9-18-08
Kho I Noor"Kouros Remembering You aka Remy"8-30-14
Kho I Noor Angel's Face7-24-09
Kho I Noor Baby Please Kiss Me1-26-09
Kho I Noor Baby Please Kiss Me5-30-09
MCH Kho I Noor Baby Please Kiss Me8-19-11
Kho I Noor Be My Blue Diamond Forever1-27-09
Ch Kingscourt My Heart's Desire8-10-09
Kennel Kingsleah12-1-08
Kennel Kingsleah2-1-09
Kennel Kingsleah4-20-10
Int Champion Kingsleah Blue Heart10-17-14 
Int. Ch Kingsleah Blue Heart1-6-15
Int Ch, MSBIS GCH Kingsleah Blue Heart5-15-15
MSBIS INT CH GCH Kingsleah Blue Heart2-25-16
AKC GCH CH Kingsleah Fire Queen9-21-13
Can. Ch. Kingsleah Kalliope4-12-12
CONGRATULATIONS CH Kingsleah Million Dollar Baby12-22-13
Kingsleah My Oh My5-30-13
Kingsleah T' Charmer3-23-11
Kingsleah T' Charmer6-24-11
CH Kingsleah T' Charmer7-20-11
CH Kingsleah T'Charmer9-15-11 
GCh. Kingsleah T’ Charmer6-29-12
From:Kisma Kennels and Shenandoah Afghans12-21-10
Kjavu Afghans - Australia7-22-11
Kjavu Afghans, Australia12-14-12
Australian Ch Kjavu A Bit Of It3-3-06
SBIS Australian Ch Kjavu A Bit Of It5-22-06
Multi BIS - Multi
SBIS Aust Grand CH Kjavu A Bit Of It3-28-07
MBIS/MSBISAust Grand CH Kjavu A Bit Of It3-14-08
MBIS/SBISAust Grand CH Kjavu A Bit Of It6-15-09
Kjavu A Story To Tell9-15-15 
NSBIS Ch Kjavu Black Tie Affair5-7-12
Aust CH Kjavu Day Dream Believer6-15-09
BIS Australian Ch Kjavu Madison Avenue3-3-06
Australian BIS and AM CH Kjavu Madison Avenue6-27-06
SBIS/BIS Am, Aust Champion Kjavu Madison Avenue3-28-07
Multi BIS, SBIS Ch. Kjavu Scoobie Doo7-31-06
Klacic Introduces Wind Beneath My Wings Of Meadow Valley7-29-09
Klacic Afghan Hounds4-27-10
Klacic Afghans1-19-12 
Klacic and Rustic present...10-1-15 
Komar Afghans2-14-17
NEW AKC Grand Champion Dual CH Komar's Fire'N Ice SC11-4-16
DC Komar's Kiss'N Fire, MC9-10-12
Komar's Leila Sa'eeda Amirah8-6-07
Ch. Komar's Tallulah Ooh-La-La JC1-15-10
Komar's Tera'N 'Round1-5-07
Ch. Komar's Wild Violette Skye9-20-11 
GCH Komar's Wild Violette Skye5-3-12
GCh Komar's Wild Violette Skye7-9-12
Bronze Grand CH Komar's Wild Violette Skye4-16-13
Silver GCH Komar's Wild Violette Skye2-5-14
Ch.Pl.Ch.RUS,Polish Winner Champion of Champions
Serra Parecis Happy Go Lucky X Ch.Pl.Kometa Bursztynowe Domino3-5-07
Kominek Afghan Hounds4-21-11
Kominek Afghan Hounds8-11-11
Kominek Afghans12-27-12 
Kominek Afghan Hounds4-24-13
Kominek Afghan Hounds6-12-13
Kominek Afghans9-15-14
Ch Konpara Champagne Ice5-31-11
Ch Konpara Desert Rose5-27-08
SBIS BPISCh Konpara Vanilla Ice At Fleetwind5-31-11
Ch Kouros My Way6-21-11
MBIS Multi CH Kouros Vitaspericolata7-20-09
Multi BISMulti CH Kouros Vitaspericolata12-31-09
Kramatir and Silkwood8-11-10
Kryslaur Afghans9-25-07
Kryslaur's Blueprint of Winsong7-17-08
Ch Kryslaur El Shazaam Bluberi Swirl9-14-11 
Ch. Kryslaur's Just Jack6-28-05
Kryslaur's Just Jack, JC, TDI, CGC12-29-08
From: Kuhl Breeze12-4-12
Kuhl Breeze Aurora10-12-12
Kuhl Breeze Aurora4-23-14
Ch Kuhl Breeze Benediction9-6-10
Multi-Group Placing Bronze Grand Ch Khul Breeze Benediction8-11-11
Multi-Group Placing Bronze Grand Ch Khul Breeze Benediction9-5-11 
Silver Grand CH Kuhl Breeze Benediction9-1-12
Ch Kuhl Breeze Blood N Swash, SC, FCh5-10-10
Kuhl Breeze Designer Sock Monkey3-8-12
Grand Champion Kuhl Breeze Designer Sock Monkey2-1-13
Bronze GCH Kuhl Breeze Designer Sock Monkey10-17-14
Jr. Handler Lexi Kujawa10-8-14
L La Callas Of Bybur3-17-09
La Callas of Bybur6-22-09
Lafara’s Afghans3-29-10
Lafara’s Congratulates11-6-09
LaFara’s Afghans presents8-27-09
Lafara’s Wishes:Happy Valentines 3rd Birthday2-12-12 
SBIS CH.  Lafara’s Crazy In Love10-15-10
SBIS Ch Lafara's Crazy In Love2-9-11
Ch Lafara's Dream Lover7-14-10
SBIS Ch Lafara's Dream Lover2-9-11
Ch. Lafara's King of Hearts O Kalani JC7-7-10
Gr.Ch. Lafara’s King of Hearts O Kalani JC1-6-11
GCh Lafara’s King of Hearts O Kalani JC5-31-11
SBIS GCh Lafara's King of Hearts O Kalani JC9-8-11 
SBIS Ch. Xandali Dream Maker
x Ch. Shenandoah Milan of LaFara2-12-09
SBIS Ch. Xandali Dream Maker
x Ch. Shenandoah Milan of LaFara4-23-09
Lafara’s Rocking on the River4-28-16
Lafara's Rocking on the River9-6-16
CH Lafara's Rocking on the River10-14-16
Group winning SBIS GCH Lafara's Rocking on the River2-25-17
Landwehr Afghans2-28-06
Landwehr Wildfire1-6-06
New Champion Landwehr Wildfire7-26-06
Ch Landwehr Wildfire5-15-07
Ch Landwehr Wildfire7-11-07
Multiple Group Winning Ch Landwehr Wildfire ?
Ch Amares Rider in the Rain1-23-08
Multiple Group winning Ch Landwehr Wildfire11-5-09
Laser Lites USA12-22-07
News From Laser Lites International8-22-08
International Success1-31-09
Laser Lites congratulates America's #15-31-09
NEW Laser Lites America Distributor!11-29-12
From: Laser Lites International
and Khandhu Afghan Hounds12-18-15
Lazaan's Bewitched2-25-13
Ledgehill and Lafara's Afghans6-25-15
Introducing...Ledgehill Man Of My Dreams JC3-7-07
Ch Ledgehill Man of My Dreams JC7-2-07
Ch Ledgehill Man Of My Dreams JC12-17-07
Ch Ledgehill Man of My Dreams JC2-6-08
Ch Ledgehill Man Of My Dreams JC4-10-08
Ch Ledgehill Man Of My Dreams JC7-1-08
Ch Ledgehill Man Of My Dreams JC3-5-10
SBIS CH Ledgehill Man Of My Dreams, JC5-26-10
MSBIS CH Ledgehill Man Of My Dreams, JC8-26-10
SBIS CH Ledgehill Man Of My Dreams, JC9-13-10
Grand Champion,Multi SBIS, Multi Group Winning
CH Ledgehill Man Of My Dreams, JC1-14-11
Grand Champion,Multi SBIS, Multi Group Winning 
CH Ledgehill Man Of My Dreams, JC3-27-11
Grand Champion,Multi SBIS, Multi Group Winning 
CH Ledgehill Man Of My Dreams, JC4-6-11
MSBIS, Multi Group Winning
GCH Ledgehill Man Of My Dreams, JC9-20-11
Multiple Group Placing Champion
Ledgehill's Spenzhr of Sharrah1-5-11
Le Grand Paris Du Troisieme Jour 7-5-16
Le Troisieme Jour Afghan Hound3-12-08
From: Le Troisieme Jour12-14-11
Le Troisieme Jour9-10-12
Le Troisieme Jour Present12-28-12 
Le Troisieme Jour1-24-15
Le Troisieme Jour3-24-15
Le Troisieme Jour5-10-16
Le Troisieme Jour 7-19-16
Le Troisieme Jour Presents...
Ch UKC Lolita At Kattana du Troisieme Jour11-1-16
Howk Le Hardy Du Troisieme Jour4-30-13
Le Troisieme Jour Present Howk Le Hardy Du Troisieme6-10-13
Howk Le Hardy Du Troisieme Jour7-30-13
Howk Le Hardy Du Troisieme Jour 8-29-13
Howk Le Hardy Du Troisieme Jour11-25-14
Multi Ch Licorice Black Rhythm de Hillsbury4-13-05
Multi Champion Licorice Black Rhythm De Hillsbury10-23-07
Multi Ch Licorice Black Rhythm de Hillbury12-4-07
Aust. CH. Lijolba Raise Your Glass (AI)4-7-15
Llacue’s Aloof Abaco Red At D’Lende’s12-10-13
Llacue’s Aloof Abaco Red At D’Lende’s3-14-14
CH Llacue's Aloof Abaco Red At D'Lende's5-16-14
CH Llacue's Aloof Albaniz8-28-09
CH Llacue’s Aloof Aranjuez Asgard4-21-12
Llacue's Aloof Just Move On8-3-09
GCh. Llacue's Aloof Red Diamond6-17-13
Ch. Llacue's Mozart X
Ch Llacue's Madame Butterfly1-13-09
CH Llacue's Mozart's X CH Llacue's Madame Butterfly4-20-09
Multi Group WinningCh. Llacue's Mozart1-13-09
Llacue's Pasodoble SC, FCh2-9-06
CH Llacue's Special FX, SC, FCh1-1-0
MBIS UKC Gr. Ch., IABCA Intl. Ch., AKC Ch.
L'Rhel Suni Asia's Time Step, J.C.9-19-06
UKC Gr. Ch.,IABCA Natl.  Intl. Ch., AKC Ch.
L’Rhel Suni Asia’s Timestep, SC, CGC12-26-06
Multi Ch L'Rhel Suni Asia's Timestep5-2-07
DC L'Rhel Suni Asia's Time Step, SC,CGC9-4-07
Multi CH L'Rhel Suni Asia's Timestep7-21-09
MBIS, NSBIF, Multi Ch., DC.L’Rhel Suni Asia’s TimeStep MC, LCX, RA9-30-09
Multi Ch. L'Rhel Suni Asia's Timestep10-8-10
CH L'Rhel Suni Asia's Timestep CD, RA, LCX2, MC, CGC, TDI1-10-12
L’Rhel Time Flies12-26-06
L'Rhel Time For Astherah9-11-09
L'Rhel Time For As-Tzander9-5-09
L’Rhel Time Has Come Today JC, CGC12-26-06
L'Rhel Time Has Come Today JC8-29-09
LYRIX Afghans2-25-07
Lyrix Celebrates
AKC Ch. Lyrix-Cavu No Time to Kill5-30-08
Lyrix Escape Velocity4-5-09
Lyrix Hall of Flame
Lyrix Hall of Flame
Lyrix Hall of Flame
Lyrix Honkytonk In Concert8-28-07
Lyrix I Feel Lucky I Feel Cool7-16-08
Lyrix-Mystic Mynx
SBIS Lyrix-Mystic Legend
and Lyrix-Mystic Mynx
Lyrix Three Ring Circus
M Macara's Caliph of Elmo4-23-08
Ch. Macara’s Centerfold of Elmo1-13-07
Macara Heart of the Matter3-6-08
CH. Macara Uptown Girl12-30-06
Ch Macara Uptown Girl5-14-08
Season's Greetings from  Mahadi Afghans12-21-07
From: Mahadi Afghans12-19-08
From: Mahadi Afghans1-2-12
From: Mahadi Afghans12-17-12 
From: Mahadi Afghans12-23-12 
From: Mahadi12-23-13
From: Mahadi Afghans12-17-14
Mahadi Afghans6-10-14
From: Mahadi Afghans12-24-15
Ch Mahadi's Dom-Noir Exotica5-2-14
Canadian Ch Mahadi's Duchess of Abbey8-23-06
Can CH/Near AKC CH Mahadi's Duchess of Abbey9-26-06
CH Mahadi's Noir De Creme - ZoSo7-11-10
AKC, UKC, INT CH Mahadi's Noir De Creme Of ZoSo2-22-11
AKC, UKC and Int CHAMPION Mahadi's Noir De Creme' ZoSo6-25-12
AKC, UKC, INT CH Mahadi's Noir de Creme (ZoSo)7-11-14
SBIS Ch Mahadi's Pharoah Ramses9-17-08
Mahadi's She-Who-Laughs-Last ZoSo2-11-11
Mahadi's She-Who-Laughs-Last ZoSo1-30-12
Mahadi's She-Who-Laughs-Last ZoSo10-5-12
CH Mahadi's She-Who-Laughs-Last ZoSo3-18-13
Mahadi's The-Equinox-Domino of ZoSo-Prohphecy2-22-11
Mahadi's The-Equinox-PrincessZoSo-Prohphecy6-17-11
Mahadi's The-Domino-Princess of ZoSo8-5-11
Mahadi's The-Domino-Princess of ZoSo1-3-13
Ch Mahadi's The-Domino-Princess of ZoSo2-21-13

Mahali Afghans11-3-16
2 Mahali Males8-27-13
Mahali Afghans9-24-11 
Mahali Congratulates....7-31-09
Mahali-The Litter of Lark and Capri!5-3-16
A Tribute from Mahali5-31-11
Mahali and Windfall1-6-14
CH Mahali Arriva Meadowlark5-10-10
Ch Mahali Arriva Meadowlark8-10-10
MSBIS GrCh Mahali Arriva Meadowlark11-18-10
Multi SBIS Grand CH Mahali Arriva Meadowlark1-25-11
Multi SBIS GrandCH Mahali Arriva Meadowlark3-13-11
MSBIS, Group Winning GCH.Mahali Arriva Meadowlark4-19-11
GCH Mahali Arriva Meadowlark7-10-11
MSBIS, Group Winning GCH Mahali Arriva Meadowlark9-20-11 
MSBIS, Group Winning GCh. Mahali Arriva Meadowlark1-10-12
In memory of GCh Mahali Arriva Meadowlark10-16-12
Ch. Mahali Arriva Red Hawk8-20-10
Gr Ch Mahali Arriva Sandpiper2-9-11
MBIS, MSBIS,Can, Am Ch Mahali Arriva Sandpiper7-24-12
Multi BIS, Multi SBIS GCH Mahali Arriva Sandpiper1-8-13
MBIS, MSBIS, Can Ch, Am GrCh Mahali Arriva Sandpiper2-7-13
MBIS, MSBIS, Can CH.,Am Grand Champion Mahali Arriva Sandpiper5-29-13
MBIS Can Ch., MSBIS Am GCh. Mahali Arriva Sandpiper11-26-13
Ch Mahali Ensign11-9-10
Ch Mahali Ensign7-12-11
Ch. Mahali In Faded Denim1-15-08
new Champion Mahali In High Cotton10-16-07
SBIS CH Mahali In Paisley9-5-06
SBIS CH Mahali In Paisley2-7-08
SBIS Ch. Mahali Kendall Jackson5-31-11
CH Mahali Maja Morning Glory8-14-10
Mahali Rustic Front Paige News12-29-09
Mahali Rustic Front Paige News6-23-10
Mahali Rustic Front Paige News11-10-10
CH Mahali Rustic Front Paige News1-20-11
Mahali Rustic Front Paige News,Ch Rustic Title Paige of Spirit Ridge
and Rustic Mahali Center Paige11-15-10
Mahali Rustic It's My Party9-12-11
Mahali Rustic Ringmaster5-15-09
Mahali Rustic Ringmaster6-19-09
Ch Mahali Rustic Ringmaster3-24-10
SBIS Ch Mahali Rustic Ringmaster6-3-10
Group Winning SBIS GCH Mahali Rustic Ringmaster8-1-11
Gr. Winning SBIS GCH Mahali Rustic Ringmaster11-3-11 
Mult. group winning SBIS GCH CH Mahali Rustic Ringmaster12-12-11 winning SBIS GCH Mahali Rustic Ringmaster2-28-12
International CH BIS SBIS GCH Mahali Rustic Ringmaster7-18-14
 Int CH BIS SBIS GCH Mahali Rustic Ringmaster3-6-15
Ch. Mahali Windfall Rumour Has It At High Kaliber10-21-16
Mahali Rustic Star Spangled Banner8-23-08
CH Mahali Rustic Star Spangled Banner5-20-09
Ch. Mahali Sura Stars n Stripes8-25-09
new Champion Mahali Tallyranda10-16-07
Ch Mahali Tanganyika3-26-13
Ch Mahali Tuscarora 1-8-12
Ch Mahali Warwick In Plain Sight5-15-10
new Champion Mahali Warwick Let'Em Ride10-17-07
Mahali Warwick Miss Liberty8-23-08
Mahar Afghans10-7-07
Mahar Afghans11-22-07
Mahar Afghans1-5-08
Mahar Afghans2-28-08
Mahar Afghans4-16-08
Mahar Afghans12-11-09
Mahar Afghans10-4-12
Mahar Afghans12-12-12 
Mahar's Akiva Kha'Ri3-8-06 
Mahar's El-Hattel Of Mihdian3-21-07
Mahar's El-Hattel Of Mihdian4-4-07
Grand Champion Mahar’s Mahdia2-28-17
CH Mahar's Rafael Shirat11-7-13
CH Mahar's Rafael Shirat4-10-14
Mahar's Reza Of Mihdian10-19-06
BIE Mahar's Reza of Mihdian, JC5-30-07
Mahar Stormwaves of August Knights7-10-09
Mahar T'mojo Sanctus Real4-10-14
Mahar T'mojo Sanctus Real6-19-14
Mahar T'mojo Sanctus Real9-11-14
Marah-Yantra Little Big Man11-11-08
Mahar's Zihronot7-17-06
Ch Mahitika de Tchekana8-17-07
SBIS, BIS.Multi Champion Maidum Blue Tuareg12-17-08
Maidum Orizzonte di Cristallo7-24-07
Multi Ch Maidum Orizzonte di Cristallo5-21-10
Maja Kennels8-27-09
Maja Kennels10-10-15
Maja Moon Over Mumbai7-24-13
Maja-Playtime In The Snow!
Ch Mahali In Faded Denim and Ch Majic Suraj Hell On Heels2-25-07
Ch Maja Serenade Time For Me To Fly5-31-11
Hounds of Majenala3-30-08
Majenala Afghans4-27-08
Ch Majenala Ego Trip In Concert6-12-07
Majenala Live! In Concert5-29-07
Ch Majestic Solar Wind7-7-06
Majic Jakar Lexington Avenue10-18-07
MBIS, MSBIS, MNSBIS CH Elan Sebring The Matrix
X  CH Majic Suraj Hell On Heels7-10-07
Majic-Tifarah Opening Act
Am.  Can. Ch. Majic-Tifarah Opening Act
Am.  Can.Ch. Majic-Tifarah Opening Act
Am. Can. Ch. Majic-Tifarah Opening Act8-29-06
Am. Can. CH Majic-Tifarah Opening Act10-20-09
Ch Majic-Tifarah Opening Act4-16-10
Ch. Majic-Tifarah Opening Act8-23-11
Ch. Majic-Tifarah Opening Act2-24-12
Group WinningCh. Majic Whatever I Want9-25-09
Multiple Group Winning Ch. Majic Whatever I Want10-26-09
Ch. Majic Whatever I Want6-1-10
GCH Majic Whatever I Want6-16-10
Major Royal3-12-07
Marah-Yantra Little Big Man9-15-08
Maya Afghans7-16-09
Maya Afghans9-3-09
Maya Afghans2-1-10
Maya Afghans3-25-10
Maya Afghans8-4-10
Maya Afghans9-23-11 
AM CH Maya's Autumn Fantasy8-4-10
Maya Deloubelle Born to be Unique of Regime6-20-17
CH Maya's Mockingbird3-25-10
AM CH Maya's Mockingbird8-4-10
SBIS Multi Group Winning Silver
GCH Am/Can Ch Maya’s Mockingbird10-13-12
Am Ch Maya's Northern Lights7-16-09
Ch Maya's Northern Lights2-1-10
Ch Maya's Northern Lights2-16-10
Ch Maya's Northern Lights3-25-10
BIS Ch Maya's Northern Lights5-18-10
Multiple SBIS AM CH Maya's Northern Lights8-4-10
MSBIS GCH Maya's Northern Lights12-19-10
MSBIS GR CH Maya's Northern Lights2-11-11
FC Cleopatra of MaZshalna11-14-08
Dual Champion Cleopatra of MaZshalna Senior Courser11-13-09
Mazshalna's Outlaw Torn Taji11-11-08
Mazshalna's Outlaw Torn Taji 4-9-10
GCh Mazshalna's Outlaw Torn Taji10-22-12
SBIS Grand Champion Whatever Lola Wants of Meadow Valley2-8-11
Ch. Catch the Wind of Meadow Valley8-2-13
New  Champion Messenger’s Amarige D’ Amour1-24-06
Ch. Messenger's Amarige D'Amour3-23-06
SBIS Ch. Messenger's Amarige D'Amour5-22-06
SBIS Ch Messenger's Amarige D'Amore7-25-06
SBIS Ch. Messenger's Amarige D' Amour 9-15-06
Group Winning, SBIS, CH. Messenger's Amarige D' Amour11-28-06
Group Winning, SBIS,CH. Messenger's Amarige D' Amour12-12-06
Can Ch Messenger On The Go Fch CGN9-25-06
Can Ch Messenger on the Go Fch CGN11-20-06
Can Ch Messenger on the Go Fch, CGN12-13-07
Can Ch Near Am Ch Messenger On The Go Can FchX CGN6-11-13
Ch. Messenger's Patent Pending9-15-06
CH Messenger's Sugar Kisses12-29-12 
Mihdian Afghan's2-8-08
Mihdian Afghans7-25-08
Mihdian Afghans8-17-11
Mihdian Afghans3-28-12
Brazilian Ch Mihdian's Devil In Disguise3-28-12
Mihdian's Follow That Dream3-28-12
Mihdian's It's Now Or Never12-4-08
Mihdian's It's Now Or Never1-22-09
Ch Mihdian's It's Now Or Never3-24-09
Mihdian's Lonesome Cowboy3-28-12
Mihdian's Love Child7-1-08
Mihdian's Love Child8-15-08
GREAT BIG BIRTHDAY WISHES to the "Rock ? Roll Classic" kids
Mihdian's Love Child11-19-08
Mihdians Shifra of Mahar10-12-06
Mihdian's Shifra of Mahar11-13-08
Ch. Mihdian's Shifra Of Mahar1-27-09
Mihdian's Silence Is Golden7-2-08
Mihdian's Sugar Sugar1-7-10
Mihdian's Sugar Sugar8-17-11
Mihdian's To Sir With Love12-4-08
Mihdian Afghans - Painted Gold Farms4-10-6
Mihdian Afghans- Painted Gold Farms1-28-07
Painted Gold Farms-Mihdian Afghans1-8-08
Mijkelh Malabar of Kaihorn7-18-12
Group Placing Mijkelh Malabar of Kaihorn1-24-13
Group Placing "New" CH. Mijkelh Malabar of Kaihorn8-1-13
Mihdian Afghans6-7-07
Mirjawa Afghan Hounds12-30-09
From:Mocean Afghans12-20-10
Mocean Afghans8-10-12
Gail Anne Mofford7-16-14
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Mohair Afghan Hounds12-18-07
Monet Afghans Present...7-14-13
Multi Group-Placing CH. Moonlit Onyx Butterfly4-19-06
Moorflower's Live Forever7-5-08
Moorflower's Vento Di Primavera7-13-10
Moroki's Fabluelously Sweet8-2-11
Mountain View’s American Outlaw12-9-14
Mountain View’s American Outlaw9-27-15 
From:Mountain View Hounds12-20-06
From: Mountain View Hounds12-12-12 
Mountain View Hounds12-20-07
Baakara and Mountain View Present...6-25-13
Mountain Views White Gold10-31-11 
From: Mountain View Hounds12-12-11
From: Mountain View Hounds12-22-15
Mountain View Hounds12-31-13
Norw Ch Moving Ain't No Sunshine4-30-09
BIS/SBIS Multi CH Moving Drops of Venus6-11-09
Mozart Afghans6-24-09
Mozart Afghan Hounds3-3-14
Mozart Afghan Hounds3-26-14
Mozart and Llacue's Kennels Introduce9-13-09
Mozart's Llacue's Magic Flute9-1-09
Mozart's Llacue's Rock me Amadeus9-1-09
Mozart's Llacue's Rock Me Amadeus10-29-09
CH Mozart's Llacue's Rock me Amadeus10-20-14
My Barbie Girl8-29-11
Ch. MyKhan's Kolour Of Kohl12-15-05
Can Ch. MyKhan's Kolour of Kohl, CD, TT11-2-06
MyKhan's Kolour Konfetti10-18-06
MyKhan's Kolour Konfetti11-17-06
ChampionMyKhan's Kolour Konfetti4-3-07
Am. Can. Ch. MyKhan's Kruisin' In Kolour10-18-06
Can Ch Mylakhan's Anything But Ordinary5-31-11
Mystic Afghans  6-2-06
My Way says...2-15-08
MyWay Young At Heart Tristar SC, CDX, RE4-26-07
MyWay Young At Heart Tristar SC, CDX, RE11-10-07
MyWay Young At Heart Tristar SC, CDX, RE10-15-08
MyWay Young At Heart TristarSC, CDX, RE9-23-09
MyWay Young At Heart Tristar SC, CDX, RE12-3-09

N From:Lillie and Joose and their humans Mirja Voutilainen and Kari Peltonen12-23-06
Can/Am Ch Nalikar Twisted FateX Multi BIS, Multi SBIS AustGrand Ch Seistan's Heart T' Beat7-2-08
MBIS MSBIS MRBIS AM/CAN/CFC CH Nachtmusiks Spirit Warrior JC10-29-10
Navarra Afghans  7-5-06
Navarras Afghans8-24-11
Navarra Lord Of The Rings3-27-13
CH Nefertari Dancing The Angel Waltz10-15-08
Gayle J Nelson3-5-14
Gayle J Nelson3-5-14
Memories of Gayle Nelson 3-12-14
SBIS Champion NFX Night to Remember RN, CD9-2-08
From: Nanny E8-19-08
Nightwind - Jahera Afghan Hounds7-22-09
Nightwind and Jahera10-9-09
CH Nightwind O'Pourquoi Pas1-13-10
BISS Ch Nightwind O'Pourquoi Pas3-15-10
BISS Am/Can Ch Nightwind O'Pourquoi Pas6-14-10
BIS/BISSAm, Can Ch. Nightwind O'Pourquoi Pas9-16-10
BIS/BISSAm, Can Ch. Nightwind O'Pourquoi Pas9-21-10
BIS/BISS Am GCH,Can CH Nightwind O'Pourquoi Pas3-10-11
BIS/MBISS Am GCh/Can Ch Nightwind O’Pourquoi Pas6-14-11
BIS/MBISS Am Silver GCH Can CH Nightwind O'Pourquoi Pas1-20-12
BIS/MBISS Am Silver GCH Can CH Nightwind O'Pourquoi Pas1-20-12
Nightwind Quadira Jahera (imp)6-23-10
Nonsuch The Black Isis8-29-06
Ch. Nopera's Infiniti3-15-13
Nopera's Jaguar at Baja6-21-14
CH Nopera's Mercedes1-22-13
SBIS Ch Jovan Cruise Control X CH Nopera’s Mercedes5-31-14
O BISS Ch Oakhill Wish Upon A Star6-20-09
Obelisk Afghans1-31-12
Obelisk Spellbound At Mountain View7-13-12
CH Obiwan VinDela Smirnoff Twist6-1-07
Ch Obiwan Vindela Smirnoff Twist3-16-08
Obiwan Vindela Tequila8-15-06
Group Winning Only One Way My Way4-15-08
Am. Champion Oom Pa-Pa Chahcheran3-2-10
Oriana and Etrigan11-29-09
Ch Orion’s Crystal Illusion2-22-07
Oshanameh Tribute ONE5-31-11
Oshanameh Tribute TWO5-31-11
Ch Ambelike Genesis Ice Baby
and Oshanameh'sExotic Ice Queen5-31-11
Oshanameh's I Can Mambo5-31-11
Oshanameh's Gypsy Rose5-31-11
Ch Oudry Gandamak9-9-10
SBIS Multi CH Int CH Oudry Gandamak3-25-11
BIS SBIS Multi CH Oudry Gandamak2-23-12
The Ownbey Family12-28-09
P Padparadscha Afghan Hounds3-25-10
Kennel Padparadscha8-1-12
Kennel Padparadscha8-1-12
Padparadscha's Easy Running5-2-11
GCh. Padparadscha's Easy Running6-12-12
Line-Bred Pahlavi Puppies!!11-25-09
Pahlavi Ain’t No Other1-29-07
Multi-GroupWinning Ch. Pahlavi Blue On Blue2-27-06
Multi-Group Winning Ch. Pahlavi Blue On Blue 9-28-06
Multi-Group Winning Ch Pahlavi Blue On Blue11-22-06
CH Pahlavi Burlesque Show 12-4-06
CH Pahlavi Burlesque Show8-26-07
BISS Ch Nightwind O'Pourquoi Pas X
Am Can Ch Pahlavi Burlesque Show4-14-10
Pahlavi Itz My Turn!!12-14-11
Pahlavi Itz My Turn!!4-6-12
Pahlavi Itz My Turn!!6-13-12
CH Pahlavi Itz My Turn!!10-23-12
GCH Pahlavi Itz My Turn!!8-7-13
Multiple Group Winning
GCH Pahlavi It’z My Turn! 5-8-16
Pahlavi Itz Not My First Rodeo4-24-12
Pahlavi Itz Not My First Rodeo10-14-12
Pahlavi Itz Not My First Rodeo6-10-13
GCH Pahlavi It'z Not My First Rodeo1-30-14
SBIS  GCh Pahlavi  Itz  Not  My  First  Rodeo4-25-14
MSBIS GCh Pahlavi Itz Not My First Rodeo12-8-15 
MSBIS GCh Pahlavi Itz Not My First Rodeo2-2-16
MSBIS GCh Pahlavi Itz Not My First Rodeo4-24-16
MSBIS GCHS Pahlavi Itz Not My First Rodeo 6-7-16
MSBIS GCHS Pahlavi Itz Not My First Rodeo 7-5-16
GCHS Pahlavi Itz Not My First Rodeo11-10-16
CH Pahlavi Itz On !! At Menuel Galopin10-14-12
Pahlavi Marilyn Merlot2-5-15
New Champion Pahlavi Sundance Festival3-21-06
Ch. Pahlavi Sundance Festival, JC10-13-06
Am and  Can Ch. Pahlavi Sundance Festival, JC11-16-06
AM and CANCh. Pahlavi Sundance Festival, JC4-17-07
SBIS, Group WinningAm, Can Ch Pahlavi Sundance Festival JC6-26-07
Group Winning SBIS Am. Can.Ch. Pahlavi Sundance Festival, JC10-11-11 
Am Can CH Pahlavi Vaudeville Act12-4-06
AM. CAN. CH Pahlavi Vaudeville Act8-26-07
Ch Pahlavi Witch Doctor, JC6-6-09
Pahlavi-Zen Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing1-10-11
Paladin and Spice Hill2-7-16
Paladin, Spice Hill, Xandali and Beachbrook4-9-12
Ch. Paladin’s Black Gold3-13-09
Specialty Winning Ch. Pala-Triin's Summer Stock JC3-31-06
CH Pamelons Late Nite Of Cavu7-30-08
Ch. Panacea Light Heart10-7-08
Am. Can. Ch. Panacea Mylakhan Braveheart10-7-08
Kennel Papatazin and Xciting4-1-07
Papatazin Afghans4-2-08
Ch Paris Allure du Mont Isis at Konpara7-12-07
MSBIS Am/CanCh Persias Sandrift2-22-11
GCH Prohphecy N ZoSo's Gucci Pucci Rado9-26-12
Pices Golden Gambler9-22-09
From:Pirate Afghans12-21-09
MSBIS CH Pizzazzz Debonair, JC7-28-08
MSBIS CH Pizzazzz Debonair, JC9-3-09
MSBIS GCH Ch Pizzazzz Debonair, JC1-4-11
PLX One Night Stand3-28-06
Wishing the Lexus fleet and the Aries kids a Happy New Year!12-29-06
Polo Afghans 5-19-06
Polo Afghans6-13-06
Polo Afghans7-9-06
Polo Afghans2-5-07
Polo Afghans8-29-07
Polo Afghans9-18-07
Polo Afghans1-8-08
Polo Afghans6-24-09
The Polo Boys!6-20-08
Polo Afghans3-9-10
Polo Afghans9-21-10
Polo Afghans10-6-10
Polo Afghans10-10-10
Polo Afghans10-29-10
Polo Afghans1-13-11
Polo Afghans5-24-11
Polo Afghans8-22-11
Polo Afghans5-30-12
Polo Afghans5-12-15
Polo Afghans....Captain Puppies Available!9-26-16
With Love from Russia!3-10-08
Captain and Tryst9-23-13
Polo Afghans Presents...11-14-06
Polo AfghansThe Local Scene4-11-07 
Polo AfghansThe Out of Town Scene4-11-07
Polo AfghansThe International Scene4-11-07
Ch Polo's Air Force One7-20-10
Ch Polo's Air Force One8-9-10
Ch. Polo's Air Force One5-3-11
SBIS AmCanCH Polo's Air Force One5-30-12
MSBIS Am, Can,CH Polo's Air Force One8-7-12
Multi SBIS, Multi BIS AmGrChCanCh Polo's Air Force One3-19-13
AmGrCh,CanGrCh Polo's Air Force One9-23-13
Multi SBIS, Multi BIS,AmGrCanGrCh Polo's Air Force One1-16-14
Multi SBIS Multi BIS Am Gr Can GrChEx. Polo’s Air Force One8-4-14
MBIS MSBIS CanNatSBIS AmGrCanGrChEx Polo's Air Force One11-20-14
Multi SBIS Multi BIS AmGr CanGrChEx. Polo’s Air Force One2-3-15
AmGrCanGrChEx Polo's Air Force One11-24-16
AmCan Ch Polo's All About U6-24-09
Multi Ch Polo's Black Cinder At Andros
Multi Ch Polo's Cosmic Fire8-19-09
Polo’s Chanson Noire a Bakura10-31-16
Mexican Ch,Mexican Jr Gp Winner, Worlds Gp WinnerCan, Am Ch Polo's Cosmic Fire6-3-07
Polo's High T at Ronashill3-3-11
AM CAN SBB BPIS CH. Polo's I Did It Myway8-29-12
Am. Can. Ch Polo's Grand Am6-3-07
MBIS/MSBIS,Am/Can.Ch.Polo's In The Air Tonite,Fch
Am.Can. National Specialty Best In Show1-13-06
Ch. Polo's In The Air Tonight Am, Can, National SBIS8-26-06
Polo’s Jet Setter At Asgard4-21-12
Group Placing Champion Polo’s Jet Setter At Asgard 6-2-16
Can Ch Polo's Solar Eclipes12-1-07
Can Ch, New Am Ch Polo's Solar Elclipes3-5-08
Ch Polo's Sonic Boom at Deloubelle6-3-07
Polo's Symphany On Fire9-26-07
Polo's Symphany On Fire12-1-07
New CH Polo's Symphany On Fire7-2-08
New ChampionPolo's Symphany On Fire7-20-08
AM-CAN CH Polo's Symphony On Fire8-21-08
Am, Can Ch Polo's Symphany On Fire2-22-09
Am Can Ch Polo's Symphany On Fire7-4-09
CH Polo's Symphany On Fire1-10-10
Am Can Ch Polo's Symphany On Fire7-2-11
Am, Can CH Polo's Symphany On Fire7-3-12
Am Can Ch Polo's Symphany On Fire7-2-14
Polo's Symphany On Fire and
Can Ch Polo's Solar Eclipes12-21-07
Am, Can Ch Polo's Symphany On Fire
and Am, Can Ch Polo's Solar Eclipes12-29-08
Am, Can CH Polo's Symphany On Fire7-1-13
Ch Polo's The Aviator6-3-07
Am Can Ch Polo's The Aviator3-6-08
Am Can Ch Polo's The Aviator4-22-08
Multi BIS, Multi SBIS Am Can Ch Polo's The Aviator9-4-08
Multi BIS, Multi SBIS,Am,Can Ch Polo's The Aviator1-6-09
Multi BIS, Multi SBIS,Am,Can Ch Polo's The Aviator1-31-09
Multi BIS,Multi SBIS, AmCan Ch Polo's The Aviator3-26-09
Multi BIS, Multi SBIS,Am,Can Ch Polo's The Aviator5-11-09
MBIS, MSBIS Am Can Ch. Polo's The Aviator7-7-09
Multi BIS, MSBISAm/Can Ch Polo's The Aviator8-19-09
Can National SBISMulti BIS, Multi SBISAm/Can Ch Polo's The Aviator9-28-09
CH Polo's The Aviator1-6-10
AmGrCanGrCh Polo's The Aviator12-21-11
Polo's The Contender3-17-08
Multi CH Polo’s The Infinity11-1-10
Multi CH Polo's The Infinity2-23-12
In memory of Kerry Pope 6-1-13
from Roland Rodriguez and Kurt Simmons
BIF Popovs Purrfection at Cayblu RA JC AX AXJ RATN2-3-15
Kennel Poppyfield1-17-06
International, Japanese,  American
Ch. Poseidon of Mountain Top One JP8-16-07
Ch. Poseidon of Mountain Top One JP9-22-07
MBIS MSBIS Multi Ch Poseidon of Mountain Top One JP2-1-08
Prestigious kennel5-25-17
Primavera Bohemia10-9-10
Prohphecy-ZoSo's Gucci-Rado9-13-11 
Prokofiev Overture in Concert10-17-08
Q BIS/SBIS Ch. Qamari's Rainbow Rider x Ch. Cosi Fan Tutte Phoebe6-2-06
Quom La Bodega AGN12-24-07
R Rafa Hounds12-23-10
Rafa Hot Wings and Rafa On Eagle Wings8-2-11
Rafa On Eagle Wings5-19-11
CH Rafa On Eagle Wings8-16-12
From: Raffica Afghans12-22-06
Raffica Afghans1-16-06
Raffica Afghans1-11-11
Can. Champion Raffica's Black Magic Of Kandoo11-05-07
Group Placing, BPISS,
Can CH Raffica's Black Magic Of Kandoo11-12-08
Raffica's Catch Your Breath Herat10-13-10
Am/Can Ch Raffica Cryztal Blu Persuazion1-25-07
Raffica's Exquisite Sinner Herat9-1-11
BIS Am, Chinese CH Raffica's Have It My Way9-13-13
Raffica's Herat Exquisite Sinner1-11-11
Ch. Raffica's Herat Genie In A Bottle3-26-12
Raffica's it's Now Or Never9-13-13
Raffica’s Jail House Rock6-19-13
Raffica's Jail House Rock4-2-14 
GCH Raffica’s Jailhouse Rock8-13-15 
Near Silver-Level Grand Ch Raffica's Jail House Rock 8-1-16
Ch. Raffica's Living on the Edge of August Knights8-3-11
Raffica's Memory Lane Of Irekei7-31-07
Am Ch Raffica's Memory Lane Of Irekei4-22-08
Raffica's More Than Pretty5-30-07
Raffica's More Than Pretty6-28-07
Raffica's More Than Pretty7-31-07
Raffica's More Than Pretty8-31-07
Raffica's More Than Pretty5-23-08
Raffica's More Than Pretty7-19-08
New Ch Raffica's More Than Pretty4-5-09
CH Raffica's More Than Pretty7-24-09
New AM CH,BIS Korean GR CH. FCI Int. CH.
Raffica's No Stripes Here Samar7-23-08 
BIS Kor. Gr. FCI Int.Am Ch. Raffica's No Stripes Here Samar9-7-09
Raffica's Pretty As Promised!5-31-07
Raffica's Pretty As Promised7-30-07
Raffica's Pretty As Promised!10-15-07
Can Ch New AKCCh Raffica's Pretty As Promised!3-3-08
Raffica's Pretty On Purpose7-15-07
Raffica's Pretty On Purpose7-31-07
CH Raffica's Pretty On Purpose7-23-08
Raffica Sadir Killer Queen5-1-08
Raffica's Star Spangled Banner6-11-06
New CH Raffica's Star Spangle Banner7-31-07
Group Placing CH. Stormhill's Star Studded
and  Raffica's Star Spangle Banner7-15-07
Raffica's Valymir Sweet Liberty8-22-06
NEAR CH. Raffica's Valymir Sweet Liberty9-27-06
NEAR CH. Raffica's Valymir Sweet Liberty10-30-06
Raffica's Valymir Sweet Revenge9-1-06
Raffica's Valymir Sweet Revenge11-1-06
Raffica's Valymir Sweet Revenge2-26-07
Best of Breed Winner, NEW CHAMPIONRaffica's Valymir Sweet Revenge7-30-07
CH Raffica's Valymir Sweet Revenge8-31-07
Multi-BOB WinnerCh Raffica's Valymir Sweet Revenge3-4-08
Ch Raffica's Valymir Sweet Revenge5-23-08
Multi- BOB Winner Ch Raffica's Valymir Sweet Revenge3-4-11
From:Raffica's Valymir Sweet Revenge ?Raffica's  Entertainer of Samar12-24-06
Multi-Pointed, Best of Breed Winner Raffica's Valymir Sweet Revenge12-30-06
CH. Raffica Valymir Sweet Revenge5-31-11
Ch Raffica's Valymir Sweet Victory11-15-07
Raffica's Valymir Sweet Victory8-31-07
CH Raffica's Valymir Sweet Victory4-29-08
CH. Raffica's Valymir Sweet Victory9-8-08
Ch. Raffica's Valymir Sweet Victory7-23-09
SBIS CH Raffica's Valymir Sweet Victory1-11-11
SBIS, GR Winning GRCH Raffica's Valymir Sweet Victory6-28-11
MSBIS-Group winning GCH Raffica's Valymir Sweet Victory9-1-11
Raffica's Victorious7-23-08
CH Raffica's Victorious7-13-10
Raffica Afghans- A Tribute to Ch Raffica's Yankee Doodle Dandi8-22-06
It Was A Dandi Day!8-31-07
Happy Birthday Pattii!5-24-06
Multi CH Rashid Ebn Hugo von Haussman at Myhalston,WW10, BRABO1011-8-10
Regimes Afghans  7-6-06
Regimes Ami Amor3-23-12
Regimes Ami Amor4-14-12
Regimes Atila12-29-15
Regimes Bathsheba3-30-13
Regimes Bathsheba4-15-13
Regimes Bathsheba6-4-13
CH Regimes Bathsheba8-16-13
Ch. Regimes Bathsheba12-17-13
Regimes Fashionista Astarti6-22-12
Regimes Fashionista Astarti10-7-13
SBIS Ch. Regimes Fashionista Astarti9-7-14
Ch. Regime's Picasso of Keystone2-2-09
BIS, SBISCh Regime's Picasso of Keystone1-27-16
Ch Regimes Pornchai8-11-07
BIS Int, Am, Can CH Regimes Pornchai9-22-07
Regimes Salome5-22-13
Regimes Salome6-4-13
Regimes Salome8-16-13
Regimes Salome9-12-13
Regimes Salome12-17-13
Regimes Selim9-12-13
Regimes Selim12-17-13
Dream Afghans presents...
Regimes Starlight Dream and Beaujon Trinity Killer Dream7-11-12
Regimes Starlight Dream9-30-13
Regimes Thriller of Elmo4-14-12
Regimes Thriller of Elmo and Regimes Ami Amor2-3-12
Regimes Thriller of Elmo and Regimes Ami Amor3-3-12
Regimes Thriller of Elmo3-23-12
Regimes Thriller of Elmo6-30-12
Regimes Thriller of Elmo8-4-12
Regimes Thriller of Elmo10-2-12
CH Regimes Thriller of Elmo11-24-12
BIS, SBIS GCH Regimes Thriller Of Elmo 2-11-15
BIS, SBIS GCH Regimes Thriller Of Elmo3-17-15
BIS, SBIS GCH Regimes Thriller of Elmo7-16-15 
Regle Hounds1-16-06
Regle Hounds3-29-06
Regle Afghan Hounds8-6-07
Regle Living Jewel7-29-06
Regle Living Jewel9-6-06
Regle Living Jewel9-26-06
Am. Ch. Regle Living Jewel12-21-06
SBIS Am Ch Regle Living Jewel4-25-07
Regle Living Masterpiece12-21-06
Renaissance Afghans 4-25-06
Multi Champion
Rhadamanthe Sikandar D'Hezaradjah2-21-06
SBIS, BIS Am, Int. and Multi 
Ch. Rhadamanthe Sikandar d'Hezaradjah11-14-06
Happy Birthdayto Multi SBIS, Multi BIS, Multi 
Ch.Rhadamanthe Sikandar d'H?zaradjah11-6-08
Multi Ch Rhadamanthe Sikander D'Hezaradjah11-16-10
SBIS, BIS Multi Ch. Rhadamanthe Sikandar d' Hezaradjah1-25-11 
Rhaga Afghans7-23-09
Rhaga Afghans9-17-09
Richlyn and Elmo3-11-09
Richlyn Afghans6-18-09
Richlyn Afghans4-22-10 
Richlyn Afghans6-15-10
Group Winning Ch. Richlyn’s Mean Joe Greene of Salix1-11-11
Group and Multi-Breed Winner, Grand Champion Richlyn's
Mean Joe Greene of Salix4-5-11
GCh Richlyn's Mean Joe Greene of Salix1-12-12
Richlyns Silver Starr of Elmo4-6-12
CH. Ripshinshaloheld Up By Horns5-31-11
Riverview Dancing In The Moonlight8-29-09
Kasban and Riverview Afghans9-21-10
Robega "C" litter12-1-09
Afghans By Rodin  3-30-06
Afghans By Rodin8-18-06
Honey Moon By Rodin
and Sun Dagger By Rodin10-25-12
Ronas Hill Kennels6-19-12
Katherine "Bear" Rowell Memorial 3-15-12
From:Liv Royneland and the Girlies12-15-06
From: The Kalmanash's and Ruff-Wave Afghans12-23-15
GCH Rustic Dark Mirage Spirit Ridge9-11-14
SBIS, Grand CH Silver, Group Winning, Multi Group
Placing Rustic Dark Mirage Spirit Ridge 8-16-16
CH Rustic Mahali Against The Wind7-8-12
Ch. Rustic Mahali It's All In The Game9-6-13
From:GCH Rustic Mahali It's All In The Game12-19-13
CH Rustic Shadow Dancer of Laurelcrest1-31-11
Rustic Title Paige of Spirit Ridge3-24-10
CH Rustic Title Paige of Spirit Ridge8-2-10
GCH CH Rustic Title Paige of Spirit Ridge1-24-11
SBIS GCH Rustic Title Paige of Spirit Ridge7-20-11
Ch Rustic Title Paige of Spirit Ridge
and Rustic Mahali Center Paige9-17-10
GCH Rustic Title Paige of Spirit Ridge
and CH Rustic Mahali Center Paige5-31-11
SBIS GCH Rustic Title Paige of Spirit Ridge1-18-12
SBIS Bronze GCH CH Rustic Title Paige of Spirit Ridge4-12-12
Ruzka Afghans12-29-11
From: The Gang at Ruzka Afghans12-24-12 
To Darla Hichborn12-1-11
Ruzka Afghans X Azari Afghans3-20-08
CH Ruzka/Azari's First Man of Victory11-15-10
Int'l, Am Ch Ruzka/Azari's First Man of Victory and 
Int'l BIS Puppy, Near Am ChAzari-Ruzka A Fool For Ur Love11-25-11
Ruzka Kennels Presents......
MBIS Inter, Am Can Ch Regimes Pornchai11-28-07
CH. Ruzka's A Big Bolt of Lightening9-13-06
Ch Ruzka's A Big Bolt Of Lightning7-3-07
SBIS CH Ruzka's A Midsummer Nights Breeze9-2-11 
SBIS Ruzka's A Mid Summer Nights Dream9-12-06
CH Ruzka's A Mid Summer Night's Dream8-21-07
Ruzka's A Painting In The Rain9-13-06
CH Ruzka's A Painting In The Rain11-12-07
"SABLE"  12-3-06
From: Sahiba Afghans12-24-08
Sahiba Chain Lightning3-25-05
Sahiba Chain Lightning7-26-06
Sahiba Chain Lightning11-17-06
Sahiba Remember Me5-17-08
Sahiba Smoke From A Distant Fire5-28-09
Salix Afghans6-23-15 
MSBIS MBIS MCh. Sanallah's Jerome9-12-07 
Sanallah's Juliette of Sura2-2-10
MSBIS IT. Int. F. Lux. Sociale Ch. Sanallah's Spillo of Xenos1-25-06
Sandscript-Criston Bit O’Honey10-17-06
From: Sankhya Afghans12-22-10
Sankhya Congratulates Flex and Ryder2-27-13
Sankhya Afghans1-3-06
Sankhya Defys Grvity Exlysta1-17-06
New Champion Sankhya Defys Grvity Exlysta11-6-06
Ch Sankhya Defys Grvity Exlysta9-14-07
Ch Sankhya Defys Grvity Exlysta12-6-07
Champion Producer Ch Sankhya Defys Grvity Exlysta11-3-10
Ch Sankhya For All We Know7-23-10
Ch Sankhya For Sentimental Reasons9-14-10
Sanre' Afghans1-15-07
Sanre' Afghans3-26-07
Sanre' Afghans6-4-07
Sanre' Afghans8-7-07
Sanre' Afghans9-11-07
Sanre Afghans9-26-08
Sanre Jamocha York A Tale of Superstition2-27-12
Sanre' Lady Day Diamond Night1-15-07
Sanre's Midnight Mystique2-8-05
Ch. Sanre's Midnight Mystique3-1-06
Ch. Sanre' Midnight Mystique1-15-07
Ch Sanre' Midnight Mystique6-26-07
CH Sanre's Midnight Mystique,Sanre Mystic Soul of Jamocha
and Sanre Mystic Flyer of Hassan5-12-08
SBIS Group Winning Ch Sanre Mystic Soul Of Jamocha2-27-12
Ch Sanre Mystic Flyer of Hassan1-15-09
CH Sanre Mystic Flyer of Hassan3-12-09
SBIS CH. Sanre Mystic Flyer of Hassan5-8-09
Sanre Mystic Soul Of Jamocha5-8-09
Ch. Sanre’ Mystic Soul of Jamocha1-6-10
Sanre' R.E.S.P.E.C.T1-15-07
Ch Sanre’ R.E.S.P.E.C.T.12-17-09
Sanre's She's Got The Look3-14-06
Sanre' She's Got The Look1-15-07
Sanre' Sparkle Plenty1-15-07
Sanre Tickled Pink Nightly4-8-05
Sanre' Tickled Pink Nightly1-15-07
CH. Sanre' Tickled Pink Nightly3-22-07
Sanre' Valliant Vaquero1-15-07
Saradiin Ice Lord of Generation9-26-06
Sarasvity ? Arcana Afghans 4-7-06
Sarasvity Afghan Hounds9-26-07
Sarasvity Afghans
Show and Performance Male Puppy Available!6-3-06
Sarasvity Afghans 11-26-06
Sardula and Arthayr Afghans5-21-10
Ch. SarS Norma Jean, JC, RN1-23-06
Ch. SarS Summerwind Gotta Have Faith, JC1-23-06
Satang Afghans3-10-08
Australian CH. Satang Heart Of Gold5-15-07
Aust Ch Satang Keewest Kowgirl4-11-06
Ch Satang Keewest Kowgirl11-10-06
Australian ChampionSatang Keewest Kowgirl5-31-07
Aust Ch Satang Keewest Kowgirl12-21-07
Australian GrandCh Satang Keewest Kowgirl11-10-08
BIS Aust GrCh Satang Keewest Kowgirl7-2-09
BIS Aust Gr Ch Satang Keewest Kowgirl5-12-10
Multi SBIS, Multi All Breeds BIS Australian Grand
Champion Satang Never Say Never3-27-06
Aust Champion Satang Ready T Rumble7-31-10
Aust Ch Satang Top Hat N Tails4-3-07
Australian Champion Satang Tophat N Tails6-4-07
MBIS, Indian,Aust, Am Ch Satang Top Hat N Tails5-26-09
Multi BIS,Multi CH Satang Tophat N Tails9-10-09
Multi BIS, Multi CH Satang Tophat N Tails10-29-09
Juan Miranda Saucedo,Juan and Rosa E. de Miranda3-27-14
New Champion Saxonmill Star Style5-6-07
UK, Port.CH Saxonmill Star Style8-31-07
Swedish Danish Ch Sayadena Dragonfire6-17-08
IntCh, SwCh,DkCh, FinCh Sayadena Dragonfire2-6-09
Scaramis NEWS8-26-09
Scaramis Afghans5-2-11
Scaramis Tribute5-31-11
Scaramis Relax And Do It6-1-09
Scaramis Rumour Has It6-1-09
Scaramis Too Hot To Be True8-26-09
Scaramouche Afghans11-27-12
Scaramouche Afghan Hounds4-30-13
SA/AM SBIS SA/AMCH Scaramouche Show Must Go On11-6-12
SA CH. GCH. Scaramouche Show Must Go On8-7-13
Am MSBIS, RBIS, Hound BIS,Multiple group winner, GRAND CH,
SA SBIS CH Scaramouche Show Must Go On12-11-13
Scarlett O’Hara Del Gran Pamir3-14-17
Kennel Scented1-22-10
Scented Allieverwanted12-7-09
Ch. Scent-of-Fame A Magic Time8-8-06
Ch. Scent-of-Fame A Magic Time9-14-06
Can. Ch. Scent-of-Fame A Magic Time6-25-07
Can Ch Scent-of-Fame A Magic Time9-21-07
Can Ch Scent-of-Fame A Magic Time1-28-08
Scent-of-Fame American Gigolo 10-16-06
Scent-of-Fame American Gigolo7-13-09
SBIS Scent-of-Fame Body N' Soul1-7-10
Happy Birthday from SeaBreez Afghan Hounds7-20-13
Sebring Elan Alegria2-22-08
Ch. Sebring Elan Alegria1-21-09
Sebring Elan Corcovado3-29-08
Sebring Elan Corcovado5-22-08
Sebring Elan Corcovado JC6-24-09
Ch Sebring Elan Corcovado JC12-14-09
Sebring Elan El Dorado8-31-07
Sebring Elan El Dorado10-31-07
Sebring Elan King Kong8-18-06
CH Sebring Elan King Kong5-14-09
Ch Sebring Elan King Kong8-7-10
BIS Ch Sebring Elan King Kong7-6-11
BIS Ch Sebring Elan King Kong12-31-11
Sebring Elan Monkey Business12-31-11
Ch Sebring Elan Monkey Business5-20-13
BISS Ch. Sebring Elan Monkey Business12-9-14
Sebring Elan Silverado12-19-07
Sebring Elan's Silverado7-30-08
Ch. Sebring Elan’s Silverado 8-12-09
Seistan and Polo Puppies11-21-09
Seistan and Polo Puppies12-23-09
Where In The WorldAre The Seistan/Polo Puppies????9-5-10
Seistan’s Backseat Romeo10-14-13
Seistan's Backseat Romeo11-15-13
CH Seistan's Backseat Romeo12-2-13
Ch. Seistan's Behind The Veil6-27-06
Seistan's Freedom Fighter11-20-06
Seistan's Freedom Fighter6-24-07
Ch Seistan's Freedom Fighter9-28-07
Seistan's French Kiss2-10-10
Seistan's Happily Ever After7-22-14
SBIS, Mult. Grp. Winning Ch. Seistan's From The Heart JC F.CH.8-24-06
MBIS,MSBIS Aust. Grand Ch Seistan's Heart T'Beat6-13-06
Seistan and Jorogz'8-9-10
MBIF F.Ch., Can. Ch. Seistan's Kiwiana SC6-5-06
MBIF Dual Ch., Can. Ch. Seistan's Kiwiana SC9-8-06
Seistan-Paladin One Mo Drama12-2-08
Seistan-Paladin One Mo Drama2-11-09
Seistan Polo The Gypsy2-6-13
Seistan Polo The Gypsy2-14-13
New CH Seistan's Polo The Gypsy9-6-13
CDN CH Seistan Polo The Gypsy12-4-13
AM CDN CH Seistan Polo The Gypsy10-10-14
Seistan T' Devil Wears Prada2-20-07
Seistan T Devil Wears Prada3-9-07
Ch. Seistan T Devil Wears Prada10-25-07
Ch. Seistan T'Devil Wears Prada3-18-08
Ch. Seistan T'Devil Wears Prada6-10-08
Seistan's The Right Stuff4-26-11
Seistan's The Right Stuff12-16-11
Ch Sellena's Volcanic Eruption5-31-11
CH. Serenade's Fascinating Rhythm5-31-11
CH. Serenade's How High The Moon5-31-11
Serenade Mahali Society Paige5-31-11
CH. Serenade's Moonlight Legacy5-31-11
Serenade Rustic Blueskies3-23-14
Serenade Sweetbriar of Spirit Ridge3-23-14
Ch. Serengeti Cesealya SC7-20-11
New Ch. Serengeti Starbuck1-31-12
Ch. Serengeti Waiting to Exhale JC9-17-16
DC Seychelle's Mata-Hari from Kryslaur with Love SC12-22-11
BOBCrufts 2009Multi CH. Shadowfax Stepnoi VeterJW CW06 LCM4-2-09
Alaqadar La Cenerentola of Shadowfax1-27-13
Alaqadar La Cenerentola of Shadowfax7-31-13
From:Shah's Harem Afghans12-10-09
Multi Ch Shake Down At Night  X
Multi Ch Look, A Tiger In The Cage10-16-07 
Shalomar Afghan and Borzoi4-15-08
GCH Shalomar Maestro's Masterpiece6-30-15
Shante' Horizon Litter12-6-10
Sharja Saleen3-2-08
Sharrah Afghans1-5-06
Sharrah Afghans8-26-06
Sharrah Afghans 9-8-06
Sharrah Afghans5-13-08
Sharrah Afghans7-8-08
Near Ch. Sharrah's Dhealz5-19-09
Ch. Sharrah's Dhealz6-22-11
Multiple Group Placing, GCH Ch. Sharrah's Dhealz11-29-12
Sharrah's Dhrughatos3-12-06 Update!!!!
Sharrah's Dhrughatos4-3-06
Sharrah's Dhrughatos6-5-06
Ch. Sharrah's Khatav7-28-09
Multiple Group Placing Ch. Sharrah’s Kristah5-28-14
Sharrah’s Mhaxxymus4-11-06
Sharrah's Mhaxxymus8-14-06
Group Placing Ch Sharrah's Mhaxxymus8-10-07
Ch. Sharrah's Sabukuh7-20-07
Near Ch. Sharrah's Shuni1-22-08
Ch Sharrah's Thuki9-13-07
Ch. Sharrah's Zhimi9-11-07
Le and Peter Memorial from PoloAfghans
Le Hedstrom Memorial
In Loving Memory of Le Hedstrom
Shawnlu Afghans12-26-06
Int.  Am. Ch. Shawnlu's Millennium Star8-10-08
International BIS American Multi-Group winning
Champion Shawnlu's Wizard of Ahs1-10-06
INT'L. Multi-Group BIS and AM. Multi-Group
CH Shawnlu's Wizard Of Ahs12-25-07
Am Multi-Group, Int BISCh Shawnlu's Wizard of Ahs9-13-10
Ch Shekinah Clear Sun Of Nazira8-8-06
CH Shekinah Jakar Raising The Bar3-9-10
Am/Can Ch Shekinah Jakar Pamir The Seeker (Imp USA)7-9-12
AUS/AM/CAN CH Shekinah Jakar Pamir The Seeker10-18-12
Ch. Shekinah One Man Show1-11-07
Shekinah Top Design at Kryslaur JC2-19-08
Group Winning Ch Shekinah True Heaven Nazira3-7-06
Shenandoah - Keystone Afghans6-5-09
Shenandoah Afghans3-18-12
Shenandoah Afghans11-27-12
Shenandoah Isfahans Bullitt1-1-08
Shenandoah Kisma Circle of Life6-18-12
Shenandoah Kisma Circle of Life10-15-12
CH Shenandoah Kisma Circle of Life9-5-13
Ch Shenandoah Kisma Circle of Life5-12-14
CH. Shenandoah Kisma Circle of Life10-9-14
Ch. Shenandoah Kisma Circle of Life2-2-15
CH. Shenandoah Kisma Circle of Life6-2-15
Shenandoah LaFara Milano8-1-10
Shenandoah Lafara Milano9-27-10
Shenandoah LaFara Milano3-28-11
Shenandoah LaFara Milano8-13-11
CH Shenandoah LaFara Milano9-27-11
CH Shenandoah LaFara Milano11-22-11
CH Shenandoah Liebestraum9-11-13
Shenandoah Mama Mia11-30-09
CH Shenandoah Milan Of Lafara's3-14-07
CH. Shenandoah Milan of Lafara5-31-11
Bronze GCh Shenandoah Liebestraum4-4-16
SBIS/BIS Ch. Shenandoah Pistol Blue5-31-11
CH. Shenandoah Pistol Packin Mama5-31-11
Ch. Shenandoah Regime Chloe’s Charm5-31-11
Ch Shenandoah Smoke and Mirrors11-4-08
Ch Shenandoah Smoke and Mirrors11-28-08
MBIS, BISS Ch Shenandoah Smoke and Mirrors6-8-09
MBIS/MSBISGCH. Shenandoah Smoke and Mirrors5-31-11
Shenandoah Toast Of The Town11-18-09
New Champion Shenandoah Yancy Derringer1-1-08
CH Shenandoah Yancy Derringer4-7-08
Ch Shenandoah Yancy Derringer5-31-11
Sheralji Afghans4-7-08
Shighan and Stonecrest Afghans1-23-10
Shining Mountain Afghans1-19-09
Shining Mountain Afghans7-22-09
Shining Mountain Afghans7-22-09
Shining Mountain Afghans10-25-09
Shining Mountain Afghans2-18-10
Shining Mountain Afghans8-12-10
Shining Mountain Afghans2-13-11
Shining Mountain Afghans1-24-13
The Prideof Shining Mountain9-12-11 
Shining Mountain's first homebred champion ..CH Hosanna's Leviathon9-6-11 
Shining Mountain celebrates.....12-31-12 
Shoot Out The Lights At Shining Mountain12-31-12 
Shoshana Chapati Sankhya1-2-08
Shoshana Chapati Sankhya1-2-08
Shou Gerat7-10-09
SHYLO Afghans7-25-08
Shylo - Abaca3-14-17
Brykaar and Shylo7-21-15 
Happy Birthday to the "Moon Puppies"! 6-15-16
Shylo-The "Dog Days of Summer"7-11-13
Shylo and Ch. Kaimar Taza Sandtastic of Persia7-2-12
HO HO HO From Shylo12-11-11
Shylo Abaca Shacone Cutty Sark8-18-09
CH Shylo Abaca Shacone Cutty Sark6-16-10
Shylo Black and Blue All Over10-10-14
CH Shylo Black and Blue All Over12-4-14
CH. Shylo Black and Blue All Over2-10-15
Multiple Breed winning Ch. Shylo Black and Blue All Over3-16-15
CH. Shylo Black and Blue All Over4-14-15
CH. Shylo Black and Blue All Over6-12-15
Group winning CH. Shylo Black and Blue All Over9-17-15 
Best In Show, Mult. Grp winning GCH Shylo Black and Blue All Over 7-12-16
BIS, RBIS, GCHB Shylo Black and Blue all Over6-15-17
Shylo's Boys of Summer!6-11-08
GCH Shylo Moonraker12-20-16
Shylo Brykaar Alphaville Moonstruck3-22-16
Ch. Shylo Brykaar Moon Shadow11-4-16
Shylo Brykaar New Moon on Monday 5-10-16
Ch. Shylo Can't Stop the Beat!6-25-09
Shylo Darktown Girl3-12-13
Shylo Darktown Girl4-9-13
CH Shylo Darktown Girl4-16-13
Ch. Shylo's Darktown Strutter, Ch. Macara Uptown Girl6-11-08
Shylo Dazzling Angel8-12-08
Ch Shylo Dazzling Angel9-16-08
Ch. Shylo Maybelline11-17-14
Shylo Maybelline and Shylo Max Factor10-13-14
Ch Shylo Moonraker10-9-13
Grand Champion Shylo Moonraker5-12-14
GCH Shylo Moonraker10-10-14
Shylo October Sky4-22-10 
CH Shylo October Sky6-16-10
Shylo Sanallah Phantom Of The Opera!!6-5-08
Ch Shylo Sanallah Phantom Of The Opera9-13-09
Ch Shylo Sanallah Phantom Of The Opera3-12-12
GCH Shylo Sanallah Phantom of the Opera3-12-13
Shylo Sars The Blue Djinn6-11-08
CH Shylo Sars The Blue Djinn11-18-08
Shylo Sassoon of Enigma Dreams10-10-14
Ch. Shylo Sassoon of Enigma Dreams11-17-14
Ch Shylo Sassoon of Enigma Dreams4-9-15
Ch Shylo Sassoon of Enigma Dreams3-23-15
SBIS Ch Shylo Sassoon of Enigma Dreams8-28-15 
CH. Shylo Satyricon10-4-13
Shylo Spanish Fly, Shylo Vicky Cristina Barcelona8-18-09
Ch. Shylo Spanish Fly9-14-10
Shylo Sunset Boulevard7-30-15
SBIS, Mult GRP Ch. Shylo Suspended9-13-07 
SBIS, Grp winning CH. Shylo Suspended2-13-14
Shylo The Black Swan of Dayspring10-13-14
Shylo The Octoroon10-12-10
Shylo the Octoroon12-28-10
Shylo Satyricon11-30-12
Congratulations to the Doug and Thelma puppies!
(Ch. Shylo Suspended X Ch. Sha-Cone Abaca Adelaide) 6-5-08
Shylo Uptown Strutter11-30-12
Ch. Shylo Uptown Strutter4-8-13
Ch. Shylo Uptown Strutter1-24-14
GCh. Shylo Uptown Strutter6-19-14
Group winning Gold Grand CH Shylo Uptown Strutter3-14-17
Sikandar Afghans5-28-06
Silly Putty’s - El Tayranil’s Afghan Hounds3-3-09
Silly Putty's Womanizer11-18-09
Silly Putty's Womanizer12-22-10
Simoon's Asti At Splendor8-24-07
Simoon's Asti At Splendor9-9-07
Simoon's Asti At Splendor JC10-24-07
Ch Simoon Reinedance at Twylike JC6-23-08
Can Ch. Simoon’s Sleet Dance in the Mist9-11-07
New Champion Am/Can Ch.Simoon's Sleet Dance in the Mist, JC6-24-08
Simoon's Voignier Of Taylors Run8-30-07
New Champion Simoon's Voignier Of Taylors Run5-27-08
Am/Can CH Simoon's We're Gonna Grove7-30-09
Sirae' Afghans2-21-06 
Sirae' Afghan Hounds8-4-15
Afghans of Sirae'2-28-09
Afghans Of Sirae'4-28-11
Afghans of Sirae'6-17-11
Sirae' Art Of Persuasion12-27-07
Sirae' Beloved Elivia11-4-05
SBIS Sirae' Chrome Cruiser5-1-08
Sirae' Creme' De La Creme'8-20-06
Sirae' Creme' De La Creme'2-20-07
Sirae' Creme' De La Creme'8-8-07
Sirae' Crimson N Clover3-27-09
Sirae' Crimson N Clover6-26-09
Ch. Sirae' Crimson N Clover8-26-09
Ch Sirae'  Fast N Furious11-21-11
SBIS Sirae' In A Flash8-20-09
Sirae' J'Adore Dior2-10-09
Ch Sirae' Lakewood Black Swan10-19-12
Sirae Pedal To The Metal11-20-09
Sirae Pedal To The Metal11-24-09
Sirae' Six Days Seven Nights5-30-06
Sirae' Sworn Allegiance2-20-07
Sirae' The Da Vinci Code8-8-07
New Champion Sky Hi's Phoenix Rising9-14-06
Ch. Sky Hi's Whirlwind Dreamer5-31-05
Ch. Snowdickn Sunshine Kharizelsto JC CGC8-12-09
SODO Afghans3-12-15
Solitaire Dark Side Of The Moon, JC10-1-07
New AKC Champion
Solitaire Dark Side Of The Moon, JC12-31-07
Ch Solitaire Dark Side Of The Moon, SC, FCH5-19-08
AKC Field CH, Dual CH Solitaire Darkside Of The Moon, SC, FCH4-21-09
New Canadian Champion Something XLNT To Tokabout10-27-15 
Sootaan Afghans Presents...2-13-07
Sootaan Afghans10-16-07
Sootaan Presents8-12-09
Sootaan Afghans Presents12-11-12 
Sootaan Afghans 2-17-16
Sootaan Afghan’s Newest Family Members12-31-15 
Sootaan Afghans,Ch. Sootaan's Shimmering Sunrise2-13-07
Afghans of Spice Hill12-23-09
New Beginnings at Spice Hill5-27-14
From:Spirit Ridge Afghans12-18-10
Spirit Ridge Presents...CH Kasban Remember Me 6-27-16
Spirit Ridge-Rustic-Serenade1-31-13
GCH CH Spirit Ridge Royal of Rustic7-2-14
Spirit Ridge Something Royal of Rustic9-11-13
CH Spirit Ridge Something Royal of Rustic1-21-14
CH Spirit Ridge Something Royal  of Rustic4-29-14
RBIS Bronze GCH CH Group Winning
Spirit Ridge Something Royal of Rustic12-16-14 
RBIS Multi Group Winning Bronze GCH
Spirit Ridge Something Royal of Rustic10-8-15 
Sterling Afghans 4-28-06
Sterling Afghans  7-27-06
Sterling's Cridhe Treun11-11-07
Ch. Sterling's Cridhe Treun6-9-08
Ch. Sterling's Cridhe Treun6-27-11
Am GCH, Can Ch, Multi Group
Winning Sterling's Cridhe Treun9-22-11 
Sterling’s Dreamworks CD, BN, RE, CGC, JC4-18-14
Sterling's Sinful Elegance Of Raffica7-13-10
Stonebridge Kor's Dylan In Blue Jeans Raffica7-31-10
Stonebridge Kor-X Here At Raffica9-7-09
Stonecrest Afghans3-17-06
StonecrestNow living the dream!3-11-08
Stormhill Kennels2-7-07
Stormhill Kennels12-15-07
Stormhill, Hot Beach and Adagio proudly presents4-17-12
New Champion SBIS CH Stormhill's Born To Be Wild8-1-07
Stormhill's Dream Girl and Stormhill's Dream Catcher5-9-08
Stormhill's Dream Girl9-10-08
Stormhill's Dream Of Me5-9-08
Stormhill's Dream Of Me9-10-08
CH Stormhill's High N' Mighty Hot Beach2-5-13
Stormhill's In Your Wildest Dreams5-9-08
Stormhill's In Your Wildest Dreams9-10-08
Stormhill's Look N' Good In Red9-1-06
Stormhill's Look N' Good In Red4-6-07
New Ch Stormhill's LookN' Good In Red8-14-07
Stormhill's Red Hot Beach5-30-08
Ch Stormhill's Red Hot Beach, JC8-10-09
CH. Stormhill's Red Zinger4-6-07 
SBIS/BIS Am, Can Ch Stormhill's Silver Star9-1-06
BIS, SBIS winning
Am, Can Ch. Stormhill's Silver Star5-10-07
BIS, SBIS AM,CAN CH Stormhill’s Silver Star6-11-12
Multiple BIS and SBIS AM,CAN CH Stormhill’s Silver Star6-18-12
SBIS/BIS Ch. Stormhills Silver Star and
Ch. Mahrani Spit-N-Image Stormhill JC5-31-11
Am, Can CH. Stormhill's Special Pookah 4-24-06
Stormhill's Spit-N-Polished9-1-06
Stormhill's Spit-N-Polished10-11-06
CH. Stormhill's Spit-N-Polished2-23-07
SBIS Ch Stormhill's Spit-N-Polished4-6-07
SBIS CH Stormhill's Spit-N-Polished5-10-07
Am, Can Ch Stormhill's Spit-N-Polished7-26-07
Multiple SBIS and Group winning AM ? CAN Ch Stormhill's Spit-N-Polished12-11-07
Multiple BISS, Group WinningAm. Can. Ch. Stormhill's Spit n'Polished4-8-08
Multiple SBIS, Group Winning Am. Can.Ch. Stormhill's Spit-n-Polished J.C.9-12-08
Multi SBIS Am, Can CH Stormhill's Spit N' Polished JC4-21-09
Stormhill's Star Studded3-20-06
Stormhill's Star Studded6-6-06
SBIS AM CAN Ch Stormhill's Star Studded8-14-07
Group Placing CH. Stormhill's Star Studded
and  Raffica's Star Spangle Banner7-15-07
Stormhill's Sweet Dreams Of Raffica5-9-08
Stormhill's Sweet Dreams of Raffica9-7-09
Ch Stormhill's Sweet Dreams of Raffica11-20-09
Gr Ch Stormhill's Sweet Dreams of Raffica7-28-10
Mult. BIS winning Ch Stormhill's Sweet Dreams of Raffica10-13-10
MBIS GCH Stormhill's Sweet Dreams Of Raffica5-31-11
MBIS, Specialty BIS Silver Grand Champion Am, Can
CH. Stormhill's Sweet Dreams Of Raffica9-18-12
MBIS, SBIS Am, Can Gold GCH.
Stormhill’s Sweet Dreams of Raffica2-7-13
Stormhill Taza Drama de Calais8-9-06
Stormhill-Taza Matter Of Fact10-14-06
CH. Stormhill-Taza Matter of Fact4-24-07
Ch. Stormhill Taza Matter of Fact8-18-07
Stralucire Afghans10-1-12
Suhden Afghan Hounds3-6-09
Suliman Afghans9-17-08
Suliman Afghans Australia10-15-11
Suliman Afghans Australia10-15-11 
Suliman Afghans Australia10-15-11 
The future of Suliman1-26-10 
Grand CH Suliman By Distinction1-12-10
Suliman En Pointe2-25-11
Multi BIS Ch Suliman Poetic Justice1-20-15
Multi BIS, BISS,Aust Sup Ch Suliman Poetic Justice8-18-15 
Aust Ch Suliman Wayward Angel3-27-06
Grand CH Suliman Wayward Angel1-8-10 
Grand CH Suliman Wayward Angel2-24-10 
Aust Grand Ch Suliman Wayward Angel2-28-11
Sumahari Afghans (UK)3-28-13
Ch Summerstorm's Beneath My Wings SC3-24-09
Group, BIS3 Winner
New IsCh Summerstorm's Dorian Day10-2-08
Ch. Summer Sun Like a Rock, JC12-2-05
Summerwinds and Gandhara6-19-17
Summerwinds and Gwich'in proudly Introduces....1-24-12
Summerwinds and Gwich'in present....3-14-12
Summerwinds and Gwich'ins Paparazzi4-28-12
Summerwinds' A Time To Be Blue8-6-07
Summerwinds Alter Ego4-6-07
New Champion
Summerwinds Beyonce' In Concert4-13-07
New Champion Summerwind's Ego Trip9-21-06
CH Summerwind-Herr
Who's Your Daddy? CGC, TDI4-5-07
Summerwinds Intuition4-5-07
BIS/SBIS Am. Can. Ch. Summerwind's It's All About Me!6-21-06
MBIS, SBIS Am.Can. Ch Summerwinds It's All About Me!4-9-07
MSBIS Ch Summerwinds Me N Myself N Pamir4-9-07
MSBIS Champion Summerwinds Me N Myself N Pamir8-2-07
MSBIS Ch Summerwinds Me N Myself N Pamir1-30-08
MBIS/MSBIS Ch Summerwinds Me N Myself N Pamir5-5-08
MBIS/MSBIS Ch Summerwinds Me N Myself N Pamir8-26-08
MBIS/MSBISCh Summerwinds Me N Myself N Pamir10-30-08
MBIS/MSBIS ChSummerwinds Me N Myself N Pamir1-14-09
TO IKE:From Dad, Mom and Rosemary1-14-09
Summrwinds NtAngle In Concert JC7-25-06
Summerwinds-Paladin Mo GlaMoUs Wynsyr3-9-13
CH Summerwinds-Paladin Mo GlaMoUs Wynsyr3-11-14
Ch. Summerwinds-Paladin You Go Girl!6-23-12
Summerwinds Perfect Portrait6-4-08
Summerwinds Perfect Portrait7-1-08
Summerwinds Premonition4-5-07
Ch Summerwind Reflections of Me!4-9-07
Summerwinds Under The Radar Of Mihdian11-19-08
Summerwinds White Diamonds5-10-15
Summerwinds -Wynsyr It's All About Me Now!5-28-17 
Suncrest - Elmo4-24-07
From: Suncrest Afghans12-24-06
From: Suncrest Afghans12-23-10
Suncrest Afghans3-25-08
Suncrest Afghans10-6-11
Suncrest Presents7-2-10
New ChampionSuncrest Aleutian Islands3-8-06
Can Ch Suncrest Athena Blues9-5-06
Suncrest Fellini of Elmo 7-21-06
Ch. Suncrest Marginal Legal Advice
X Ch. Lazaan Lavendar Clover9-18-07
Suncrest Sauvignon Blanc4-2-05
Suncrest Sharp Dressed Man5-13-10
GCH Suncrest Sharp Dressed Man4-27-11
Suni Afghans: Sevion, Chica,Toozh, Zeke, Zach and Shirrin1-9-07
Suni Afghans9-4-07
Suni Afghans2-5-08
Suni Afghans8-5-08
Suni Afghans10-14-08
Suni Afghans6-11-09
Suni Afghans9-8-09
Suni Afghans1-26-10
Suni Afghans6-15-10
Suni Afghans11-30-10
Suni Afghans1-25-11 
Suni Afghans11-1-11
Suni Afghans1-24-12
SUNI Afghans1-22-13
SUNI Afghans6-11-13
From: Suni Afghans12-24-15
Bakura and Suni1-21-14
Suni and Bakura 6-21-16
Bakura, Polo, Suni...5-23-17
Suni... Bounds into Summer!!!7-12-12
Suni... Bounds into Summer!!!7-12-12
Suni Afghans-Texas Performance Dogs
Excel at National Specialty!!!!10-2-07
Puppies at Suni and Asia5-5-09
UKC CH Suni Asia Starburst
By Sumahari, JC, CGC5-6-16
AKC Ch UKC Ch Suni Asia Starburst by Sumahari, JC 7-4-16
AKC Ch UKC Ch Suni Asia Wish Upon A Star by Sumahari, JC 7-4-16
Multi Ch. Suni's Delta Dawn10-8-10
Suni's Delta Dawn SC, LCX1-10-12
UKC Ch Suni Magenta Maidin Bakura2-3-09
Suni Magenta Maidin Bakura, SC1-10-12
Suni's One Time Affair V Mazshalna
and Deeses Kindred Kalamity At Suni1-10-12
Time Affair v MaZshalna JC7-17-14
Suni's One Time Affair v Mazshalna SC, CGC10-27-15 
Time Affair V MaZshalna, SC, CGC 5-6-16
Suni Sierra Sunrise6-11-09
Suni Sir Viveur9-29-15 
Multi Ch. Suni Sierra Sunrise10-8-10
Suni Stardrift Imagine2-3-09
CH Suni Time After Time At OreiaJC, RN, BN, THD, TDIA, CGC1-10-12
Suni's Time To Run ASFA FCH1-10-12
Sunlit's Lites, Camera, Action Summerwinds5-3-15
Ch Sunlit's Queen of Everything12-22-15
MBIS BISS GCH Sunlit's Queen of Everything 5-25-16
Sunward Kennel, Russia
Ch. Aviva Coeur A Coeur X  Ch. Dragonfly Summer Jive3-19-07
un.Rus.Ch. Sunward Force Majeure1-4-08
Sunward Kennel10-19-09
Sura Afghans2-25-06
SURA and FABELHAFT Proudly present9-13-16
Specialty Winning, Best Puppy In Show Sura Betty Blue Fabelhaft3-30-16
CH. Sura Betty Blue Fabelhaft 6-2-16
MBISS, Multi Group winning
GCH Agha Djari's Eye Candy Of Sura and  Finn x Laney Puppies!9-16-14
MSBIS Ch Sura's Hollywood Nights, JC5-24-06
MSBIS Ch Sura's Hollywood Nights, JC7-6-06
MSBIS CH. Sura's Hollywood Nights JC9-27-06
MSBIS Ch Sura's Hollywood Nights JC6-1-07
MSBIS Ch. Sura's Hollywood Nights JC8-25-09
MSBIS, Multi Group Winning CH. Sura's Hollywood Nights JC4-3-12
MSBIS, Multi GroupWinning CH. Sura's Hollywood Nights JC11-25-14
CH Sura Lies and Alibis8-1-11
Sura Mickey Finn5-21-15
Sura's Pale Moon Rising8-25-06
GCh Sura's Paris Nights3-21-12
Sura Ricmar I Only Have Eyes For You 6-4-15
Sura Ricmar I Only Have Eyes For You 2-1-16
Sura Ricmar I Only Have Eyes For You 5-6-16
Ch Sura Ricmar I Only Have Eyes For You 7-28-16
CH Sura Sirae' Wisteria Lane8-25-09
Sura Some Enchanted Evening7-27-10
Sura Some Enchanted Evening10-8-10
Ch. Sura Some Enchanted Evening2-3-12
Sura Starry Starry Night7-27-10
Afghanhounds of Suriya presents..8-4-07
MBPIS MBPIG CH Swan Lake Carolina In My Mind11-22-13
Swiftwind Afghans1-3-08
Swiftwind Afghans3-12-08
MBISS. MBOSS. BIF. Am. Can. Ch. Swiftwind Midnite Moon Shadow Fch.10-7-10
Symphony's New Field Champion!3-29-11
GCH Symphony's Petite Suite by Mozart10-20-14
Szitaral Fidda kennel2-9-10
Szitaral Fidda Kennel6-6-10
Szitaral Fidda kennel8-6-11
T From all at Taejon12-21-06
BIS SBIS Ch Taejon El Dorado7-12-10
Taejon Luciano Pavarotti (AI)8-7-08
Taejon introduces.....8-7-08
NZ Ch Taejon Conquistador6-28-11
MSBIS, MBIS,MRBIS Ch Taejon El Dorado6-28-11
Tahkira Afghans4-6-09
Tahkira Afghans9-13-09
Tahkira Afghans2-25-10
Tahkira Afghans Congratulates...4-6-09
Tahkira AfghansEric puppies available!12-28-07
Tahkira Angelsun Memoirs7-15-08
Tahkira Angelsun Memoirs8-28-09
Tahkira Angelsun Memoirs12-4-09
Tahkira Angelsun Memoirs7-16-12
Aust CH Tahkira Black Douglas4-13-08
AKC/UKC Tahkira's Black in Front6-30-08
Tahkira Chivas Regal1-30-09
Aust/Can/Am CH Tahkira Go To Hell2-6-14
Ch. Tahkira Salinger SC7-7-10
AM. JP. CH. Tahkira Satchmo6-25-07
Am. Jpn. CH. Tahkira Satchmo8-27-07
New Champion Tahkira Stralian Idol (AI)2-7-06
Ch Tahkira Stralian Idol (AI)4-13-08
BIS AUST Grand Ch Tahkira Stralian Idol (AI)7-12-11
BIS Aust CH Tahkira Take A Chance On Me2-27-11
MBIS CH Tahkira Take A Chance On Me11-29-11
House of Taitan Presents...10-24-14
GCH Taji Better Man Mazshalna8-28-14
Taitan presents...  Multi UKC BIS
CH. Alphaville's Fits Ya Good8-22-16
Taitan presents...
new AKC CHAMPION Multi UKC BIS CH. Alphaville's Fits Ya Good9-22-16
Taji Even Flow11-15-13
Tamora Kennels1-8-12
A Tribute from hounds of Tanis5-31-11
Tanis African Violet6-2-10
IntroducingTanis African Violet10-18-10
Group Winning,SBIS CH. Tanis Black Pearl JC9-18-08
Group-Winning, SBIS Ch Tanis Black Pearl, JC6-29-11
Tanis Girl with Pearl Earring11-4-09
Tanis Girl with Pearl Earring11-10-09
Tanis Presents..New Am CH Konpara Amarula Cream11-4-09
Tannique's Afghan Hounds12-22-06
Kennel Tannique's2-11-07
Tantalika Afghans/Agha Djari's Pillow Talk6-8-05
A Tribute to Pat Jones and Tarina Afghan Hounds9-6-09
Tarina April Lights 3-1-06
Tarina City Lights3-7-06 
Tarina MoonDancing4-26-10
Ch. Tarina MoonDancing7-19-10
Tarina Regal Heiress11-19-07
Tarina Regal Legacy11-16-07
SBIS/Swedish/Danish/French Ch Tash Kurgan Far East7-26-05
Taylors Run2-7-12
Taylors Run I'm A Real Cool Dude3-7-11
Taylors Run Make My Moon Shine2-18-12
Taza Afghans~ Justice and Frank8-23-06
Taza Afghans - Kaimar Afghans1-10-06
Taza - Kaimar Afghans3-22-06
Taza, Kaimar and Persia Afghans8-15-05
The Fibbings!8-16-06
Ch Taza Yada Bada Bing3-1-05 Justice X Ch I Love Lucy In Concert
Taza Deloubelle Doubletake1-19-05 
Taza Kaimar Be Tru To Me Persia4-27-07
Taza Kaimar Be Tru To Me Persia5-15-07
CH Taza Kaimar Be Tru To Me Persia7-2-07
Taza Kaimar May I Be Frank?5-3-07
CH Taza Kaimar May I Be Frank?9-16-08
Ch. Taza Lookin' Truth In The Eye11-1-05
SBIS, SBOB American, Italian 
Ch. Taza Lookin Truth In The Eye11-3-06
Taza Persia Judge Judy2-25-12
Team Blazen10-20-08
Team Blazen1-6-09
Tells Sweden....Agha Djari's Unplugged Version2-19-07
Tells Sweden...Multi BIS INT Swe Dan Fin CH
Swedish Winner 2002 Karakush Absolutely2-7-07
Multiple BOB Winning Major Pointed Tells Caught Ya Lookin1-30-13
Group Placing Am Ch, Nor Ch, Can Ch
Multi-Pointed Tells Caught Ya Lookin7-9-13
Am GCH/ Can CH/Norw CH Tells Caught Ya Lookin9-24-13
BISS/Multi Grp Placing
AM GCH SBOB/Grp Placing CAN CH NOR CH Tells Caught Ya Lookin11-1-13
Junior World Winner 2009Tells Chills N' Thrills11-16-09
SBIS USA Champion Junior World Winner 2009
Tells Chills N' Thrills6-24-10
Multi BIS/SBIS Multi CH Tells Chills N' Thrills3-29-12
Tells Elan Sebring The Womanizer1-21-09
Tells Elan Sebring The Womanizer8-7-09
Tells Elan Sebring The Womanizer9-13-09
Ch. Tells Elan Sebring The Womanizer9-26-09
SBIS ChampionTell's Elan Sebring The Womanizer6-27-11
SBIS CH Tell's Elan Sebring The Womanizer5-29-12
Thai-Mistic Afghans8-13-08
Am. Ch. Thai-Mistic's Sunshine Fire3-13-08
THAON Reg.1-12-10
From:THAON REG.12-17-10
THAON Reg.11-15-11
Thaon, Reg.12-10-13
Thaon's Barbarella1-31-06
Ch Thaon's Colette7-13-11
BIS CH Thaon’s Comedienne4-15-14
Thaon's Evanescence11-26-14
Thaon's Jezebel1-31-06
Thaon's Jezebel4-2-07
Ch. Thaon's Jezebel5-3-07
Thaon's Kala4-17-09
New Champion Thaon's Mama Mia Sophia6-15-06
Shekinah Nepal X 
CH Thaon's Mama Mia Sophia, JC,CGC1-13-10
Thaon's Mariska4-30-12
Ch Thaon's Mowgli8-21-07
SBIS Ch. Thaon's Mowgli12-4-08
SBIS Ch. Thaon's Mowgli1-16-09
SBIS CH Thaon's Mowgli7-14-09
MSBIS CH  Thaon's Mowgli10-10-09
NSBIS Ch Thaon's Mowgli4-6-10
CH Thaon's Mowgli8-24-10
MNSBIS Ch Thaon's Mowgli12-28-10
MNSBIS Ch Thaon's Mowgli3-4-11
MNSBIS Ch Thaon's Mowgli4-13-11
MNSBIS Ch Thaon's Mowgli5-17-11
MNSBIS MBIS Ch Thaon's Mowgli7-26-11
MNSBIS MBIS CH Thaon’s Mowgli3-6-12
GCH Thaon's Mowgli6-12-12
GCH Thaon's Mowgli8-21-12
GCH Thaon's Mowgli12-25-12 
Ch. Thaon's Oliver11-27-09
Thaon’s Primrose7-22-11
New Champion Thaon's Qadence JC11-14-09
SBIS CH Thaon's Quinlan4-3-08
Thaon’s Sanjaya3-7-14
New Champion Thaon's  Sanjaya5-8-14
CH. Thaon's Sanjaya3-3-15
CH. Thaon's Sanjaya5-11-15
Ch. Thaon’s Shakira7-1-12
SBIS CH Xenos Comment X
MBIS MSBIS CH Thaon's Stardance1-16-09
CH. Thaon's Starkissed11-12-08
Thaon's Starpower9-30-08
Group Winning CH Thaon's Starpower5-11-09
Group Winning Ch Thaon's Starpower10-19-10
Thaon's Travertine1-31-06
SBIS Ch Thaon's Travertine6-14-06
BIS, SBIS Ch Thaon's Travertine8-8-06
MBIS, SBIS Ch Thaon's Travertine8-21-06
MBIS, SBIS Ch Thaon's Travertine10-16-06
MBIS, SBIS Ch Thaon's Travertine2-6-07
MBIS, MSBIS Ch Thaon's Travertine4-17-07
MBIS, MSBIS Ch Thaon's Travertine6-28-07
MBIS, MSBIS Ch Thaon's Travertine8-21-07
MBIS, MSBIS Ch Thaon's Travertine9-19-07
MBIS, MSBIS Ch Thaon's Travertine12-5-07
MBIS Ch Thaon's Wallstreet7-13-11
GCH Thaon's Wallstreet5-28-13
NSBIS MBIS MSBIS GCH Thaon's Wallstreet7-8-14
MBIS MSBIS GCH Thaon’s Wallstreet9-2-14
Nat’l Specialty winning MBIS MSBIS GCH Thaon’s Wallstreet7-7-15
NSBIS, Multi SBIS Multi BIS Ch. Thaon's Wannadance4-24-09
SBIS CH Thaon's Waterdance6-8-11
Three Graces Kennel (GR)8-12-10
Tianze Alittle Bita Magik11-15-11
Tifarah’s Captivating Act
Tifarah's First American Dream
Tifarah's First American Dream
Tifarah's First American Dream
Tifarah's First American Dream
Tifarah's First American Dream8-10-08
Tifarah's First American Dream1-17-12
Tifarah's First Rate Act
Ch. Tifarah's First Rate Act
Ch. Tifarah's First Rate Act
Tifarah's First Rate Martini
Tifarah’s First Rate Martini
Ch.Tifarah's Go Baby Go
NSBIS CH  Tifarah's Hi-Flying Victory
Tifarah's Martini Magic
Tifarah's Martini Magic
Ch. Tifarah Shawnlu AmeriStar, JC5-16-06
Ch Tifarah Shawnlu AmeriStar3-4-08
T ' mojo Hounds7-1-08
T'mojo Hounds7-6-11
T ' mojo Hounds11-20-12 
T'mojo Official Result9-17-08
T'mojo Official Result4-16-09
Tokabout Afghans7-6-09
Tokabout Afghans6-1-13
TOKABOUT Incredible Duo1-18-14
Tokabout WOW!6-16-11
Can Ch Tokabout A Bat out of Hell8-20-09
Near American CH. Tokabout DareDevil7-12-11
New Champion Am. Can CH. Tokabout Daredevil11-28-11
Am, Can CH Tokabout Daredevil8-28-12
AKC/CKC CH Tokabout Devil In A Blue Dress9-22-11 
Tokabout Hells Fall From Grace7-14-09
AM. CAN. UKC.CH. Tokabout Hell's Fall From Grace3-26-14
Tokabout  F N XLNT1-17-14
Tokabout Mythos XLNT Marcsman 4-23-14
Can Ch Tokabout When Hell Freezes Over8-20-09
New Canadian Champion Something XLNT To Tokabout 10-27-15 
DC TopFlite Blue Willow Elite SC FCh10-16-15 
Am Ch Can Ch TopFlite Dreams Kramatir6-21-09
Int.Nordic Champion Touch The Sun6-6-12
Tradewinds Afghan Hounds5-18-06
Tradewinds Afghan Hounds7-27-07
Ch. Tradewinds Brickle-Bit-O-Gabriel11-29-11
Transwind Afghans8-7-12
Trilogy's DaylightMystique By Jamocha Sanre1-2-11
New CH Trilogy's Daylight Mystique By Jamocha Sanre'5-24-12
CH Trilogy's Daylight Mystique By Jamocha Sanre'12-13-12
Trinity Beaujon Buena Vista6-23-09
Trinity Beaujon Dreams Never Die6-25-10
SBIS Trinity Beaujon Dreams Never Die9-20-10
SBIS Trinity Beaujon Dreams Never Die6-4-11
New CHAMPION Trinity Beaujon Dreams Never Die
and Trinity Cassonova Cowboy5-23-12 
Trinity Casanova Cowboy9-30-13
Trinity Casanova Cowboy3-12-14
from: triomphe12-23-11
from: triomphe12-16-12 
from: triomphe12-23-13
from: triomphe12-22-14
from: triomphe12-21-15
triomphe athena he's an american idol, nodoubt7-25-12
triomphe athena he's an american idol nodoubt6-2-14
triomphe athena he’s an american idol, nodoubt!1-30-15
triomphe athena he's an american idol, nodoubt9-24-15 
CH triomphe athena he’s an american idol nodoubt10-25-15 
triomphe beyond ashadow of doubt7-25-12
triomphe beyond ashadow of doubt1-8-16
triomphe beyond ashadow of doubt2-4-16
triomphe beyond ashadow of doubt9-8-16
ch triomphe beyond ashadow of doubt 12-16-16
triomphe foofighter12-17-06
Ch. Triomphe Foofighter
and Triomphe Nodoubt3-24-08
Ch. Triomphe Foo Fighter
and near Ch. Triomphe Nodoubt8-19-08
triomphe nodoubt6-2-08
ch triomphe nodoubt9-6-10
triomphe nodoubt about it8-17-13
triomphe nodoubt about it1-10-14
triomphe nodoubt about it6-2-14
ch triomphe nodoubt about it3-26-15
Triomphe Nodoubt He's A Rock Star11-5-11
triomphe nodoubt he's a rock star7-25-12
triomphe without adoubt7-25-12
CH Triplicity Encore Cool Blues3-7-09
CH Triplicity Encore Cool Blues6-6-09
Ch. Triplicity Encore Oliver3-31-06
Ch. Triplicity Encore Wicked6-28-10
Tru'Gait Farms1-1-08
From: Tru'Gait Farm12-19-08
From: Tru'Gait12-19-13
Tru'Gait's Simply Bliss At Raffica10-5-12
CH Tru'Gait's Simply Bliss At Raffica2-19-13
CH Tru'Gait's Simply Bliss at Raffica9-4-13
CH Tru'Gait's Simply Bliss at Raffica9-20-13
CH Tru'Gait's Simply Bliss At Raffica7-24-14
Tru'Gaits Twix With A Twist Raffica9-1-11
Tru'Gaits Twix With A Twist Raffica1-29-12
From:Twilight Afghans12-20-10
Twilight presents...1-17-17
Twilight presents...New Ch. Andros Adonis Amon Rih4-8-16
Twilight Presents...MultiSBIS GCh. Andros Adonis Amon Rih5-16-17
Twilight Presents...Agha Djari's Nocturne3-18-17
Twilight Presents...Agha Djari's Nocturne5-16-17
Twilight presents...New Ch. Jorogz' Galactica3-24-16
Twilight Presents...Shylo Abaca Storm In A Teacup3-18-17
Ch Twoponies Cyan6-28-08
FC Jubilan-Tzaneen Warlord SC11-05-07
Tzaneen Afghans11-29-09
Tzaneen Afghans11-19-15 
Ch. United Colors de Hillsbury4-12-06
DC Utchati Exotica SC LCMIII5-28-09
V Valkor Afghan Hounds UK5-12-11
Valkor Pardon Me Boys7-9-09
Van de Robega Afghans12-5-07
Am ? Can Ch.Vanity Blue Diamond of Polo7-13-15
Victorian Afghan Hounds 4-3-06
Victorian Afghans5-27-06
Victorian Brazil'N Twizt7-16-07
Victorian Brazil'N Twizt9-25-07
CH Victorian Brazil'N Twizt4-3-08
Ch. Victorian Cinnamon Twizt6-16-07
Ch. Victorian Cinnamon Twizt7-16-07
Ch. Victorian Cinnamon Twizt8-6-08
Victorian French Twizt7-16-07
Victorian Sheer Bliss3-4-05
Victorian Twizt Of Magic7-16-07
Ch. Victorias JP Catherine M-Topne5-17-15
Vindaloo Afghans6-10-10
Ch. Voice Over IP of Meadow Valley9-13-10
Ch Voice Over IP of Meadow Valley3-8-11
To the Von Haussman Team5-6-10
To: von Haussman11-8-10
Von Haussman10-4-11
Von Haussman9-19-13
Kennel Affiniti-USAand Von Haussman Kennel-Chile9-11-10
Multi BIS,Multi CH Al Nacira Bint Roula von Haussman9-2-11 
Multiple CH Daina Von Haussman10-9-10
Chilean CH Wasfi von Haussman9-2-11 
Silver Grand Champion Watling Street Sunset Showdown10-15-12
FC Watling Street Zarin Sun At Dvangel SC7-6-10
Honeydark and Way Up Victory Litter3-5-13
Way Up11-17-09
Way Up Afghans8-16-11
Way Up12-20-11
Way Up Heaven Out Of Hell6-8-09
Way Up Kennel11-08-07
Way Up Baileys On Ice5-24-08
Way Up Baileys On Ice and Way Up Divine Miss M7-24-08
Multi Jr CH Way Up Billie Jean at Honeydark11-11-10
New American CH Way Up Billie Jean At Honeydark12-12-11
CH Way Up Billie Jean At Honeydark4-3-12
Way Up Enuff'z Enuff6-14-10
CH Way Up Enuff Z Enuff8-27-13
Way Up James Bond12-7-12 
Way Up King Crimson7-20-09
Ch Way Up Midnight Lover10-13-10
Way Up Midnight Snow Storm10-5-09
Way Up Mr.Mister and Way Up Ultimate Love4-15-08
Way Up Mr.Mister8-19-08
Way Up Mr. Mister9-2-09
Dutch Jun.CH. Way Up Mr.Mister12-23-11
Way Up Mozart's Don Alfonso10-20-14
Croatian Jr CH Way Up Wind Cries Mary8-16-11
From:West Missouri AHCA Rescue Group12-21-06
Whirlaway Ranch Present’s10-27-08
Whirlaway Ranch3-10-10
Whirlaway Flying Tiger8-17-06
Whirlaway Ranch and Elmo Reg6-12-06
White Infinity Afghan Hounds7-3-08
White Infinity5-14-12
White Infinity5-21-12
White Infinity9-11-12
Arcana and Wicked6-19-09
Ch.Willowind's Falcon Jet J.C. C.G.C  L.T.D11-24-07
Utchati @ Willowind5-23-14
Willowmoor's Play With Silver Lining Of Kaihorn3-28-16
CH Willowmoor Play With Silver Lining of Kaihorn2-21-17
Ch Willowmoor Touch'd by N Angel2-3-13
From Athene and AnneLise S. Wilson, Norway12-22-06
Windfall's Mahali Bandolero10-27-09
Windigo Presents9-22-15 
Windigo Cheyenne Warrior1-6-10
Ch. Windigo On The Wings Of Love4-24-14
Windstar Kennels1-20-10
Winsong Chandani Risky Business11-20-10
UKC BIS Ch Winsong Chandani Risky Business8-25-11
KC CH BIS UKC CH Winsong Chandani Risky Business8-9-12
Am/Can Ch, UKC BIS/RBIS Ch Winsong Chandani Risky Business6-1-13
GCH Winsong Chandani Risky Business11-8-13
Winsong Hollywood Park8-22-06
Ch Winsong Hollywood Park10-17-08
Winterbourne Kennels3-29-12
The Winterbourne Zenifers4-6-14
Witchwood Afghans6-11-07
From:Witchwood Afghans12-13-10
Ch. Witchwood Sumrwind Neomatrix6-22-06
Wynsyr Afghans5-7-11
Wynsyr Reg.1-17-12
Wynsyr Reg.2-21-12
Wynsyr Reg.9-20-12
Wynsyr and Beachbrook1-19-11
Wynsyr Beachbrook Piano Man5-22-13
CH Wynsyr Beachbrook Piano Man5-24-14
Wynsyr -Celine's mom has been bred but
Who's the daddy??????6-9-09
Ch. Wynsyr China Doll1-11-08
Ch. Wynsyr China Doll5-8-08
CH. Wynsyr China Doll9-8-08
MSBIS CH Wynsyr China Doll3-23-09
MSBIS CH Wynsyr China Doll5-29-09
China wins back to back SBIS!8-6-09
SBIS CH. Wynsyr China Doll3-18-10
China Wins SBIS #14!5-24-10
MSBIS Multi Group Winning
Grand Ch Wynsyr China Doll9-9-10
MSBIS Group winning GCh Wynsyr China Doll11-16-10
GR.CH. Wynsyr Foxrun Femme’ Fatale10-6-16
SBIS Group Winning CH Wynsyr Out of Africa4-8-08
Multi BISS/BIS CH Wynsyr Scimitar's Tyson8-22-07
Multi SBIS,BIS CH Wynsyr Scimitar's Tyson9-8-08
BIS MSBIS CH Wynsyr Scimitar Tyson3-23-09
Tyson puppies have arrived!5-24-10
Wynsyr-Shimara Excalibur Of Camelot4-29-09
AKC-UKC CH Wynsyr-Shimara Excalibur Of Camelot9-30-11
Wynsyr Shimara The Dark Knight8-15-09
New Champion Wynsyr Shimara The Dark Knight10-23-09
Group Winning SBIS Ch Wynsyr-Shimara The Dark Knight11-16-10
BIS/SBIS AM/CAN CH Wynsyr Silhouette10-3-06 
BIS/SBIS AM/CANCH Wynsyr Silhouette3-6-07
Can, Am Ch Wynsyr Silhouette9-22-08
New Champion Wynsyr Sudan10-10-07
Wynsyr and Summerwind7-24-14
Wynsyr-Summerwinds By Popular Demand12-13-11
Wynsyr Summerwind's Cubbie Blue5-19-17
Wynsyr-Summerwinds Monificent Suleiman3-30-13
Wynsyr-Summerwinds Monificent Suleiman4-15-13
Wynsyr-Summerwinds Monificent Suleiman5-16-13
CH Wynsyr-Summerwinds Monificent Suleiman5-28-13
CH Wynsyr-Summerwinds Monificent Suleiman6-4-13
CH Wynsyr-Summerwinds Monificent Suleiman8-16-13
CH Wynsyr-Summerwinds Monificent Suleiman9-5-13
GCH CH Wynsyr-Summerwinds Monificent Suleiman12-17-13
Wynsyr Summerwinds Paladin Mimosa At Khandhu11-29-12
Wynsyr-Summerwinds-Paladin MiMoSa At Khandhu3-9-13
Wynsyr-Summerwinds-Paladin MoMoSa At Khandhu5-28-13
Wynsyr-Summerwinds-Paladin Got Mo Attitude3-9-13
Wynsyr-Summerwinds-Paladin Got Mo Attitude5-28-13
Wynsyr Summerwinds The Mohican4-23-15
New AKC Ch Wynsyr Summerwinds The MoHican9-1-15 
Wynsyr Taking Chances9-19-08
Wynsyr Taking Chances1-22-09
Wynsyr Taking Chances3-13-09
CH Wynsyr Taking Chances4-6-09
Wynsyr Taking Chances2-15-09
SBIS CH Wynsyrs Taking Chances6-24-10
SBIS Group winning GrCh Wynsyr Taking Chances11-16-10 
NEW CH Wynsyr The Wingman T'Zion
and Wynsyr One MO Night In Zion7-25-13
Can Ch Wynsyr Tuff Enuff10-6-11
Wynsyr White Shadow Bentley7-9-09
WynWood Afghans7-3-10
WynWood Afghans9-3-10
WynWood Afghans9-24-10
WynWood Afghans12-29-11
From: WynWood Afghans12-13-12 
from: Wynwood Afghans and P!! DA DY Affens12-24-13
Rusty"Wynwood Afghans2-7-11 
WynWoods Forever Fiery Encore3-1-11
Lizz Carrillo and Wynwoods Light My Fire3-30-11
Wytlyon Lotus Flower7-19-06
X Xandali - Beachbrook5-26-11
Happy 13th Birthday Izzy!!6-15-06
Happy Birthday IZZY!!!6-14-07
SBIS Xandali Dream Maker5-22-08
SBIS Ch Xandali Dream Maker12-6-10
Xandali Elan Saviour Faire12-31-11
Ch. Xandali Elan Savoir Faire11-21-14
SBIS Am. Ch. Can. Ch. Xandali Nut'n But Soul3-28-06
Astarti introduces.... Xandali Sacre Bleu6-1-12
Xandali Taza Au Contraire2-25-12
Xandali Taza Au Contraire4-1-12
CH Xandali Taza Au Contraire7-10-12
CH Xandali Taza Au Contraire4-2-13
From: Xantudd's12-23-08
Xantudd's Afghan Hounds/Italy3-7-08
Xciting Razz N'Jazz10-4-11 
SBIS BIS INT American, Nordic,
Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Estonian, Latvian
CH Xciting Xtravagant Creation7-14-07
BIS SBIS Multi Ch Xciting Xtravagant Creation8-14-09
Xenos.. New Generation10-19-07
Xenos kennel Italy2-22-06
XENOS kennel Italy10-22-06
Xenos kennel Italy5-22-07
Xenos kennel Italy7-6-07
Xenos Kennel Italy1-14-08
Xenos, italy7-28-08
Xenos kennel Italy12-17-10
Xenos afghans Italy8-4-14
Xenos Reg.12-16-15 
Xenos Carrodano4-3-07
Xenos Carrodano6-16-08
FinCh SweCh DanCh NordicCh Xenos Carrodano11-3-09
SBIS D. Ch. Xenos Comment9-19-07
Multi SBIS Multi Ch. Xenos Comment5-17-12
MSBIS MCh. Xenos Comment1-26-16
Xenos Composer8-6-13
Multi Breed winning Am Ch Xenos Composer10-29-13
CH Xenos Composer6-24-14
Nr Ch Xenos KumanoMSBIS Ch Xenos Coveted8-14-09
MSBIS Ch. Xenos Coveted9-10-09
MSBIS H. Am. Ch. Xenos Coveted12-1-10
Ch. Xenos Dalmatica12-29-10
SBIS, BIS IT.CH. Xenos En Passant5-19-06
Am, Can GCH  Xenos Jimlet4-22-11
BIS SBIS Can. Gr.Am. Ch. Xenos Jimlet3-8-12
MBIS MSBIS Can. Gr. Am Ch. Xenos Jimlet8-10-12
MBIS MSBIS Multi Ch. Xeno's Joselito1-12-06
Fr, Int, Aust, It, Am, Europe, World,Swed,Ger. Ch Xenos Joselito1-13-06
Ch. Xenos Kumano12-10-09
Austrian Junior Champion, Junior Mediterranean Winner Xenos Namara11-16-10
Xzotika Afghans  12-18-06
Generation Xzotika4-9-15
Xzotika’s Lavish Nightshayde12-7-12 
Ch Xzotika's Madame Monet12-15-11
New AM CH Xzotika's Man in the Mirror9-10-10
Xzotika Nevermore10-30-10
Best Puppy In Show Xzotika's Provokateur N' Mocean2-24-12
CH Xzotika’s Queen of the Night5-17-17
Xzotika's Rik-O-Shay8-23-13
Xzotika Sabbath House Supermodel8-27-10
New AM CH Xzotika Sabbath House Supermodel11-5-11
GCH Xzotika Sabbath House Supermodel6-22-13
CH Xzotika's Say a little prayer10-16-13
Xzotika's Send Me an Angel6-12-13
Xzotika’s Shayded Diamond5-27-15
GCH Xzotika’s Smooth Kriminal3-14-15
GCH Xzotika’s Southern Tigress@Zmaray3-14-15
New CH Xzotika’s Titanium10-9-15 
Ch. Xzotika's Walkin' On Water8-7-08
Grand CH Xzotika's Walkin On Water5-20-11
Y Yazakhan Tinkerbell3-5-08
Yhazin Afghanhounds7-12-07
You Wanted More7-27-12
Z Jr BIS, Multi Jr Ch and Specialty AOM Winning
American and NEW Canadian ChZafira Bint Rashid Von Haussman6-17-10
Ch. Zafara Blythe Spirit, SC11-5-08
Ch. Zafara Blythe Spirit, SC3-24-09
Zafara Love Potion, JC3-2-08
ZanZa and Sura present 8-7-16
ZanZa Sura The Gypsy Lied11-22-15 
Zavin Afghans presents..Group Winning CH Jovan Acceleration9-21-11 
Zavin Afghans presents CH. Rustic Star Studded O’Klacic 9-23-15 
Zavin Afghans2-23-17
CH  Zavin’s  Augusta9-16-14
CH Zavin's Bug-A-Boo Jovan-Available- Jovan Street Legal7-29-13
Zen Can’t Catch Me!12-1-16
Zen-Pahlavi It Ain’t All Glitz And Glam8-1-10
Ch. Zen-Pahlavi You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet4-10-12
Zepln Afghans8-1-14
Zepln's A Man After Midnight4-15-09
New Ch Zepln Jealous Again9-27-12
Ziv Hii Afghans and Arcana Afghans7-31-08 
Ziv Hii Afghans12-20-11
Ch. Ziv Hii's Blue Flame Cruze8-27-16
Ziv Hii's Element of Fire9-17-13
CH Alphaville's Walk The Line and
Ziv Hii's Mythological Element7-5-12
Ch. Ziv Hii's Mythological Element9-17-13
ZoSo Afghans6-18-09
From:Desert Hounds by ZoSo12-17-10
From: ZoSo12-18-11
ZoSo presents4-18-11
Desert Hounds by ZoSo11-8-11
ZoSo Introduces...New Ch Mahadi's Noir De Creme'5-27-10
ZoSo presents...Prohphecy N ZoSo's Gucci Pucci Rado12-18-11
UKC CH ZoSo's  Alaskan Dream6-25-12
ZoSo's California-Condor In Flight8-15-12
ZoSo's Come Fly With Me Summerwind3-11-10
ZoSo's Come Fly With Me Summerwind8-7-10
ZoSo's Come Fly With Me Summerwind12-7-10
ZoSo's Come Fly With Me Summerwind2-22-11
ZoSo's Come Fly With Me Summerwind6-7-11
Ch ZoSo's Come Fly With Me Summerwind8-14-11
CH ZoSo's Come Fly With Me Summerwind6-6-12
UKC Ch ZoSo's Dream Of Dreams10-2-06
UKC GrandCH ZoSo's Dream Of Dreams4-21-08
New CHAMPION ZoSo's Dream Of Dreams11-6-09
CH ZoSo's Dream Of Dreams3-11-10
CH ZoSo's Dream Of Dreams4-20-10
AKC/UKC GRANDCH  ZoSo's Dream Of Dreams9-11-10
AKC/UKC Grand CH Zoso's Dream Of Dreams6-7-11
AKC/UKCGrand CH ZoSo's Dream Of Dreams12-7-11
AKC, UKC GRAND CH ZoSo's Dream Of Dreams2-21-12
AKC, UKC CH ZoSo's Dream of Dreams5-7-13 
AKC and UKC GCH ZoSo's Dream Of Dreams12-31-13
ZoSo’s Forbidden Dream SC,OAP,OJP,WV-N, AKC NFP4-2-12
AKC,UKC CH FC MBIF ZoSo's Ha-Shahar Sturmwolke MC3-13-06 
ZoSo's Lavender-Rado9-7-11 
ZoSo's Lavender-Rado11-16-11
ZoSo's Let The Dream Begin10-13-14
ZoSo's Malibu Catch-A-Wave2-13-14
ZoSo's Malibu Catch-A-Wave7-11-14
ZoSo’s Malibu Catch-A-Wave10-9-14
ZoSo's McKenzie de Cr?me11-22-13
ZoSo's Melrose By The Sea9-7-11 
ZoSo’s My Bridge Will Never Fall3-24-14
Zoso Navigate By Calypso Blu, SC1-30-07
UKC CH ZoSo Navigate By Calypso Blu, SC5-11-07
M FC ZoSo Navigate By Calypso Blu SC U-CH3-7-08
DC ZoSo Navigate By Calypso Blu SC8-4-09
ZoSo's Silver-Stealth-Bomber11-25-14
ZoSo's Soaring In The Air5-31-07
ZoSo's Strauss-Waltz Dream3-11-10
ZoSo's Wednesday In The Air Tonite9-2-06
ZoSo's Wednesday In The Air9-9-09
ZoSo's Wednesday In The Air8-7-10
ZoSo's Wednesday In The Air12-7-10
ZoSo with love Fenirati10-18-10
Multi CH Zurah Bint Rashid von Haussman11-8-10